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  1. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (III) Cheers Phil - a lot of work has gone into this thread again. One small gripe, and it's a general trend I'm seeing on a lot of review threads is that it's very conservative on actual +1 or -1 predictions with nearly all players down as a XX/XX type prediction. While I know convention is that the first XX is the likelihood, and /XX the possible... are there not more players that you're confident enough just to stick with a one definate prediction on?
  2. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Considering Bruno Alves got 92 at Porto, I'm a little surprised that Rolando didn't get 91. Maybe we'll see it next season if he does well in the CL.
  3. Re: Pierre-Michel Lasogga Aye, cheers for this find. I bought him yesterday... TIMING!
  4. Re: Stadium Building My team, Grimsby (Eng Champ 1548) has won the top division title for the last 3 years ahead of the likes of Utd and Chelsea. We haven't had a stadium increase for the last 2 years so have had to do with a 22,721. Of this 22,721 I actually get an average attendance of 18,508. And like other posters, it's this that I have an issue with. I am easily the most successul team in the league, for a sustained period, and have a team averaging 93 and a squad packed with the best young talents in world football... I think a full house would be reasonable? On the point of squad size, I started with 25 completely rubbish players and through wheeling and dealing have gained my success. I'd love to trim my squad down but I know that even if I do, I wouldn't be able to pay the wages of my first team - so I keep speculating on talent... hogging it in some cases... at the detriment of the overall league. A decent fix to successful team incomes would go a long way to fix that and ALLOW me to trim my squad to a reasonable level.
  5. Re: Raphael Varane - Destined for CB Stardom Oh poop. I turned down the opportunity to sign him for my Grimsby side when he was added to the database because another player (Darlington manager -seems like a nice bloke) also went in for him and I didn't want to be a git and trump his bid. Looks like I might have dropped a clanger.
  6. Re: messi or ronaldo I'd probably learn to stop posting the same thread twice, and understand that this forum is for discussing low-rated talents who look like making the breakthrough to top level professional football. Just my opinion.
  7. Re: Leandro Chichizola - River Plate Carrizo has returned to the GK spot after his injury layoff, with Chichizola on the bench last weekend. It might have been a tougher call if it wasn't for the mistake last week but now Carrizo is back I can't see Chichizola getting many more minutes.
  8. Re: French Ligue 1 & 2 (Risers Edition) Lovren... only 21 and a useful position (Def) but does he look like a player who can reach the 90's? I've heard he's not the fastest, but that hasn't stopped players like John Terry doing well in the past. Any views?
  9. Re: Harry Kane - Wonderkid There's quite a few decent players who passed the 450 in the last week. The new players list will definately be worth watching over the next couple of days.
  10. Re: Benoît ASSOU-EKOTTO will he rise ? I think it's true that up to about 88 rating, stats > performances. After that I think the opposite is true, and BAE continues to frustrate in low-key matches such as Wolves, Birmingham etc. Sure, on his day he's 90+ material but until he stops being Mr Lucky Dip in terms of consistency he doesn't deserve a rise. Dawson massively deserved his raise. OK, if he hadn't come back from injury before the ratings then it would have made sense - but he did, and walked straight back into the Spurs captaincy and starting lineup. Would he have got +1 if the ratings had happened after both Milan games? Probably, yet one game should not make a difference. Bale in no way should have risen. Just played a couple of games since the last rise and they were fairly anonymous performances. There's no guarantee he'll get 91 (or 92?) at the end of the season either unless he's back to full "UNLEASH THE KRAKEN!!!!" power for the CL Quarters or run-in. Fingers crossed he rips West Ham apart next week.
  11. Re: Netherlands - Eredivisie - Only the biggest risers!! Reis has been injured since the last ratings so probably will stay. Not sure when he'll be fit to play again but maybe next season now.
  12. Re: SANDRO, Ranieri (88) - 9C Sandro seems to have found his feet (and a place) in the Spurs lineup, being the outstanding player in the game last night against Milan. Stats show that he won every tackle he went in for... which is pretty amazing. Certainly Spurs fans are now talking about him being the new Dave Mackay - which is about the highest honor for a combative midfield player! Good chance of a +1 in the next changes.
