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  1. Here's my squad: First Team, running a 3-4-2-1 Iker Casillas Dani Alves Gerard Pique Nemanja Vidic Benzema Cesc Fabregas Xavi Ronaldo Wayne Rooney Samuel Eto'o Messi Subs: Kaka Busquets Sergio Ramos Rio Ferdinand Julio Cesar Youth Thiago Alcantara David deGea Pato Jordi Alba I'd like to improve my youth squad eventually. It is not a necessity yet though. Transfer Moves It's a very talented squad but needs depth. I'm looking to offload the older guys (Eto'o, Kaka, Ferdinand) before their rankings drop and replacing them with younger guys. I have 8.5 million to use, as well as an 18 million bid for Kaka. I'm considering getting rid of Alves. If I get rid of Eto'o I won't have many out-and-out forwards. I could get Robinho, Torres, Tevez or Nasri. Please help!
  2. Hello all: I have 31,775 million with this squad: Julio Cesar, GK, 95 Petr Cech, GK, 94 Asenjo, Sergio GK 88 Dani Alves, 24- RB/RM Sergio Ramos, RB/CB 94 Gianluca Zambrotta RB/LB 93 Carles Puyol CB/RB 96 Rio Ferdinand CB 95 Yaya Toure DM/CM 92 Xavi Hernandez CM/AM 97 Steven Gerrard AM /CM 97 C. Ronaldo F/Wing 98 Samuel Eto'o F 96 Wayne Rooney F/AM 96 Sergio Aguero F 94 Lionel Messi F 98 I am considering selling Cech (94) and buying Casillas (96), selling Zambrotta (93) and buying Vidic (96), and Aguero (94, and Atl. Madrid are doing badly) for Kaka (97). Two problems: Lack of cash, and players (My team is essentially 14 players, albeit the best in the world). Should I plain-off sell Yaya Toure and with any cash left over, and from the season (5 games to go) buy some good youth players?
  3. I think that the ratings for players should be out of 1000 instead of 100. I have a few players on my team that have the exact same rating- 94. These are robinho/aguero and cech/cesar. If the ratings were out of 1000, then perhaps Robinho would be a 947 and Aguero a 942, and this would make a slight difference in the game, as well as making the decision of who to play easier.
  4. This is my team: Goal: Cech,Cesar, 94 Def: Ramos, 95 Cannavaro, 95 Alves, 94 Zambrotta/Escude- 94/92 Mid: Joaquin S, 91 Muntari, 91 Diarra, M 94 Xavi, 96 Gerrard, 97 Robinho, 94 Fwd/CF: Aguero, 94 Raul, 95 Rooney, 96 Eto'o, 96 RVN, 96 I have an offer of 27.8 million for Diarra I made an offer for Iniesta of Diarra+Muntari+ 5.0 Million I have a deal of 9.8 million for joaquin S. Should I make a deal of Canavarro + a bit of money for Lucio?
  5. Re: Which Part To Improve From My Squad Thread Should I sell Cannavaro to get Pepe? And in the new version the goalies can get injured. Wouldn't it be smart to have 2 93+ goalies? I won't have much money left because I am about to buy Aguero for 35 million, dropping my cash to like 5 million. Do you know of any good risers that will rise to at least 94 soon?
  6. Hello, can you please help me? What are the ratings going to be for these players? Cech P. Cesar, S. Ramos. S Alves, D Zambrotta, G Cannavaro, F Diarra, M Robinho, S Eto'o, S Raul, G RVN Should I sell Ruud and buy drogba?
  7. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? i have Van Nistelrooy and Raul. Should I sell both and get Drogba from an unmanaged team?
