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  1. Re: Mohamed Diamé I'm sure everyone's aware that Diame now plays for Wigan in the Premier League (a club I've been to watch every week this season) so thought I'd just add an update to this ahead of the EPL rating changes. In my opinion, Diame has been the best player at Wigan this season. Scharner has been brilliant, Rodallega has been scoring and N'Zogbia is looking lively but as a midfield anchor who was bought in to replace Palacios and at only 22, Diame is looking top class. He's played in every game he's been eligible for (starting with the United game) and has partnered Hendry Thoma
  2. Re: Should I sell Garay and Arnautovic Garay I would agree with the previous post on using him to get a higher rated CB. Possibly look at selling and buying Vermaelen but I think he is more likely to reach 90 rather than 91 this time round so overall that could make your team 'worse' if Garay keeps his 91. Arnautovic is one that I'm really having to think about at the moment too. I bought him when he was lowly rated so I could sell for a profit. I think he's actually still injured and you're right - there's little to chance of him getting in that Inter team. However, he's a really promising
  3. Just a bit of a plea for some managers to enter a game world that's sadly lost a few over the past month or so. In the world, I've started with Crewe in Div 4 and I'm really looking for any managers who fancy the challenge of taking a lowly club to the dizzy heights of Division 1. We're just approaching the end of the 1st season so it's an ideal time to take control of a Div 3 or 4 club (I should get promoted this year) and try and take them up the leagues. Obviously the best way of doing this is to buy youngsters who then rise relatively quickly. I've got a few of these but by no means all
  4. Re: Gold Championship 67 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread Gaah! Cannot sign flipping anybody! My Chairman just blocked another deal (my 4th choice keeper (82) in exchange for Alex Smithies of Huddersfield. So annoying!
  5. Re: Gold Championship 67 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread I'm Lille in my first GC. First order of play is to stop cheeky so and so's attempting to grab Hazard or Gervinho for next to nothing! lol Second order of business... can anyone loan me a half decent CB somewhere between 89-85? If he's 88 or above he'll definantly get games, will be joint first choice. If he's more around 87 and below he will still definantly play but slightly less. Anyone who wants to offer someone below 85 also welcome to suggest it. PM me if you can help out. Ta and best of luck!
  6. Re: Franco Zuculini I don't really watch German or Argentinan football but he was talked up massively last year when he was at Racing. He's the only player I ever remember seeing mentioned on SM's own blog but I'm guessing there were perhaps more before him. He's still very young so I'm keeping hold of him where I've got him for now, managed to loan him out in most setups. Give him at least a season I reckon and see what his stats are like then.
  7. Re: Luke Murphy: Following in the footsteps of Robbie Savage, Danny Murphy, David Pla Quick update, obviously not much happening while football is away for its summer holidays but couple of things to note for those who bought Murphy following this post or have at least got him on their shortlists. Following this link will take you to the BBC's preview page for League Two clubs (not a bad place to get a few names by the way - I haven't got time to go through and write a scout for the more interesting, less well known ones on there). Scroll down and you'll see the Crewe preview, Murphy and som
  8. Re: Twitter Just to revive this thread slightly - I've been officially bitten by the Twitter bug! Anyone else started this up since this thread popped up? Im over at samjturner through the link.
  9. Re: USA's Talents and Risers Good thread, I like it, a lot of in-depth detail on the players. Agree though that your rating predictions are a little optimistic, I don't see Gonzalez going above about 80 this time round. Maybe 81 if he's lucky. Bought Pontius for a couple of my teams.
  10. Re: Anton Peterlin - new Everton signing Excellent spot that from a while ago - I've just read on the Beeb today that he is about to complete his move following the trial period he had. Young players at Everton have got to be reasonably high on the 'to watch' list as they'll usually get a chance at some point. Good find, well done for collating all the info.
  11. Re: RB's who can reach 90 I know very little about the names you've mentioned there but just from the products of a few quick searches - I would say by the mere fact that Clerc and Revillere have made it to 90 before means they have a decent chance of getting there again. Beck, I think you might be relying on him moving to a bigger club because it remains to be seen what TSG will do next year. Hutton is the only one I know well and I think he is really over-rated, don't think he'll ever be good enough to get to 90. One player that crops up a lot on here (and that I've taken a punt on) is Rod
  12. Re: South Africa - Confederations Cup 2009 Everyone watching this on BBC I assume? I have just had to put the TV on mute. Garth Crooks ineptitude as a pundit is beginning to offend my ears. On the plus side, Egypt look good.
