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  1. Re: scores not updated Same for here GW8248 and GW19108 scores not updated
  2. Re: Unmanaged club buys player... Precisely. I would understand if I was at least able to bid for players in the unmanaged team. But I can't. Yet other unmanaged clubs were able to bid for, and buy, players from that team. I am not really sure what the reasoning is behind this?
  3. In my GW, an unmanaged club have just bought another player from an unmanaged club, but I was prevented bidding for the player due to the message: "You currently can not do any transfers with this club as the chairman has recently lost their manager and it is in a transitional period. This period could last up to 7 days." The player has now moved clubs, but I could not, and still can not, bid for any players at that club due to the above message. I raised a bug ticket with SM, who directed me to this: "Unmanaged and external clubs are active in the transfer market, making transfers between themselves as well as interacting with human managers in the Game World. Transfers between unmanaged or external clubs happen instantly as there is no human manager involved and the transfer ban is set to just two weeks. Unmanaged and external clubs will only make transfer offers for players that are available. This means that if a player has their Transfer Status set as Unavailable to Transfer or Unavailable then no transfer offer will be made. Also if a player has a Set Minimum Fee then clubs will not bid below this or they may not bid at all. Unmanaged and external clubs will also put bids in for players placed on the transfer list. However, the time it takes to receive this offer can vary from a few days to a few weeks. Unmanaged and external clubs will also try and sign players that play for them in real-life in an attempt to reconstruct their squad (which in turn could make an unmanaged club become more desirable to manage)." Now, correct me if I am wrong, but am I missing something here? My issue was, and still is, that I can't even bid for the player due to the 'transition period' message, so how can an unmanaged team bid for the player and get him?
  4. Re: New Finances (Loans / Contracts) OK, so they are now going to auto-renew contracts to bring their wages more in line with value. Does that mean we are now going to see players wages fall in line with their value decreasing? i.e. Robinho went from 93 down to 91, yet he is still on the wages of a 93 rated player. Even when renewing his contract, his wages stays the same. Can't have it both ways SM...
  5. Re: Chairman has negotiated a new contract with (7!) players F1Collia - I can see where you are coming from with your theory. However, if that is the case, they may as well get rid of the wage concerns. SM admin must have saw this forum. Can we have an explanation please?
  6. How come if you go to renew a contract for a player whose rating has gone down, it renews it at the same wage they are currently on? Previously, they would have lower wage demands as their rating has gone down. I note that when a players rating goes up, they still always expect a wage increase...
  7. Re: Gameworld news feed not updating Same with mine as well! Presuming it is a bug
  8. Re: **free agency tracker** I don't understand how this works? Why will a player leave an external club and become a free agent? Wouldn't they just stay with their previous club?
  9. I can't report multiple accounts. The link to click on for 'reporting multiple accounts' never loads anything up, it just times out, and there is a blatant case of the same person having two teams in my league (same name, same join date, same online time!) Any help appreciated
  10. Which should I sign? Money no object. I can only sign one as it will then take me to my maximum of three transfers in one season with the same team. TOURE, 28 yo, 92 ERIKSEN, 19 yo, 87 COUTINHO, 19 yo, 86 Which of the three should I sign? I have a strong team already, with SCHWEINSTEIGER, FLETCHER, GIGGS, MIKEL, STANKOVIC and SNEIJDER all able to play in CM though
  11. Re: player concerns (serious help required) There is no exact formula for them, otherwise managers would play them the bare minimum to stop them getting concerns. Players have a hidden percentage of games they expect to play in, dependent on their rating as well. Considering the calibre of your 'back up' players, I am not suprised they are getting concerns! They would normally be first XI players in most teams. You will need to start rotating more - failing that , sell them!
  12. Re: Player Concerns - My Team Does playing in cup matches count towards a players % of games they expect to play?
  13. If an external club bids for one of my transfer listed players but I don't respond to the bid, then the rating of the player goes down, can I still accept the bid at the price they offered before the rating change, or will the bid automatically be withdrawn?
  14. Will SM do a World Cup Rating Changes for players at the World Cup? Off the top of my head, I am thinking of MULLER and BADSTUBER for Germany, who are playing regularly for Germany (as they both did for Bayern throughout the season), and both should surely go up to 90. Probably loads of others, but they are the only 2 I can think of right now off the top of my head, whilst in work!
  15. Re: Thomas MULLER (88) - Should be 90?
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