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  1. Re: Vagner Love He's already been hailed as one of the greatest strikers to ever grace the Russian league by fans, players, managers and journalists alike. 60 goals in 110 games for CSKA, definitely a score tally to be proud of, along with 27 in 42 for Palmeiras. He is a striker of superior talent, but unfortunately the quality of the Russian league as opposed to the higher tier leagues in the world England, Italy, Spain, etc he will probably not be granted a rating higher than 92 whilst he remains in the Russian league, but he is definitely a player who could realistically reach a rating of 93+ given he was at a world class team in a higher tier league.
  2. Re: Manchester United 5 - Tottenham 2 Great comeback. It was an enjoyable match, suspenseful and satisfying in terms of goals and drama.
  3. Re: Players in different shirts. A new picture snapped during training this morning...
  4. Re: Players who play surprisingly the best for your team!! These two lads play well for me. Robinho, he's got 8 goals and 2 assists in 15 games. Vagner Love, he's got 6 goals and 12 assists in 18 games. On the whole, my team seems to shift a lot. No individual players shine through regularly.
  5. Re: Federico Macheda - Man Utd If you tell me the size of the avatar ill reduce it so you can upload it. Done 130' date=' not sure if thats right? [img']http://i40.tinypic.com/1hp6vs.gif[/img]
  6. Re: Eliaquim MANGALA - keep or sell? Keep him, he's a beast.
  7. Re: Higuains mystery ailment... I don't know how these lengths of time are calculated. I don't know where SM get their information from, because these lengths of time out seem pretty ridiculous for the pettyness of the injuries. Maybe they should add the ability for managers to deal with injuries simply; option to give an injection or something like that with a risk of worsening the injury. I think most people know that the lengths of time aren't really very realistic... well maybe for the majority of players, perhaps not Michael Owen, but everyone knows his bones are made of cadburys crunchies and Ledley King with a knee made from dairylea.
  8. In the late hours of 29th March 2009, the Argentine striker Gonzalo Gerardo Higuain was struck down with a mystery ailment. The medical specialists of Soccer Manager namely a Dr Quincy M.E. had been puzzled for literal minutes in a daze of medical pandemonium in a bid to diagnose his condition, but unfortunately they were useless tools and could only muster a pathetic reason for an injury. Even Higuain himself is puzzled, my chest he cried falling to the ground in a spiral of confusion, whats wrong with me? Will I ever again flex my pectorals in a blaze of arrogant masculinity?!?! Only time will tell if Gonzalo will ever recover from this horrifically debilitating mystery condition. a Chest injury - 4 weeks (back approx 25 April 2009)
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