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  1. Re: New Premiership Ratings By MaoaM 2010/11 I'm starting to agree. Defoe's form has been woeful. Yes, he's missed much of the season through injury but even last season he scored most of his goals against lower-table opposition. Defenses have figured him out and when he's not scoring... he's not doing anything else to help the team. Spurs know they need a top striker (hence mooted bids for Fabiano and Carrol in the summer, Rossi, Llorente and possibly Aguero in Jan) but were not able to close the deal. Expect a decent striker to join in the summer IF Spurs can stay top 4 (or win the CL!).
  2. Re: Future Talent? - Thomas Kraft He played very well against Inter last night. If he continues this until the end of the season it might end up being a unpopular move to replace him with Neuer.
  3. Re: Surely GANSO is due a ratings change? He also sustained a long term injury for pretty much the entire period between the last Brazil ratings changes. Players don't get rises for being injured. Wilshere rose in the last changes and will probably get a +2 in the next ones (in the next month or so). Bale has been injured or out of form since the last changes. Lukaku is somewhat restricted by the Belgian league but should be a cert for 90+ within the next year.
  4. Re: New Premiership Ratings By MaoaM 2010/11 Just some feedback on your Spurs predictions. Most I'd say are spot on but: Hutton is an outside shot at 89 for me. Yes, he got quite a few pitch minutes but didn't convince Spurs fans that he's the solution at RB. Corluka came back into the side when fit and I'm confident will remain the starter. Dawson, on the other hand, is a nailed on 89 providing he keeps fit. An England regular, often the captain and one of the first names on the teamsheet. If he stayed at 88 it would be a travesty - a 90 would be more reasonable! Modric has been the stand out performer for Spurs this year. Bale has grabbed the headlines and VDV has been as impressive but struggled with fitness - but Modric has been the most influential player on the pitch in most of the games. I'd say that both he and VDV are 92 > 92/93 in current form.
  5. Re: English Championship risers Connor Wickham hat-trick just a day after his measly +2 rise. Bah! Still, he's odds-on to be going to a decent size Prem club in the summer so I guess he'll have to wait until much later in the year to get a decent rise.
  6. Re: Player Assistance section I'd imagine a reasonable amount of work went into making these changes and moving the threads. However, it does seem somewhat cumbersome now and drilling down through the subforums is a bit of a pain in the bum. Nice idea, but didn't need the final level of drilldowns (i.e. Leagues > Specific leagues - just 'Leagues' would have done).
  7. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Argh! Right... I was looking at the stats for Jorge Gonçalves (also of Olhanense) by mistake. Teams should be banned from having two players with the same initial and surname >< *slinks away into the darkness*
  8. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread I see Joao Gonçalves has gone 18 games (starts) without scoring this season to follow up 16 last season. I'm guessing this won't impress Sporting enough to want him in the first team next season, or am I missing something with this fella?
  9. Re: Albiol He was injured for the first few months of the season and recently regained his starting place. However it's unclear who Mourinho's starting CB's are as it's been rare than all have been fit at the same time. I'd imagine he'll remain at 92 for the next review.
  10. Re: Respuesta: GIULIANO, Victor (87) - 9C
  11. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions Absolutely, for a club with a strong first XI but low income you still need your 75-80's to provide trade-in players for the 83-88 rated purchases since the sales value for 80 rated players is tiny when you have loads of 90+ rated players in the squad. Its not really worth selling players in the 80-87 bracket because the offers you get are derisory from external clubs so you just use them for player + player or player+cash offers for a higher rated riser who you might be able to sell. Brazil has always been THE league for the riser-based success technique so tend to look there first for my next batch of youngsters rather than the ultra-competitive European leagues.
  12. Re: Mario gomez Gomez has only started to produce his 93 form this season so it's probably too early to look at an increase in the next changes seeing as he was lucky to escape a -1 not so long ago (like Berbatov...) Tevez is in with a shout of an increase, but probably too early for Silva who is starting to show glimpses of his form and Robinho who is prone to inconsistency throughout his club career. Man City is in an interesting position of having a very high rated team without having any actual success to justify the average team rating. Until they win the league or get CL football I can't see many increases in that squad (unless they buy more world class players!).
