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  1. Re: The Politics Thread

    Indeed' date=' + the "Yes" campaign deserved a far better leader than Salmond. :o

    But come on Stu, financial institutions (banks, rating agencies, etc) only $ee money. They're far from being humanitarian entities, you know. :D

    If they were always so concerned about people's well being, they wouldn't just use tax payer money to bail them out, after their constant greedy members' stunts. In Portugal for instance, we see that all the time. :([/quote']

    As we've seen in the past, the cream of Scottish Politics (Blair, Brown...) tend to drift down to Westminster; therefore it's difficult to have someone 'better' than Salmond remaining to front the YES campaign.

    Genuine lol if anyone expects their Government to actually care about them, this ain't Scandinavia you know.

  2. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    That's a fair point but Lambert wearing a blindfold would score goals than Borini' date=' he's useless plain and simple. Nowhere near good enough to play for Liverpool.[/quote']

    Given that your club allowed Djimi Traore to win a Champion's League medal, I certainly feels Borini should be given a chance. :D

  3. Re: The Politics Thread

    London or no London' date=' labor in sectors that have diminishing marketability will always see a decline in fortunes. Just a simple fact of how the world works.[/quote']

    Well thank God for the public sector and all four home nations' ludicrous reliance on/investment in it.

  4. Re: The Politics Thread

    Some thoughts from an IR perspective in case they become independent

    Will Scotland become a NATO member?

    Military relationship to England = what? Close alliance?

    If not' date=' what?[/quote']

    Not unless they completely change their attitude towards the retention of usable nuclear weapons.

    The 'British Army' situation is yet to be resolved and it will be one of the trickier balancing acts for iScotland to take care of in the event of independence.

    E: Before anyone trusts the untrustable youGov polls, there's a few things to bear in mind:

    Good reasons to think the polls are right:

    -This is, AFAIK, the first time serious money has been put into polling Scotland

    -There are enough pollsters on the ground to cross-check each other

    -Everyone is in the same ballpark

    -After the Nate Silver phenomenon in the US, there is a lot more attention paid to these things and the science behind getting a representative consensus has gotten better

    Good reasons to think the polls are wrong - not necessarily in the Yes direction, just wrong in general:

    -This is the first time serious money has been put into Scotland and boy does it show. Some of these methodologies and crosstabs are really bad.

    -When you see 40-40 or 42-42 results in the US it's inevitably six months before the election because that's the last time pollsters are that unsure

    -The turnout models have nothing to be based on, so at base a lot of these results are pseudo-educated guesswork

    -That 2010 blown poll series in the UK was, like, magnitudes off (:o seriously, miles off) and the same people were doing it.

    -You can't account for the likes of the 'Shy Tory' principle.

    I still think No is a fairly decent favorite (much as I am warming to the idea of iS'land) but that assumes the polls are accurately describing the vote. Despite what it just sounded like I actually think they *are* accurate, but unlike in the US where betting against a large set of polls makes you Mitt Romney or genuinely retarded, it's plausible to be skeptical here. Not long to go lads.

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