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  1. Re: Anyone having problems with PayPal? It's okay.. Was able to do it through my phone. Must be something about the computer. Weird..
  2. Been trying to extend my Gold membership all night with no success. Brings me to my PayPal page, I click 'buy' and then it just goes back to the shop page on SM. Tried it a half dozen times
  3. Re: How to gain reputation on soccerwiki?
  4. Re: Juanmi Lopez Mate, Malaga are sitting in 6th place and looking strong - hardly poor.
  5. Re: Lucas Leiva, Ever Banega or Javi Martinez! Lucas has been Liverpools best midfielder foir a bad year, but then look at how Liverpool have fallen. Lucas to me is the worst of the 3 of them. The problem with Martinez is that he doesn't like like he wants to leave Bilbao, who unfortunately don't like like becoming a Champions League team in the neat future - although getting a few minutes for Spain in that world class midfield, which leaves Banega... playing well at a Champions League team... I'd go with Banega short-term. Can you afford Martinez too? lol.
  6. Re: Ranieri Sandro? Axel Witsel? Or Steven Defour? Few Spurs fans in here then? Lol..
  7. Re: Abusive messages on chat... I only unblocked him tonight, so it might mean that it doesn't properly work until he goes off and then comes on again as he may still be able to see me. I'll see how things are tomorrow. Cheers, Jamesy.
  8. Re: Soccer Manager Chat The 'block' option doesn't seem to work as I have found out tonight.
  9. I'm in the position that everytime i'm coming on chat, i'm being harassed by the same person on the new 'chat' feature - usual abusive stuff. I hit the 'block' button on his page, but that doesn't seem to work because it still happens. It's constant, and even ignoring him doesn't get him to stop. Any ideas?
  10. Re: Lets have a maximum amount of players per team. I don't understand how it's puzzling. One of the best Central Defenders in the game has hardly played in the last 3 seasons' date=' yet he's still at the club - that's ineffective to me, but to be pedantic - it's just not effective enough. I just don't think it's quick enough.
  11. Re: Lets have a maximum amount of players per team.
  12. Re: Lets have a maximum amount of players per team.
  13. Re: Should i keep torres? Yeah, I have him in a few of my teams atm, but to be honest, I think he's turning the corner at Chelsea and he's starting to score again. Hang onto him I reckon.
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