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  1. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? I desperately need a good CB and have had a bid of 7m plus Issar Dia plus Rafael Palladino accepted for Rafael Marquez. Does Marquez have a chance of keeping his 93 rating, maybe rising to 94 ? Is the deal worth it? Cheers
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... URGENT: Have been offered Zhirkov plus Gattuso plus 5m for Essien I'd hate to see Essien go but is it worth it for these two?
  3. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? I desperately need a third CB for my Chelsea side, currently have Terry and Alex with Tosoridis as cover. Have got a decent offer for Fernando MEIRA, for about 8m in a highly competitive championship where CB's are most precious possessions. Have gone through lists of good CB's here but no offers are enough to let clubs release them. One of Muntasir's thread said that Meira would go up to 92 in the next ratings because of his consistency for Zenit. How much truth is there in that? Will he stay at 91 if he doesn;'t rise and is he decent cover at 8m>
  4. Re: mt's Summer Rating Predictions (Risers Only) Are you sure Fernando MEIRA will get a rise to 92 ?? I'm getting a sweet deal for him and it'll be worth it if this is the case. Has his move to Zenit proved fruitful ? Help appreciated and repped for a great thread
  5. Re: Lisandro Lopez Yes, but do you think Lopez will get a 93? Drogba just signed a 3 year Chelsea deal and with them buying no other strikers, his 95 looks safe at the moment right?
  6. 92 rated 26 year old, just moved to Lyon for about 24m. I have him, David Villa and Drogba as my main 3 strikers and wanted to remove one of Drogba or Lopez to bring in a younger striker and a much needed CB. Will Lopez rise now that he's moved on to Lyon and will be playing loads of games in a league similar in quality to Portugal or should I get rid of 31 year old Drogba, even though he just signed a 3 year deal with Chelsea, so that I can get some quality as replacement? Just for the record, Drogba is still banging them in for me
  7. Re: Which 89 rated defender should I sign? How high will Chyhrynskiy go at Barcelona?
  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I ve been offered Chyhrynskiy plus Nuri Sahin plus 8m for Alex (92 CB) Too less?
  9. Re: This is the current transfer list in my setup - Anyone I should snap up?
  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Ok, thanks for the above advice on the David Villa deal. I've made the bid and hoping it goes through. I've also been offered Philip Lahm for Gonzalo Castro plus Ricardo Quaresma. I think it's a fantastic deal. What do you think?
  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Urgent: Have been offered David Villa in exchange for Joe Cole and Luis Fabiano. Should I do it?
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Ok, I've been offered Kaka as a straight swap for Essien. What to do
  13. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I'm Chelsea and I've currently got two offers for Essien: 19m plus Tevez plus Miguel Veloso and Essien plus Castro (RB 90) for Sergio Ramos and Gattuso Either of these worth doing? Also have offered someone Mikel plus Quaresma for Xabi Alonso. Is that worth it? Thanks in advance
  14. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? I'm Chelsea and I've got the following squad: GK: Cech and Manninger RB: Castro and Ivanovic CB: Terry, Alex, Steven Taylor, that's it, very short here LB: Cole, Tremoulinas DM: Essien, Mikel CM: Lampard, Huddlestone Wing: Ben Arfa, Palladino, Joe Cole, Quaresma Fwd: Drogba, Luis Fabiano, Lisandro Lopez Need a CB and need to get rid of Taylor Transfer budget - 25m Which of these aren't good enough? Quaresma I'm not too fond of so I could get a good CB in exchange for him. What else?
  15. I'm Blackburn and I've had a bid accepted for JOVETIC of 10m plus David DUNN plus JOAO KLEBER Perreira. That sounds a reasonable bid right? Jovetic may not rise this time but he's surely one for the future, am I correct? Just wanted to know so that I don't lose any sleep over this one. Chairman values Dunn at about 4m and JOAO at about 2.5m so approx. overall value of the deal is about 17m. JOVETIC is worth it?
  16. Re: 88's that will surely go up: Help please ^^Thanks so much for the help mate. Will keep that in mind. Let's move on to RB: DAVID CORTES, Caballero Getafe DEBUCHY, Mathieu Lille OSC BETAO, Willian Benfica COMOTTO, Gianluca Torino GARICS, György Napoli JOILSON, Rodrigues Brescia NILSSON, Mikael Panathinaikos HIBBERT, Tony Málaga TONY, Silva CFR 1907 Cluj
  17. Re: 88's that will surely go up: Help please Hey guys! Thanks so much for all these replies Now, just to let you know how these parasitic guys in my championship are, NONE of the players mentioned above are available and trying to get them from a managed club means paying double their sm valuations and a few million more just for kicks. What I'll do is search by position those players that are in unmanageable clubs and list them here, and we can see if you guys have any suggestions. That ok? Let's start with CBs Age 20-30, Value 0m-10m, as that's my budget. Rating 88 The teams listed are obviously their team on my SM championship CIANI, Michael - Lorient UGLESSICH, Mariano Vélez Sársfield BISEVAC, Milan - RC Lens FUENTES, Ismael - Jaguares de Chiapas SARRIEGI, Josu - Panathinaikos (is transfer listed) MARCHAL, Sylvain - Lorient KANTE, Cédric OGC Nice MAZA RODRIGUEZ, Francisco - Napoli POPOV, Aleksei - Amkar GUSTAVO, Franchin Palmeiras PLESTAN, Nicolas - Lille OSC VERON, Darío Osasuna KYRGIAKOS, Sotiris Eintracht Frankfurt Let's go!
  18. I'm part of a championship where not a single player of 89 and above is in an unmanageable club and as per our rules, we are not allowed to buy from unmanaged clubs. I'd be grateful for a list of 88 rated players (there are a huge lot in unmanageable clubs), preferably not too famous and well known, that will be rising in the next rating change or sometime in the future. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  19. Re: German ratings 08/09 What's the news with Mohammed ZIDAN ?
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