  13. Re: any idea on players that will rise to 90+??? Edin Dzeko is a good bet to reach 90 (he's 89 now). His team have just won the German league and he is widely tipped for a move to Milan. Antonio Valencia looks likely to go to Man Utd which would give him a good chance at 90 from 89. Even if he doesn't he's already Wigan's best player so half a chance anyway. Dirk Marcellis has a good chance one day but maybe not at next ratings (he's 88 now) And maybe I'd also have a look at Handanovic for a keeper and the Brazilian Ramires who's just moved to Benefica and has played a few games for the na
  14. Re: Santon straight swap for Del Piero??? If you're not planning on playing the game for very long then I would do it yes. Especially if Santon isn't in your team at the moment. He's a great prospect (one of the best about) but if you aren't going to be around to see him in your first team there's no point in keeping him in your reserves.
  15. Re: Luke Murphy: Following in the footsteps of Robbie Savage, Danny Murphy, David Pla Cheers for the comments guys, appreciate it. Not claiming that I'm going to be prolific or anything but looks like I'm going to be watching League 2 football next year so if I see anyone who stands out I'll probably do a similar post. Of course, will be looking to keep Murphy's post update too to make it easier to track if he's going to make it or not.
  16. Re: I just started with Borrusia Dortmund! Help! Definantly don't sell Subotic unless someone comes in with silly money for him. Apparently he has played well for Dortmund this year and recently scored for the Serbian national team. I would certainly keep hold until at least the next German rating changes. However, if you can find a cheap (old)higher rated centre-back to do you for a year then that'll help improve your side. I would certainly try and improve your keeper. 88 isn't great for that position and normally if you look around you can find a 90+ available somewhere. Certainly if you
  17. Greetings all! Right, I've done my search and I can't find this lad mentioned anywhere, been meaning to put up a scout (my first!) of him up for ages but haven't really had the time but on a boring afternoon at work here goes... Name: Luke Murphy Age: 19 Height: 6'2 Weight: 11st 7 Current Club: Crewe Alexandra Previous Clubs: None Luke Murphy is one in a series of talented Midfielders to make the first team at Crewe Alexandra having graduated from the Cheshire club's famous academy. Following in the footsteps of players as illustrious as Danny Murphy, Rob Jones, Robbie Savage, David
  18. Re: South Africa - Confederations Cup 2009 Crazy! Will be sure to watch the highlights of this one when I get home!
  19. Re: How to improve Liverpool? I've just managed to get Liverpool in a European League and am having similar problems. I agree the thing you need to buy as width and another striker but it is difficult as there aren't many 90+ wingers out there. Two 89s that have high potential to rise in the future and are at clubs outside the World Championship are Valencia at Wigan and Marin and Borussia Monchengladbach. I would recommend those two in that order. Strikers is harder but I'm looking at getting Vagner Love and would perhaps consider Cabanas too if America are outside your setup or unmanaged.
  20. Re: South Africa - Confederations Cup 2009 Ah! ESPN is working now, excellent. Its: 1 Julio César (G) 4 Juan (D) 6 Kléber (D) 13 Daniel Alves (D) 3 Lúcio (D) 8 Gilberto Silva (M) 10 Kaká (M) 7 Elano (M) 5 Felipe Melo (M) 9 Luis Fabiano (F) 11 Robinho (F) for the record.
  21. Re: South Africa - Confederations Cup 2009 What's the Brazil team mate? Am in the UK but my work hasn't got a TV licence so banned from streaming BBC! ESPN's match-cast thingy doesn't seem to be working properly either.
  22. Re: need a new dm and or cm I've told people this before but I really like Felipe Melo of Fiorentina. He seems to have become a fixture in the Brazil national team and there's always talk of moves to a bigger club (even though it now looks like he'll sign a contract extension) so if you can get him I really would go for it. Having said that I'd say you've got a great group already. If you can get someone to pay over the odds for one of them then you could use the money to buy Melo and keep any balance for a future purchase but other than that I think your mids look pretty sound.
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