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  1. Re: Bruno Dybal - Palmeiras U17 To be fair, that's why this is the found a talent section and not the scout section. Players posted here aren't supposed to be in the DB at the time of the OP. Nice spot nb96
  2. Re: Gomez There's always the next rating changes for Gomez. He did well to retain his 93 a couple of seasons ago so it's probably fair to be fairly conservative with his rises. I have no doubt he will get 94 if he continues his form into the 2nd half of the season. Incidentally, I have him in my team (well, bench) so I'm very keen to see him get that rise. As for some of the other ratings... some really didn't make much sense. Huntelaar, like Gomez, probably needs another half a season to get a deserved rise. SM were fairly lenient on his 'lost' seasons with Madrid/Milan thanks to his decent goals per game ratio when he did get played.
  3. Re: player changes arsenal man.utd Best comedy ratings I've seen this year. Bravo thread starter, bravo! Usually I rely on the Man Utd or Liverpool fans for this kind of bias.
  4. Re: EPL Ratings 2011/12 Romeu will cruise to 86 without doubt. Spain U21, Prem, League Cup and CL appearances will all count. I'd say he's more 86/87 territory than 86/85.
  5. Re: Top barca b talents to have Another start for Cuenca, albeit in a fairly 'B' team Barca in the CL. Given the fixture at the weekend, I guess this means he won't be starting the Classico (not that he had much chance anyway).
  6. Re: Top barca b talents to have Cuenca started in the league this weekend.
  7. Re: EPL Ratings 2011/12 Terry's lawyers would probably get his rating put back to 94 if SM dropped him
  8. Re: 1 billion youth team What's the point in having these massive youth teams? Well... 1) If you're a small team (my Grimsby was bottom of the 4th, tiny stadium, no money, 80% managed gameworld when I took over) then being first to the top talents is the only way you're going to compete with the Man U's and Chelsea's out there. As you buy and then sell you have to reinvest, and growth of squad becomes inevitable. Buying and selling youth is the only way to fund a First XI of 90+ players. 2) Identifying, researching and buying top young players enriches your own knowledge of world football. My understanding of the world game, and depth of knowledge about upcoming talent is substantially greater since I started playing SM. It's not just about snapping them up, but also about monitoring their progress so you know who it's safe to sell and who is the next big thing. 3) Strengthening my squad means keeping my competition in check. If I didn't buy all the players I did, I might have allowed one of my competitors to gain an advantage (if not now, then in a couple of seasons time). But I'm also very fair in the sense that I won't blow another club out of the water with a massive bid if I think they need the player more than I do. That said, if a rule was bought in tomorrow that said I have 1 season to trim my youth team down to 50 players then I'd actively relish the challenge to identify which half of my squad is the least risky to get rid of.
  9. Re: Thomas Carroll - 75 rated THFC cup starter He was one of the few outfield players that looked decent against Rubin Kazan last night.
  10. Re: 1 billion youth team Not a chance of getting near a billion in 3 seasons with those. It's taken me 6 seasons of hoarding youth talent and even then my 175 man Grimsby squad (First XI - 94 rated average) only has a total value of £780m. As they get better, their relative (chairman) value decreases so the % increase on your squad value flattens out over time. This is the top 50ish of my 95 man youth team: DEULOFEU, Gerard ERIKSEN, Christian ITURBE, Juan WILSHERE, Jack GOTZE, Mario NEYMAR, Silva WICKHAM, Connor COURTOIS, Thibaut WALKER, Kyle COATES, Sebastián CASNOS, Luc SAVIC, Stefan CANALES, Sergio SALVIO, Eduardo OSCAR, Emboaba BOILESEN, Nicolai VRSALJKO, Šime ACQUAH, Afriyie MERKEL, Alexander MUSA, Ahmed ROMEU, Oriol CUENCA, Isaac STROOTMAN, Kevin PALOSCHI, Alberto TRAORE, Lacina SIGTHORSSON, Kolbeinn RAFAEL, Da Silva NIANG, M'baye COULIBALY, Souleymane ZOHORE, Kenneth MAHER, Adam SILVA, Wellington TORRES, Érick ALVES, Tiago TER STEGEN, Marc-André DE VRIJ, Stefan MUNIESA, Marc AURTENETXE, Jon BRUMA, Jeffrey CAULKER, Steven COSIC, Uros MIQUEL, Ignasi MAKHMUDOV, Emin ARAUJO, Sergio CAMPBELL, Joel WELDER, Marçal MANOLAS, Konstantinos KIKO, Femenía WELLINGTON, Aparecido EBECILIO, Lorenzo VESOVIC, Marko FUNES MORI, Rogelio NEUTON, Piccoli BLIND, Daley I'd love to thin down my squad but it's tricky to know who to ditch...
