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  1. Re: I dont know how to use a 4-2-3-1 formation

    I have had huge success with this formation in a euro championship with fc porto. I put Hulk (fwd) in the AM position and had him running to the left of the striker in my case Negredo. Hulk got top scorer this season and I got to the cup final and came runner-up in the league according to goal difference. so yes it does concede goals but also scores many.

    Passing: short

    Tempo: fast

    Everything else set to normal

    You can use target man on the CF the only difference this has is that your CF will have alot of assists and your wingers and AM's will score the goals

    Good against 4-4-2, 3-5-2

    bad against 4-3-3, 4-4-2 (diamond)

  2. Re: So many resigning managers...

    I believe SM should stop creating new setups and do a pre-owned team campaign to fill up the spaces. I'll admit I quit teams but only because a 100% filled GW soon gets to 20% and I'm quite a division 4 lover and enjoy the challenge of trying to get a team from division 4 to division 1 but without any managers in division 4 I lose the sense of a challenge. On the whole something needs to be done.

  3. As SM are currentley doing a finance update I'd thought I'd point out this article linked here.


    Here's a brief summary. It talks about capping clubs according to their revenue e.g. Real Madrid would have a higher transfer budget limit and capping a salaray of a player than that of Manchester City even though Man City have a richer chairman. It may be introduced within the next year or so, however it is unpopular among the clubs. In SM terms this would mean that in the English Championships Bournemouth FC wouldn't be able to Maldini as his salary would be too big, therefore making it fairer among the leagues and creating finacial secruity amoung the clubs. Any thoughts?

    p.s Keep up the good work SM

  4. Re: How best to use the 3-2-2-2-1 formation? +My team included+

    I've used this tactic a few times both using 3 CB and 1RB, 1CB 1LB. TBH I don't see the difference as long as use your best CB (Ayala) in the middle.

    As For your tactic I would change tackling to normal but I doubt it'll make that much different and be careful using slow. Apart from that it's fine

    One note about your team, sell Shevchenko as he will drop (he's only played 15 mins of serie A football in 2009)

  5. Re: Are older players better?

    Younger player fitness levels are better than that off an older player but I usualy find that older players get higher match ratings. So it's best to use older players until their fitness starts to run low then use younger players.

  6. Re: Samba a striker?

    Played against liverpool and was lone striker benni mcarthy left on bench' date=' allardyce sed samba was key to the victory against Tottenham Hotspur:)[/quote']

    True he was but that was because he had McCarthy to knock on too. Today he was all alone until the last 15mins when Villa' came on to provide support along with Aaron Doran (not on the SM DB as I know), another ROI youngster. both put in a good perforance compared to the rest of the player but that doesn't say much.

  7. Re: Blackburn Rovers Ratings Help

    Jason Roberts +0/1/2

    Santa Cruz -1/2 Injured hasn't played much this season

    Vince Grella

    Gael Givet +0/1 Best signing this season has been really good in defence

    Jason Brown

    Mark Bunn

    C Samba


    Emerton 0/-1

    Villaneuva 0/-1

    Andrews +5/6 from league 1 to premiership, great work rate. regualar apperances. 80 is too low for this guy

    Danny Simpson -1/2 made few appearances for first team


    Treacy + 1/2 made quite a few appearances this season. can't say he's good though.


    Blackman Already risen

    For those that I haven't rated I believe will reamain the same but because off the bad runnings we've had this season I wouldn't be surprised if SM decided to drop them.

  8. Re: Frustrating Results

    I've been experiencing similar problems. Top of a league with Espanyol, 14 unbeaten, Avg Rating 89 which is +4 to the majority of unmanged teams, I play 4-4-2 similar to unmanaged team (only change when facing human opponents). The new tactics come i've lost 4 on the trot, too unmanaged teams and I'm now fighting for play-off place. I brought in V.Corluka (one of best rated player in my team) he gets an average rating of 5.65.

    It's... wierd

  9. Re: Paul Robinson (GK)

    As a Rovers fan, I've seen seen him play. I'd say he'll drop by 1 or stay the same. He looks unconvining at courners and has let goals in that could be saved and in our season we've seen quite a few 4-0 thrashings but that may be because of the defenders in front. He also hasn't been picked England. However since the joining of BFS his performance is improving. It just depends on how much you like him as player. IMO there are better keepers you could buy.

  10. Re: Villa bad patch

    It depends on who you play against and what formation they use. I would suggest try using 4-3-1-2 as you only have the one primary wide player and a strong CM. Play Barry, Hamsik and Abelda as the 3 midfielders. Have Pires in support of your two front men.

    4-5-1 is usualy an effective tactic as you control the midfield, I would maybe change your style of play.

  11. Re: What is the best way to counter 4-4-2 ?

    I used to find that 3-4-1-2 was really effective against 4-4-2. It usualy gave me at least 3 goals with >55% possesion per games however your likely to conede goals as you only have 3 at your back and after a streak of 10 (8 wins, 2 draws) I lost 6-1 so this formation is quite unpredicatble.

    On another team I find when I come across a 4-4-2 (at home) I try to play a team thats at least +2 of their average rating and this usualy gives a 2-0 result.

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