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  1. Re: sergio BUSQUETS- +2 rating increase? He's got 99 ability in rolling around like a baby girl trying to cheat people into getting carded. Otherwise probably worth a 92.
  2. Re: Zezinho I'm guessing you've bought Zezinho of Santos rather than the Sporting Lisbon version who isn't on the database? If you have then you've also landed a young player with a big future, so that's lucky...
  3. Re: Raul Albiol I wouldn't say it's definately 91 at all. More likely, maybe, but he was out with injury for most of the season and has just returned - coming on a couple of times recently as sub and a full 90 in the match vs. Ajax in the CL. SM might well go easy on him and wait to see what happens later in the season. The last thing they'd want to do is -1 now, then +1 again at the end of the season if he resetablishes himself. The question, as ever is more a case of: Who can you replace him with?
  4. Re: Premiership Ratings By MaoaM 2010/11 Time for Modric to get a 92 methinks. He had a dodgy start to the season returning from injury but in recent weeks has looked like the Modric of last season and has started to boss games at Champions League level (arguably the best player on the pitch vs Inter and Werder). 91 > 92 for me, with an outside chance that his early season form holds him at 91 for now.
  5. Re: Stadium Building Hmmm, I'm in an English Championship which is just going into it's 7th season. Now, my Grimsby side got successive promotions to the 1st Division and on the first season in there got a nice bump from around 14k to 21k capacity and then again a bump from 21k to 22.7k last season. This season, after winning my 2nd successive 1st Division title I recieved no bump in capacity and my gut feeling is that I'll never get another one under the current rules. The reason for that is because the 'bigger' teams are being overtaken in the division by smaller clubs such as Darlington, Ipswich, Crewe, Bradford - with some large capacities (Liverpool, Newcastle) relegated to Div 2. The net effect being that average attendances are getting smaller in Div1... Actually, I wonder if it would even be possible in saaaay 3 or 4 seasons time that it would be more likely to get a stadium increase in Div2 if most of the teams in there are relegated Div 1 teams! Unliklely but still a crazy situation.
  6. Re: Tasci,albiol,ramires drop? Albiol would probably be OK if the changes happened next week. Injury restricted his appearances until the last few weeks when he's started to feature again... but a sub rather than starter. The danger is that if he continues to be a sub then he might get a drop.
  7. Re: Rating predictions for Liverpool Surely Torres is a 96>95/96? Poor form in the world cup, bad form (albeit fitness affected) for most of this season and no longer playing CL football.
  8. Re: Gareth Bale - 2010/11 Depends when the rating changes happen for Bale. On last seasons form (post review) he'd have got > 89/90 Based on early season form he'd have got > 88>90 After the 2nd Inter match he was looking like > 90/91 After the Everton/Man U games he was looking like no more than > 90 Then two goals + assist vs. Blackburn and people are talking > 90/91 again 89 would be a travesty, 90 would be fair, 91 would be jumping on the Bale hypewagon IMO.
  9. Re: VEDRAN CORLUKA! Views!! I'd definately swap for Hummels. Although Corluka has been out injured (which usually protects ratings) he was struggling at times before injury in terms of pace and general athleticism. He's come out in the press this week to say that the injury lay-off was probably good for him as he was struggling from physical burnout due to being a first team regular for a long period with City and Spurs... Now he's fit (and on the bench for the last game) he's got a real battle to get his place back from Hutton. He's definately the better defender but lacks the attacking threat of Hutton so it's a tough call for Redknapp. There's also the prospect of Corluka getting a CB spot given the current injury crisis at Spurs - particularly as he played there (badly) in pre-season. Either way, Hummels is on the up while Corluka's future is less certain.
  10. Re: Hugo Lloris The same Lloris that is part of the Lyon team that is 11th in the French league and has looked shaky against crosses all season? He'll keep his 92 but is looking far from improving that on current form. He needs to command his box better but that might come with age and experience.
  11. Re: Netherlands - Eredivisie - Only the biggest risers!! Gudelj's rise was poor. He got a +3 to 78 in a team who's average rating is 84/85 despite playing in all but one game this season (only 3 as a sub) - a rise to 80/81 would have been about right.
  12. Re: Gareth Bale Decent ball from Bale that led to VDV's goal last night but nothing like a performance that would justify a 88-91. He's looking very safe for 88-90 atm.
  13. Re: What's going on... Nothing has changed IMO. Less notice of league reviews, sure - but a decent manager will be scouting around for top talent regardless of when the reviews happen. Has a decent size league been reviewed in the last 5 months? No? Then it's probably time again soon... simples.
  14. Re: Stealing Player Right Under Your Nose Yeah, you're not going to get much sympathy on this one. The only thing that doens't sound right is a bid getting accepted that quickly (unless the selling team were managed) as it's usually 18-24hrs from bid to acceptance. Suck it up and beat him to the next player.
  15. Re: Tiago Dutra **NEXT BIG THING** Currently getting just a few sub minutes at Segunda Division Villarreal II. That'll be the reason.
  16. Re: Serie A Ratings 2010/2011 I see Abel Hernandez is down for a 86>88/87. He's clearly getting game-time but yet to score in the league this season. So my question is: Is he playing better than his stats would suggest?
  17. Re: Raul Albiol rating? Albiol had been injured for most of the season. I'd imagine he's fairly safe on 92 if reviews happen in the next month, but in danger if he's clearly out of contention now he's fit again.
  18. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread
  19. Re: Sebastian Bassong Kaboul has been highly impressive since the back end of last season (where he played as an emergency RB) whereas Bassong has been no more than average and doesn't seem to have a good understanding with Gallas. If Kaboul can hold down a place then Bassong will be in danger of a drop when Dawson returns to regular action.
  20. Re: Gareth Bale I understand where the caution is coming from. Bale has been playing this well for only a short period of time - since Feb 2010 really. Before then he was playing mostly as left-back and was, for all intents and purposes, a poor one in terms of positioning and all-round defensive ability. The key to his current success is the combination of his movement to LM combined with the fitness of Assou-Ekotto behind him. Ekotto has quietly matured into one of the best LB's in the premiership and the relationship he has with Bale is exceptional - whether it's playing a high ball down the line for Bale to run onto, or providing him options on the overlap when space isn't so readily available. If Spurs can keep this parnership fit then I don't see Bale ending up anywhere but 92 by the end of the season whether thats a 88>90>92 or a 88>91>92. For those that think he's just about pace and power - please note the part about 15m into last nights game when he showed some outrageous skill to get past two Inter players.
  21. Re: lets see what do you thnk of these players In for a small rise due to getting some game-time at Hull on loan from Spurs. However, his attitude is supposed to be a bit suspect and there are real doubts that he'll make it at Spurs when he returns. I'd hold on to him for now but might be worth selling after his rise.
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