  13. Re: Vdv to 93! Depends if he keeps free from serious injury. He's currently playing 75% of games due to fitness and minor injury problems but my worry is that one of them will rule him out for longer.
  14. Re: Benoît ASSOU-EKOTTO will he rise ? BAE doesn't deserve a 90 at the moment. SM should give him a 'special' rating where he's either 92 rated or 86 rated but you don't get to find out until after you play your match And that's BAE. Annoyingly inconsistent and predictably unpredictable - some Spurs fans hate him for his keystone cop performances, some love him for his imperious 'Snoop Dogg meets Beckenbauer' moments. Analysing one BAE game and making judgements on the player based on that alone is like flipping a coin and predicting it'll always land on heads based on that one flip.
  15. Re: The Best Teams in the World Rating Predictions by MUFC PEZ Maybe this thread could be stickied and called: "Official: Incredibly early and bizarrely inaccurate ratings predictions thread" or something. Other bad ratings predictions threads (usually ones that involve Man Utd) could be merged with it to keep the forum more tidy.
  16. Re: "Ronaldo's Saviour?" .:| Bruno Cesar - AM - 21/74 - Corinthians |:. I'd be surprised if it was less than 86 tbh.
  17. Re: enough with the random unmanaged dominate Um, reading around your post... yeah, it does seem that unmanaged clubs get a substantial boost from SM when they play managed clubs. It's not a big problem in my main league because it's heavily populated but I do see it a lot with things like the SMFA Champions cup where my 94 rated team gets beaten consistently by 84-87 rated external clubs. Tbh, if they didn't get a boost then they'd be a complete walk-over for the managed clubs.
  18. Re: Soccermanager is 100% random! Or i'm not getting it! Sure, some results are a little surprising but the game is far from 100% random. In a league (Eng Championship 1548) which is highly populated and competitive I have managed to get Grimsby successive promotions and now two straight Div1 titles ahead of the likes of Chelsea and Man Utd. I did this, primarily, using the same tactic but paying particular attention to players fitness, form and morale - rotating around cup games to keep everyone fresh for the league. Could I just be lucky? Well, no. In the same league I convinced my wife to sign up and have been advising her on tactics (not the same ones I use) and player strategy. Other than that help I have given her no 'dodgy' assistance such as buying or selling players between clubs. Now, 6 seasons in, we have the two highest points per game averages in the gameworld... During these seasons we've both had rough patches - they happen. All of a sudden you start going on losing streaks, getting beaten week-in, week-out by teams you should be destroying. I used to get angry with these and go about changing loads of things to try and turn my form around but nowadays I accept that's just how the game works and, most likely, it'll happen to everyone else in the league at some stage in the season. For my money, 3-5-2 is still the most effective tactic in MOST situations but can come unstuck against conventional 4-4-2's.
  19. Re: Top 5 leagues - Post-Ratings-Analysis Nov/Dec 2010
  20. Re: Top 5 leagues - Post-Ratings-Analysis Nov/Dec 2010 In most cases the reason for discrepancy is clear - age of the top 18. I'd guess both Dortmund and Palermo have average ages below the other teams around them in the 3 year tables.
  21. Re: Premiership Ratings By MaoaM 2010/11 Ekotto is like Jekyll and Hide - brilliant one match and shocking the next (unbelievably bad in the CL against Werder last week). Personally I love 'The Gangsta' but I know plenty of others who go to WHL regularly who can't stand him. If SM could change his ability from 92 to 85 in alternate matches then you'd get some proper realism
  22. Re: Down goes Gerrard & Torres Torres was fully deserved. When was he last in-form? He's lost the fear-factor for defenders. Gerrard on the other hand was harsh. One of the most consistently excellent midfielders of the last decade and still the player that other teams dont want to see on the Liverpool teamsheet. Arguably Englands best player (not saying a lot) at the World Cup. I'm a Spurs fan and don't have either player in my teams so, hopefully, quite objective here.
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