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  1. Re: Vasili BEREZUTSKY thanks for the reply gozgoz8
  2. basically someone has offered me 4 million + walter samual + Kemy AGUSTIEN (who doesn't help my first team at all) for vasili berezutsky. basically i need some help with checking how berezutsky is doing at cska moscow and whether anyone thinks the deal is worth doing knowing that if i sell berezutsky i will need to find a new 90+ RB (might be able to get jonny magallon on loan as a short term replacement) thanks for the help
  3. Re: Mcgregor and fergison at it again. tbh i don't think this has a major impact on the scotland squad apart for the back-up keeper
  4. can anybody tell me how this player is playing for siena.
  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... thanks for your help and well although nothing has been decided there manager has made a bid for krasic and i'm confident i will be able to talk my way into getting muntari although i might be a bit overconfident.
  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... i need help i have milos krasic in my team and word has gotten round the setup that im willing to sell him basically iv put it down that i would only give him away as part of a deal for a better player. so far iv said to one club i will only do the deal if i get essien and to another if a get benzema but now another club has asked about him and they have muntari as the biggest player i know and so my main point is if you think muntari would be a better investment over krasic. one more thing all other deals would involve me paying out. thanks for your help
  7. Re: United Kingdom Talent mark davies plays for bolton and has had quite a lot of games since arriving in january as for other players you have john fleck (rangers) jonjo SHELVEY (charlton) Aron GUNNARSSON (coventry) as for higher rated players theres carrick, gareth barry, milner, stylian petrov (IMO), ji sung park, darren fletcher well theres quite a few that will rise a bit an one move about the players from shelvey and gunnarsson iv only heard about how good they have played on the forums and they seem quite good and at any rate they all have played a lot of gamesfor there clubs. p.s. get davies and collison now.
  8. Re: Nicolai Boilesen nice thread well anyway it looks likely he will be going to ajax http://www.imscouting.com/global_news_item.aspx?id=1573
  9. Re: U18 talents worth buying great thread, i didn't know about a lot of them i hope you can keep this thread going.
  10. Re: Spoilt for choice i have to agree with you about anderson i would say fletcher and ji sung park properly deserve to be rated as good or better than him and i could easily see anderson go down to a 90 IMO. personally i think carrick has a good chance of getting 93
  11. Re: jack rodwell bad news my chairmen blocked the deal. i'm guessing it was because iv been in charge of the club for 1-2 weeks. anyway as for my dedication to this i could properly see my self playing this for years to come (but admittedly i would properly leave this team as soon as a better offer to a bigger club came around). another everton player who is supposed to be amazing in years to came is jose baxter (theres a big chance i spelled that wrong )
  12. Re: Nani are Nasri who would you have in your team ? it has to be nasri by a distance for me
  13. Re: jack rodwell thanks for the advice and iv decided to go through on the deal.
  14. i have had a counter offer for jack rodwell of 6 million. i am in quite a packed set-up with lots of young talents and current good players (89-99) all at managed teams with near enough half the set-up snatching up all the good players ones a team has gone unmanaged. anyway does anyone think he will ever become one of the first 2 CBs for everton some day and if its worth it to buy him the now for 6 million.
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