  11. Re: Thomas Carroll - 75 rated THFC cup starter Rose has the same issue as Townsend in that he's going to need either Bale or BAE to get injured before he gets a run of games. Bale has injury form, but even if he does get crocked we have the forgotten man Stephen Pienaar who is fit again.
  12. Re: Thomas Carroll - 75 rated THFC cup starter Hard to know his rise because the PL ratings are still probably a month away, but I'd imagine that a few more Europa games plus some sub appearances in the league will get him between 80-82. Gaffer, I'd agree that Townsend has displayed more potential than Carroll so far and I'd like to see him push Lennon for some starts (given Lennon's pretty poor form this season, and lack of wide options). Unfortunately, Townsend's strongest foot is his left, which might be what's holding him back in the pecking order. Caulker is also a fantastic talent, and perhaps the player most likely to succeed in the long term. I'm not sold on Livermore, who seems a bit average at everything (the new Jenas?). Harry clearly rates Carroll, and certainly higher than you do, or he wouldn't be getting the opportunities at the moment. In terms of attributes, I'd say that his passing is pretty good but his positional play needs some Modric influence as he's too often finding himself in less space than he needs to do his job effectively. Often, positioning is one of the last things to develop as a player at the top level, so I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt.
  13. Name: Thomas Carroll (usually Tom or Tommy) Age: 19 Club: Tottenham Rating: 75 Local(ish) boy Carroll is a genuine product of the Spurs academy. What type of player is he? Unglamourous, no fuss midfield playmaker in the mold of Michael Carrick. Despite his small frame (he looks about 15) he has made himself a regular fixture in Spurs cup side, playing 3 Europa games and 1 Carling Cup game already this season. How far can he go? After a good display against Rubin Kazan midweek, the hype engine is starting to build. Alongside a decent loan spell with Leyton Orient last season, Carroll has also made his way into the England U19 team. It's hard to say whether he'll fulfil his promise at the moment, as much will depend on the amount of opportunities he will get in an extremely competitive midfield where he's up against Sandro, Parker, Modric, Huddlestone, Livermore etc for a starting spot. Despite the competition, Carroll clearly has won the trust of Redknapp and should (at least) get a few more cup games and sub appearances this season. Well worth a punt if he's available in your GW. Incidentally, I'm not claiming him as 'my spot' or anything (he's been mentioned a few times before) but though it was time he had his own thread.
  14. Re: Gary Cahill Aside from the hype, he's struggled to maintain his form in a struggling team this season and I'd be surprised to see him rise. If he's available in your gameworld he's definitely worth getting though. With less than a year on his contract, and most of the CL (and CL hunting) clubs after him I don't think Bolton will be able to resist a decent offer in January. In a better side there's no reason he can't make 90 this side of the summer.
  15. Re: filip kiss On a side note, it's been almost two seasons since the last review of the Slovakian league. Easily the most ignored league in Europe.
  16. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions Yeah, they rested most of their players in the league but the fact remains that their inability to keep the opposition from scoring is a major weakness. Yes, they won the Libertadores (and did so conceeding relatively few goals) but they struggle season-in-season-out with defence in the league. If they want to be the best team in Brazil then they need to sell one of their prize assets and invest. They're 18th at the moment with the 3rd worst goals per game defensive record, finished 8th last season shipping 33% more goals than the winners, 12th before that with a terrible defensive record, 15th in 2008... etc etc.
  17. Re: fernando llonrente or dzeko Spurs are very interested in Llorente. A move there would help him up to a 92 or 93 if he did well.
  18. Re: Rodrigues Lucas - keeper? Future star. Definite keeper. Probably in the Top 5 young talents in Brazil.
  19. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions Santos lost again at the weekend, to bottom of the table Paranese 3-2. Time for them to cash in on Neymar/Ganso and get themselves sorted in defence. They might have 2 or 3 games in hand over the rest of the league but they're a mile away from the consistency they need.
  20. Re: Harry Kane - Wonderkid Depends who Spurs sign in the window, but I can see Kane fearing for Spurs this season occassionally. Recently signed a new contract too.
  21. Re: Russian and Ukraine Player Analysis 2010 Including swiss league appearances, that's 65 goals in his last 61 starts (and 27 sub appearances). One of the best strike rates in world football.
  22. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions Damiao - is he the real deal? I know he did well at the end of last season but his goal scoring record (outside of the state championships) is underwhelming. There is a lot of interest from Spurs but (as usual) the fact he had a Brazil call-up means that expectations are higher than they should be. I'd like to see him ply his trade in the Premiership but more than £10m seems like a gamble at this point.
  23. Re: Who are likely to be next on the rating schedule? Bello Babatounde should be a good riser from the Slovakian league. Lots of league and CL minutes. Kiss is also a good riser.
  24. Re: SANTIAGO GARCIA - Nacional Not the right place for this post but the answer is yes, and yes. Needs to work on his technique but can definately get into a decent European side.
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