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  1. Re: 250million to spend!! Help!! For an immediate impact I would try to get some of the following as they would all deliver immediate impact being rated 90 or above and all of them have an extremely strong shout at a +1 and a maybe +2 (with these exceptions*) GK: Lloris 23yo 91 GK: Given 33yo 91 CB: Vermaelen 24yo 90 CB: Thiago Silva 25yo 90 CB: Garay 23yo 91* RB: Ivanovic 26yo 90 Wing: Mata 21yo 91 Wing: Pablo Hernandez 24yo 90 Wing: Bastos 26yo 90 Wing: Sessegnon 25yo 90* CM: Gourcuff 23yo 92 (plays as AM/CM) CM: Busquets 21yo 90 (plays as DM/CM) FWD: Suarez 23yo 90 FWD: Dzek
  2. Re: HAMSIK or GOURCUFF I'm interested in both of them myself. I need a strong CM for my squad and bcaz my league is pretty competitive these are the only 2 over 90 options available but my question is; Does GOURCUFF play as an effective CM? and Will he Stay as an AM/CM - is there a chance that he move to AM only? Thanks.
  3. Re: Create a New Team - £37M Profit! 80+ Rising squad now added. Need more subs tho'. I was gonna' add Asamoah of Udinese but i'm not sure if he will rise.
  4. Re: Create a New Team - £37M Profit! 80+ Rising Squad GK: De Gea [Atletico Madrid] 19yo [80 -> 84/85] LB: Lensky [FC Utrecht] 21yo [80 -> 84] CB: Badstuber [bayern Muinch] 21yo [85 -> 88] CB: Alderweireld [Ajax] 21yo [85 -> 87] RB: Yangambiwa [Montpellier] 20yo [85 -> 87] W: Hazard [Lille] 19yo [87 -> 89] DM: Mangala [standard Liege] 19yo [85 -> 87] CM: Wijnaldum [Feyenoord] 19yo [86 -> 87] W: Muller [bayern Munich] 20yo [85 -> 87] FWD: Lukaku [RSC Anderlect] 16yo [83 -> 87] FWD: Ait-Fana [Montpellier] 21yo [84 -> 87] Sub: Kroos AM/W Bayern Mu
  5. Re: Counter Formations And as the first request I was wondering if someone could provide an effective counter formation to a 4-5-1 team with a slightly lower average rating? Thanks
  6. Re: Counter Formations The first Counter Formation that I would like to submit is the most effective formation that I've found to work against a 4-4-2 4-4-1-1 formation of a weaker or equally rated team That is a 3-4-1-2 using wingers if possible for the left and right midfield positions. Against a team of equal or lower ratings it's possible and very effective to use an attacking set up. I know it's only a small area but with possible future contributions this thread could be very useful.
  7. Re: Goalkeeper for a maximum £13m ASENJO, Sergio - Atlético Madrid - 20yo - £10/11 million Rated 88 possible rise of +2 and a +1 is almost guaranteed. Also is the starting GK for Atlético Madrid. RUI PATRICIO, Pedro - Sporting CP - 21yo - £10/11 million Rated 88 also but not likely for an immediate rise however slight chance of a +1 Definately a young GK with potentail for the future. NEUER, Manuel - FC Schalke 04 - 23yo - £13/14 million Rated 90 with a possible rise of +1 on the cards. MOYA, Miguel Ángel - Valencia - 25yo - £5/6 million Rated 87 atm and I'm not too sure what (if an
  8. Re: Best Winger Would I be right in saying that they all have great potential?
  9. Re: Just A Few Random Questions Buss Henrique has started 4 out of a possible 7 games for Santander this season however the team has conceded a total of 15 goals so far this season giving rise to their 14th place in the Primeria Liga. I cannot say for sure tho' whether Buss is going to become a main-stay at the back, better a Spanish football fan answers that, however being part of a defence that leaks goals isn't gonna' help his rating unless he has put in some awesome performances, which I cannot comment on. I'm hopeful for him tho', mainly because I have him in 1 of my teams. Hope this wa
  10. Re: Depth in Defence - Help Needed This is great, repped!
  11. Re: Depth in Defence - Help Needed No the only young one I have is rated 76, I made a clear out recently and left myself really short at the back. I bought Forwards, CFs and AMs and didn't consider the defence. Now however I'm getting hammered by better teams and I need a new whole defence, not just for cover but to slot into defensive formations as well.
  12. Re: Anyone suggest good wingers Info on this thread was great, i really needed wingers badly for my team as well. I've heard alot about Salvio, Alexis Sanchez and Marin mentioned on the forum but are any of them gonna rise or worth buying? Also could anyone suggest some really low rated wingers with big potential. It would be a great help. Thanks
  13. Re: Help with Wings Thanks, I have a bid in for Perotti now. I thought Hazard had risen to his max with the last changes, will he increase further?
  14. Re: CB help!! Dirk Marcellis has only played 2 games this season for psv (acc. to espn) out of a possible 6, i think. Also psv aren't taking part in the champions league so this could also hamper his chances of a big rise. However, Vermaelen, i think, is amazing. A great choice by Wenger. He's in for a definate rise playing every game this season for Arsenal, playing in the champions league and has scored, as of today, 4 goals for his club in the EPL and Champions League. 4 goals from 6 games for a center back! Awesome! Vermaelen would be my first choice, without a doubt.
  15. Re: Help with Center Backs I've heard that Forlin could reach 90+, is this possible?
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