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  1. Re: Mahamadou Diarra + Van Der Vaart = Gerrard? Mahamadou Diarra + Van Der Vaart = Gerrard Great Deal Do It
  2. Re: Jérémy TOULALAN = 26Mil + Robben
  3. Re: Sell VDV for 50 million or not..???? i will sell VDV for 50 mil and buy other AM like Gerrard with these moneys
  4. Real Madrid have made an offer to Lyon for Jérémy TOULALAN of £26,000,000 plus Arjen ROBBEN i Accepted the deal because Robben will be 93 now Should i cancel deal or not?
  5. Re: Need Midfielders? yea i will buy Senna but manager of Villareal left and i must wait 7 days and for ambrosini will see if Milan sell him
  6. Need old Midfielders 91+ who will stay or rise need RM , LM, Wing, CM, DM, and AM
  7. Re: Best Tactics for 4-2-3-1 i use this tactics and almost always i win
  8. Re: no goals????-liverpool Use this tactic its great I always win games with this Just replace Young with Kuyt
  9. Re: Rooney and chelsea ripoffs! i think Rooney should be 95 and Berbatov go to 94 Anelka its good at 92 don't deserve more
  10. Re: Chelsea player ratings - what gives? Lampard - can't be 96 like Xavi cause Xavi is too much better than him also Iniesta its better than Lampard so no rise for him Anelka - are u crazy anelka to be 93 like Del Piero only if Del Piero get 95 he can be 93 and for mikel its not better than muntari to be higher than him if Essien continue his great plays he must be 96
  11. Re: Gerrard VS Xavi Both are great
  12. Hernández XAVI of £10,000,000 plus Arjen ROBBEN and Klaas-Jan HUNTELAAR should i sell XAVI or keep it?
  13. i need defenders but they must not be in these teams Internazionale LIVERPOOL Real Madrid Arsenal Milan Manchester United Chelsea Barcelona Juventus Bayern Munchen Valencia Atlético Madrid VfB Stuttgart Manchester City Villarreal Sevilla He must be 90+ or under 90 but will rise to 90+ these days
  14. Re: How To Open Costum Game World?
  15. Re: How To Open Costum Game World? Still didnt get the Costum Game World What is happening?
  16. Re: How To Open Costum Game World? i thought i didnt know how to open them but it was not my fault so im waiting Thnx all for Replies
  17. Re: How To Open Costum Game World?
  18. Re: How To Open Costum Game World? Order Summary Transaction ID: ****************** Qty Price Each 1 Gold Membership £11.99 3 Custom Game World £23.97 Total £35.96 thats what i got to e-mail
  19. Re: How To Open Costum Game World? Thats what i see when i go there
  20. i have bought Gold Memeber and 3 Costum Game Worlds but i dont know how to open one?
  21. Re: 4 on 4 Fantasy Football: See Your Team and Choose Your Player!!! 1st i choose Casillas for GK 2nd i choose Sergio Ramos for Defender 3rd i choose Xavi for CM 4th i choose Messi for Forward
  22. Re: Help urgently needed
  23. Re: change MAKOUN with M.Dairra anyone?
  24. Re: my barcelona i would sell only panuci and get better CB player
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