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  1. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Sudden Change as Beddie Heads To Lazio Despite having only recently taken over as Levante manager, Tadashi Beddie has quickly changed his place of appointment, deciding to move to Lazio. The whole squad is up for player exchange deals. Beddie is very interested in doing business before the first fixture of the coming season.
  2. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Levante Appoint Beddie Japanese-American manager Tadashi Beddie is re-joining SM with a new account after a long hiatus. He has taken on Levante UD, due to their playing in a competitive league with strong managers, and strong financial position. Beddie will be hoping to make some cash deals over the next few days.
  3. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread hey guys been a while since i played consistently, but I wana get into a good competitive GC... any good leagues/gameworlds you could recommend?
  4. Re: Gold Championship 24 Match Reports/Transfer News etc New manager at Aston Villa. More news to follow
  5. I think that match fitness should be returned to International Games with a new element added to create a more authentic feeling to the International games, and make it worth managing. I think that a dead-line should be made for international team-sheets to be submitted before the game, and the squad should be chosen days before. For each game, the international manager has to request to the club team that a certain player be allowed to join the national team. If managers do not send in the requests early enough, they will not be able to find replacements in time, and therefor they will strug
  6. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread I'd appreciate you guys taking a look at this http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=106458
  7. Re: The Platinum Gameworld if we lower the amount of money going in, and increase the amount of teams there are, the fighting to get risers in order to get lower teams slowly up the table will become considerably harder, but definitely worth it. And lower teams would be willing to give up a good prospect for a big amount of money to load up in order to buy, say, two lower rated risers that will rise to the same rating as the previous one. it would become in interesting process if the whole game world is full and many teams are trying to do this, and it will also generate cash flow... is we ha
  8. Let's all be honest: the Gold Championships these days just aren't very interesting. SO I was thinking that if SM could make just ONE extremely competitive gameworld, it would benefit everyone. If there is anymore than one, it gets less and less interesting, so let's make it just one. It'll essentially be a Gold Championship, just bigger and much, much more harsh. Firstly, managers will be ranked throughout the gameworld under three separate criteria. One, the games one as usual, two, the money that they would have earned, and 3 a point system for winning major trophies where a Champions Cu
  9. Re: GC151 Premiere League Thread Premier League Teams in Europe Results - Round 1 Our review of all 8 games of a pretty successful match day for Premier League teams in Europe. SMFA Champions Cup Group B Arsenal 2-2 Rangers (Scotland) Despite the visiting side taking the lead through David Wier's early strike, Arsenal came back with 2 goals from captain Diaby, only to be pinned back in the last 5 minutes. Although not a satisfactory result ahead of a capacity crowd at the Emirates, it was definitely a improvement to their last game. (Other Match: Real Madrid 1-3 Borussia Dortmund)
  10. Re: Gold championship 151 make sure to post on the premier league thread for GC 151 m8
  11. Re: Gold championship 151 thanks. idk if there are any other scottish league managers, but im reading your thread
  12. Re: Gold championship 151 Preview of the Premier League Team's games in Europe tonight: http://forum.soccermanager.com/showpost.php?p=1751652&postcount=3
  13. Re: GC151 Premiere League Thread Premier League Teams in Europe Preview - Round 1 SMFA Champions Cup 3 of the 4 English teams in the Champions Cup this season have succumbed to defeat in their Premier League openers. This round of European football will show hopefully what these teams are actually capable of. Group B Arsenal vs Rangers (Scotland) Arsenal look to bounce back from their Premiere League opener loss against Sunderland by keeping all 3 points in their Group B opener tonight. (Other Match: Real Madrid - Borussia Dortmund) Group C Chelsea vs Shakhtar Donetsk (Ukraine) C
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