  8. Re: Which Part To Improve From My Squad Thread My team: Cech, P. GK, 95 Cesar, S. Gk, 94 Ramos, S. RB/CB, 95 Cannavaro, F. CB, 95 Zambrotta, G. RB/LB, 94 Escude, J. CB/RB, 92 Joaquin, S. RM/W, 91 Diarra, M. DM/CM, 94 Gerrard, S. CM/AM, 97 Xavi, H. CM/AM, 96 Muntari, S. CM, 91 Robinho,S. Wing/F, 95 Taddei, R. Wing/AM, 91 Eto'o, S. F, 96 Rooney, W. F/AM, 96 Raul, G. Fwd/AM, 95 Nistelrooy, R. CF, 96 Should I sell Nistelrooy and get Drogba?
  9. I have a good team, Real Madrid, average 95. I played a friendly against Barcelona, average 94. These were the line-ups Home Team 1. P CECH 2. G SERGIO RAMOS 3. G ZAMBROTTA 4. F CANNAVARO 5. H XAVI 6. S GERRARD 7. S ROBINHO 8. G RAUL 9. R VAN NISTELROOY 10. S ETO'O 11. W ROONEY Real Madrid Substitutes 12. S JULIO CESAR - 13. J ESCUDE - 14. S DANI ALVES - 15. M DIARRA - 16. R TADDEI - Barcelona: Away Team CASILLAS C PUYOL A GAMBERINI W GALLAS A PIRLO E CAMBIASSO J FARFAN A DECO L TONI A INIESTA C TEVEZ Barcelona Substitutes W HENNESSEY G DANIEL JARQUE C MAKELELE P DA SILVA S KALOU The Final score was: 4-1. Eto'o scored 2, Gerrard scored one, and Nistelrooy scored one. A rather normal result, as was expected, for the sides are rather equal. But these are the abnormal categories: Possession 63% Barcelona: 37% Total Shots 59 16 Shots On Target 26 5 Corners 5 4 Yellow Cards 2 1 Red Cards 0 0 59 shots in one game! That's an average of one shot every minute and a half! and 26 on target! That's an average of one shot on target every 3 and a half minutes! It would have been a total blowout had the goalkeeper not been Casillas. For anyone interested, my Formation was a 3-4-2-1 Cech Ramos Cannavaro Zambrotta Xavi Gerrard Robinho Raul Eto'o Rooney Nistelrooy I used men behind ball, play offside, and tight marking. I had Xavi, Gerrard, Robinho, and Raul have forward runs. I had an attacking mentality, Normal tackling, Direct passing, fast tempo, and all-over pressing.
  10. Re: Spanish Ratings Will Cannavaro (C.B.), 95 drop or stay? Thanks, Krizzle
  11. Hello, I have a few questions i would like answered. My team: Cech, 95, Gk Ramos, 95, RB Canavarro, 95, CB Zambrotta, 94, LB Alves, 94, RM Gerrard, 97, CM/AM Xavi, 96, CM Raul, 95, Fwd Eto'o, 96, Fwd Van Nistelrooy, 96, CF, 96 Rooney, 96, Fwd Should I have Van Nistelrooy as my target man because he is a CF? Should I have Gerrard as playmaker? Do the arrows really matter with the match engine? Which boxes should i tick off? Thank you for your time!
  12. Re: Best Options for my Team My team is now as good as I possibly can have, except I might get Gerrard tomorrow. Any tactical advice? P. Cech, 95 Sergio Ramos, 95 Canavarro, 95 Zambrotta, 94 Alves/Gatusso, both 94 Xavi, 96 Diarra, 94 Raul, 95 Eto'o, 96 Nistelrooy, 96 Rooney, 96 Average rating: 95. EDIT: I have gotten Gerrard, 97.
  13. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... PLease help! I can by Gerrard or Ronaldinho. Ronaldinho is 96, Gerrard 97. Who would be the best choice for a team that has 94 mids and 95 and 3 96 forwards?
  14. Hi all, I have a question. If you bid on a player in an unmanaged club, it takes 24 hours to go through. What happens if you are the only bidder and you withdraw to lower the bid? Will the timer restart? Thank you! Krizzle
  15. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Hello all, I can get Messi or Gerrard. I have 70 million, but have just bid 33 on Cech. Should I get messi or Gerrard?
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