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  1. Re: Sebastian Bassong Yeah, he's played enough games to keep his rating but hasn't shown any reason for an increase.
  2. Re: Gareth Bale Well, yesterday was a 95+ performance. Of course, he's got to prove that kind of ability over more than just a season but the way he destroyed Maicon and Lucio was astounding. Even better than his hat-trick a couple of weeks ago. He may have given himself an outside shot at 88>91. I wouldn't have believed it before last night but he was virtually unplayable against the champions of Europe. No-one can do that every game, but he needs to learn how to adapt when he's double-teamed like he is in some PL games.
  3. Re: Manchester United Predictions Despite not caring about Utd's ratings I can't help but be pulled into these threads on the promise of comedy-gold rating predictions.
  4. Re: Transfer System Sounds like you need to raise a ticket. I've had a few bugs recently too so it seems like the new system hasn't quite been ironed out.
  5. Re: Brazil Player Reports and Updates Cheers for the Lomba info - I didn't know about Bruno's murder arrest. Just read up on it and it's pretty nasty stuff!
  6. Re: Stadium Building I'll see your maths student card and play the research director card in return The growth is certain, yes, but the scale would be contingent on success - which would be the limiting factor. If (as is likely) the most successful teams in the top divisions are initially the established teams with bigger stadia and pockets then there would be no growth at all from these teams in the short term. It would take an almost constant rotation of small clubs having sustained success in order for the league average to grow substantially over time. Even if it did grow over a sustained amount of seasons, in order for the biggest clubs to grow it would mean the league average rising to 85% of their capactity - over 60k in something like the EPL, which would take ages under this system. To make it clear, I'm not proposing that all clubs are able to increase. Just the top 6 in each division based on win average - and only then if they are willing to spend a subtantial portion of their transfer budget on stadium improvement. You'd probably need to model it carefully to check every eventuality but I'm fairly certain that this system would work extremely well over a 30-40 season period but might well start to have some strange effects after that. The best way to limit these things would be to have a maximum number of increases (no more than 1 every 3 seasons) or make it cost prohibitive to make small incremenal increases every season. Just throwing it out there as a possible solution. I doubt it would get implemented as it's a little complex in it's mechanic, but it ticks most of the boxes imo.
  7. Re: Brazil Player Reports and Updates I'm torn over the best goalkeeping option to keep from the following youngsters: Neto (Palm) Rafael (Santos) Renan (Avai) Lomba (Flamengo) They all seem to be making an impact this year but I'll have to let one or two of them go.
  8. Re: Stadium Building Not so. Sure, it would result in increases over time, but the only way the biggest stadiums would get an increase is if the average stadium size in the league was less than 15% below yours. That's why I'm advocating an average stadium size +X% system that is based on success. League average +40% is a little high as the ceiling, but league average +5%,+10%,+15% would definately be workable as it would mean a handful of clubs would see benefit. For example, after season 3, the clubs that are most successful and therefore can expand to average+15% (at a cost of say £15m) are Man Utd, Spurs and Ipswich. The league average is 32,000. Would Man Utd expand? No, because average +15% is lower than their current stadium size. Would Spurs expand? No, as WHL is 38K and the league average +15% would not be an increase. Would Ipswich expand? Sure, a jump to 37,000 is definately worth it. Over time, the league average would increase and eventually it would make sense for Spurs, and eventually Man Utd to upgrade - but not every season as the returns would be diminishing. You certainly wouldn't see a proliferation of 'Super Stadia' yet small clubs would be able to start competing after a few seasons of sustained success.
  9. Re: Jonathan REIS He sounds like a gamble to any manager. That said, a PSV fan I know reckons he's potentially the best player there since RVN.
  10. Re: Stadium Building I operate my Grimsby side on a loss of £1.25m (on average) per game due to the size of my stadium compared to my wage bill. Sure, I'd like a bigger stadium so that I didn't have to continually look for risers (own research, usually not on the forums btw) to offset my losses but then again there's a part of me that feels proud that my team operating from a cowshed is beating teams like Chelsea and Utd to the title every season. The perfect system (IMO) would be one that gave your club a rating based on it's success over time. That rating would determine the maximum size your stadium could be expanded to: League average, League average +10%, +20%, +30%, +40% at a cost for expanding that would come directly from your budget. It would prevent a tiny team from expanding to Man U size, but would also reward based on a combination of your success and available budget.
  11. Re: Gareth Bale It's a tricky question. Yes, he's still a little raw in some areas but his explosive pace, strength, trickery and ability to score does make him one of the top left wingers in the world at the moment. I look at him next to Van Der Vaart in the Spurs team and it's easy to see that VDV has far superior technical talent and craft, yet Bale has an explosive power that reminds me of Maicon's Brazil performances. SM suggested that they might rate the main leagues 3 times a season. It looks like that is some way off happening but if it does then he'd be a prime candidate for: 88>90 then up to 91 and maybe 92 by the end of the season dependant on how Spurs do in the CL. Last night was his moment in the spotlight, but Bale has been this good since the start of 2010 and it was arguably his performances (and goals) in the victories over Chelsea and Arsenal that put Spurs in the CL in the first place. A positional change is almost guaranteed but he should still keep LB as a secondary position as he does still play there occassionally.
