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  1. Re: Joshua King the next Wonderkid todays papers in scotland say he will join rangers in january on loan along with corrie evans with everything u have said i hope this is true
  2. Re: Scottish Ratings no chance scott brown should go to a 90 he does not score or create goals has poor distribution all he does is get in wee fights and make bad tackles people say barry ferguson was overated if he was then i do know what scott brown is then?
  3. I need a left back who is going to rise to 90 or aove in the next ratings change any ideas!!
  4. I am going to start a thread going through all the leagues one by one and each team and every player worth mentioning give you my thoughts on how they're rating will change next time around. Arsenal GOALKEEPERS Manuel Almunia 91-91 For me he is a good keeper he has his wee dodgy moments but defo worth keeping his 91. LUKASZ FABIANSKI 86-87 I think we could see a small rise for fabianski played quite a few games last season he was also installed as polands new number 1 after artur borucs two howlers agaist n.ireland. DEFENDERS GAEL CLICHY 92-92/93 No doubt about it hes a clas
  5. Re: scotland ratings right heres a lowdown on boyds record this season since this guy hasnt got a clue. Rangers 2 Hearts 0 Lafferty 37,Boyd 90 + 2 (pen) (oh is tht 1 against hearts) Rangers 2 Kilmarnock 1 Boyd 58 (pen),Boyd 62 Partick 1 Rangers 2 Boyd 25,Mendes 116 Hamilton 1 Rangers 3 Boyd 42 (pen),Boyd 50,Novo 80 Rangers 2 Hamilton 0 Boyd 25,Lafferty 50 Rangers 5 Inverness CT 0 Novo 7,Boyd 14,Boyd 19,Boyd 28 (pen),Miller 45 Kilmarnock 0 Rangers 4 Weir 50,Boyd 54,Miller 87,Whittaker 90 Rangers 2 St Mirren 1 Boyd 5,Davis 10 Rangers 2 Aberdeen 0 Darcheville
  6. Re: Aiden McGeady Rep Of Ireland and Celtic :D:D mcgeady to 92 is that some sort of sick joke obviously u dont watch much celtic games he isnt even celtics best player he is good with the ball at his feet give him that.he does not score enough goals he rarely has an end product.i must say i have watched him for ireland and he looks a different player and at times looks class but in nowhere is he near a 92 u have to look at the situation here ur moaning about his rating theyre is better players than his who shud be 92 like young,lennon and barry to name a few but by saying hes a 92 ur saying h
  7. Re: scotland ratings I agreed with everything Стахановец said until i got to the bit about boyd 21 league goals in 25 starts doesnt sound like barely scoring to me lol an outrageous comment tbh.
  8. Re: scotland ratings Right first of all i go to every rangers game so obviously i have a certain amount of knowledge of the scottish game. First of all dazgen i was at that final and in no way did mcgeady run the show if u look back at the game and i have just went on skysports website where he was rated a 6 no way was he running the show and to say u'z were not expecting it my friend has him in his team and knew he would drop so sold him before the ratings i believe youse are the ones who cant watch much scottish football.The one player who did stand out was scott brown. Secondly i totall
  9. Re: scotland ratings O'Dea has made 3 starts for celtic this season id be suprised if he gets a rise and whats all the crying about mcgeady out of 6 champions league games he played 2 and scored 1 goal and this year for celtic he has played hardly anything compared to last season.and willo flood why does he deserve this big rise he joined celtic and out of 5 or 6 games he has started one which he was took off on the 68th minute and against dundee utd he came on in the 72nd minute not as if hes set the heather on fire.and just to note craigbhoy burley just named mcgregor as his number 1 today.
  10. Re: scotland ratings If you think mcgeady warrants a 90 ur having a laugh most celtic fans i know want rid of him he is only interested in himself hes not the player he is made out to be celtic are a far better team without him in my opinion celtic play better when robson plays instead. And as for this a typical nathan kirkby comment hes like the kirk broadfoot of the forum he is only a young boy played 6 or so games with 2 goals he will be a good player in the future for rangers trust me on this when he made his debut he came on and also and set up two goals he gets the ball down runs at
  11. Re: Neymar: A future buy for sure I know this is off topic but do any of you have any insight to when phillipe coutinho could be added!!replies appreciated
  12. Re: Neymar: A future buy for sure I got neymar in world championship 98 won the bidding war 15 million i paid lol be worth it in the end but.
  13. Re: scotland ratings mcgeady hasnt been half the player he was last season and u need to remember the amount of games he did not play in as well. For me boyd has to be a 90 he may not be an international but he scores goals for fun no-one is near him in scotland goals wise. Totally agree about barry and boruc dropping as well not been on the form we know they are capable of. the big shocker for me though was that fleck only got a +4 should have at least been +8 i dont get this and then they give cillian sheridan a +10 for me thts a joke only one a disagree with.
  14. Re: Glasgow Rangers Just a wee update on the thready Danny Wilson was named on the bench for rangers against hearts he was a unused sub and also harry redknapp has been talking about him in todays papers claiming he has been made aware of his abilities. Plus Andrew Little has been called into the Nothern Ireland squad for the upcoming qualifiers.
  15. Re: juventus rating prediction Dont agree with a few of your ratings are you a milan fan heres some of the ones i dont agree with: Molinaro- 89-90/91 grygera- 90-91(no qualms about it he deserves it) chiellini- 92-93/94 mellberg- 90-91
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