  13. Re: Leandro Chichizola - River Plate Not yet. Probably after the weekend game against Velez.
  14. Re: Harry Kane - Wonderkid 5 goals - one every 79 minutes so far. Very good going! He and Caulker are looking like the two prime candidates to make it from the youth ranks. Rose and Townsend are possibles, but they've got bigger barriers due to the competition in midfield at Spurs.
  15. Re: New Premiership Ratings By MaoaM 2010/11 Arshavin deserved his drop. Would you put him in your Premiership team of the season over the last year? If no then he shouldn't be a 94. There are currently 14 players in that category: 2 x GK 94+ (Cech, Van Der Saar) 4 x Defenders (Terry, Cole, Ferdinand, Vidic) 4 x Midfield (Essien, Lampard, Fabregas, Gerrard) 4 x Attack (Torres, Drogba, Rooney, Tevez) Arshavin just doesn't fit into that list. Ignore Ribery, his rating is just mental.
  16. Re: Leandro Chichizola - River Plate Make that 4 games now without conceeding. One game off the 450m required now and starting ahead of 84 rated Vega. However, not sure what the situation is with Carrizo (injured?) who I'd expect to be the No1 keeper when he's available. Certainly the number of clean sheets racked up so far by Chichizola will mean it's a tough decision for the coach.
  17. Re: New Premiership Ratings By MaoaM 2010/11 Yeah, a shocking job done so far. Gallas has shown excellent form since the last changes yet drops? Now, if he'd dropped last changes and stayed this time then no-one would have complained so (in a way) 92 is right - but it looks very strange done this way. Ekotto not rising is OK in my books. Genius one day, clown the next so he was always borderline. Dawson however was massively overdue a rise and again missed out. VDV fine - needs to stay fit and form hasn't been stellar since last changes. Defoe - probably should have dropped. Ledley King - again, inconsistent from SM. Injured since last changes and is in NO WAY less than an 89 rated player when fit. He'd probably be 92/93 if he didn't have his knee injury. Yet other long term injury cases avoid the drop? Rubbish. Very, very poor changes so far.
  18. Re: Fletcher/Modric/Gourcuff Modric has been pretty exceptional for Spurs this season. He's one of those players who clearly rises above those around him and seems to be everywhere on the pitch, always in space. Deserved his 92 last time and could well get 93 at the end of the season (but probably not in this set of changes). It's also extremely likely that Fergie will be after him as a replacement for Scholes in the long term, having made no secret of his admiration for Luca.
  19. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (II) Orozco's +6 was a shock... a rise that big based almost totally on Venezuela U20 performances in the recent championships? Blimey. His old club aren't even on the SM database...
  20. Re: New Premiership Ratings By MaoaM 2010/11 +1 is most likely. I think he'll be a 'slow burn' but a good investment if rumours about interest from Man Utd are true. As for the Wilshere +3 thing... it'll be a massive suprise if he gets it. There is still one more change left this season after the next review so every opportunity to get up to 90 before the summer. He really doesn't meet most of the criteria for a 90, having made 1 start (in a friendly) at International level and less than 1 season as a first teamer at Arsenal. I understand the arguments for a bigger rise, but SM rates players on history rather than potential.
  21. Re: New Premiership Ratings By MaoaM 2010/11 O'Shea won't drop. Started the last two matches and even if he doesn't hold the position, he's done enough to keep his rating. Wilshere 87>89 then probably 90. Yes, he's been very good in this third of the season but not 'stellar' enough to warrant an immediate jump to 90 IMO.
  22. Re: Luis Filipe for Luiz Gustavo Gustavo is the starting defensive(ish!) midfielder for Bayern. Given their recent good form, his own progress and the likelihood of Qtr finals of the CL or further... he's a great investment. Could well be 90/91 inside the next 12 months.
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