  12. Re: 87+ Rated Riser's! Fair 'nuff. My bad for not reading your first post properly.
  13. Re: 87+ Rated Riser's! Missing Gareth Bale 88 > 90/89 for Spurs Rather generous elsewhere I'd say, considering there are usually no more than 1 or 2 players per team that usually rise in these categories each rating.
  14. Re: Rafael van der Vaart He has been outstanding so far - playing with truly world-class ability. It's not until I'd seen him in recent matches that I appreciated how much better he was than another top player like Modric (who himself should be a 92 contender if he sorts his form out). If only Lennon came back to his pre-injury form then Spurs would have one of the best attacking midfields in world football in Bale - VDV - Lennon.
  15. Re: Lukman Haruna Thigh injury - should be back in the next week or two.
  16. Re: SANDRO, Ranieri (88) - 9C Actually, if there is one thing Spurs are missing it's a player who knows how to tactically foul in order to break down opposition attacks. If Spurs could get one of those, and then teach the rest of the players to dive and cheat effectively for free kicks and penalties then we'd be a typical top-4 side. Incidentally, I don't think Sandro did foul Wilshere for technical reasons - I think he genuinely mistimed most of them. Wilshere did look good last night and I'd expect to see him in the full England side for the next round of International matches.
  17. Re: SANDRO, Ranieri (88) - 9C Sandro made his Spurs debut in a 4-1 defeat (AET) in the Carling Cup to Arsenal yesterday. The Spurs team only contained two recognised First XI players and came up against a similar strength Arsenal team - the difference was that Arsenal's reserves played like Arsenal and Spurs reserves played like a pub team by comparison. Despite a very poor team performance, Spurs fans enjoyed Sandro's tackling, commitment and attitude - even if the rest of his game appeared to suffer heavily from the fast-paced nature of the game and Arsenals effective pressing game. He was eventually subbed 5 minutes into injury time after Arsenal had taken a 3-1 lead from two quick fire penalties (the first of which was a disgusting dive from Nasri). Lets hope he gets to make a proper first team debut soon so that he can show what he can really do when playing with better quality around him.
  18. Re: Brazil Player Reports and Updates Estudiantes got a fair bump to their ratings after their CL win - whereas Internacionals CL final starters got: G - Renan - 87 (No change) D - Nei - 87 (No change) D - Bolivar - 87 (No change) D - Kleber - 89 (-1) D - Indio - 87 (No change) M - Tinga - 87 (-1) M - Sandro - 88 (No change, yet) M - D'Alessandro - 89 (No change) M - Guinazu - 89 (+1) F - Taison - 87 (+1) F - Sobis - 86 (No change) Subs: M - Giuliano - 87 (No change, top scorer for CL for Inter) F - Damiao - 78 (+3) I know they've been less than brilliant in Serie A, and that their first team is generally a bit old but I'd have thought the CL win would have counted for something.
  19. Re: Respuesta: Brazil Player Reports and Updates Because he's not playing in the Brazillian league anymore? It's entirely possible that he wont get a rise to 89 even if he was still at Inter - looking at the other changes to the team it seems like SM aren't being particularly generous to the Copa winners.
  20. Re: ANDRE, Felipe (76) - 8.5C Its a suprisingly big rise IMO given the number of minutes he's played at top level. OK, so he's got a move to an OK European club and a cap - but then again a LOT of young players got their first call-up for that match. I'm not fussed because I have him in all my teams, but it did raise an eyebrow.
  21. Re: Seydou Doumbia I was a bit disappointed by this increase, but Doumbia hasn't had enough time to prove himself in the Russian league so the caution is understandable. Add the general drop in the rating of the Russian league and you have a mix that suggests that +2 would have been very fortunate indeed. Only Honda, who had a great season for club and country managed to get a +2 at the higher end of the rating scales.
  22. Re: Russian Premier League Ratings & Analysis Italy, as one of the last to be reviewed, took their hit at the end of last season with a number of players dropping. It wasn't as spectacular as it could have been because a number of the high rated Italian based players were 'getting on a bit' and would have dropped anyway. Add the risers from Inter to the list and it didn't feel all that harsh at the time. I wouldn't be surprised to see some more of that happening in the next changes though. There was a good thread a few months ago highlighting the imbalance between Germany and Italy on SM so expect the gap to keep closing.
  23. Re: Russian Premier League Ratings & Analysis Russia have dropped down the league co-efficient table, by one place from 6th to 7th. This is prominent because it reduced their CL participants from 3 to 2 for the next season. So too have Ukraine, although Ukraine's drop from 7th to 8th does not change their status as a 3rd tier league. The ones to watch this year are the Portuguese teams as the league rose 3 places from 9th to 6th. This could result in a general rise of 90-92 rated players from teams like Benfica and Porto, and Braga could see a nice rise for most of it's team.
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