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  1. Re: John O Shea -V- Branislav Ivanovic ??? is john o shea 1 of the most under rated players on the game??? simply yes. if he wasn't a good defender he wouldn't of been at man united for all this time. hes a 90 minimum
  2. Re: Gael kakuta where is he kakuta is going to be at nearly every club i manage lol
  3. Re: fletcher?? i love this... sm were all quiet about this issue and kept refering people to the what influences a rating page then claim fletcher is the only player on the game with 'a rating bug'. more like they got fed up of ppl handing tickets in and just gave in to ppl power....
  4. Re: "What Can Influence Changes?" - Is this still valid? im not a fan of liverpool and dont have lucas in any of my teams.... but this is the best post i have ever seen on why a player shud rise. sm researchers pls take note
  5. Re: fletcher?? i think that fletcher deserves a 91 and heres a few points i want to make tho... if fletcher shud be 91 then john o'shea is a 90 fletcher is definetly better than anderson who is a 91. somebody said scotlands poor form may have cost him... adebayor plays for the mighty togo and hes not even playing in europe this season yet keeps his 93 (level with the still under rated anelka i add). Fletcher plays for scotland who aint much better (im running) but at least plays in the champions league. how can he be 3 behind???
  6. Re: Juventus Midfielder Felipe Melo Wins 2009 Golden Bin is this the same quaresma that is still a 91 on sm
  7. Re: Daniel aggers rating ?????????? but agger doesnt play a lot even when hes fit. hes a 90 at best at the moment. like i said before how cud agger do do do? reach 93 if he push pineapple shake the tree
  8. Re: Eto'o or David Villa? can u see him stayin at valencia much past the world cup??? me neither
  9. Re: Eto'o or David Villa? villa as he is likely to keep his 96 rating (or increase) longer than eto'o is.
  10. Re: Daniel aggers rating ?????????? how well can agger do do do??? a lot better if he was a 1st choice and not injured so much. u cant really justify him being above 90 til hes playing most weeks
  11. Re: Turkey & Israel Ratings if nihat only drops 1 it will be the most generous 90 on the game i think. hes worth avoiding at all costs
  12. Re: What happen to chelsea and man united rating change? anelka to get 93 or i wont b happy
  13. Re: Two transfers 1 will probably get rejected or more likely not get responded 2 by a manager who never logs on. so u will prob only get 1 anyway
  14. Re: Whens the English Changes finish they wud of got done this morning b4 they started section 7 (i hope). shud see changes 2moz
  15. Re: What happen to chelsea and man united rating change? i think the last few english prem clubs were done this morning b4 they moved onto section 7. so we shud see changes 2moz, if not then sm will be getting kicked by a lot of ppl
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