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  1. Re: 3 months later.. Likewise here! 'Registered' in February, started posting last night! Sam Vermaelen, Belgian/English and well known on Arsenal Mania! Glad my namesake got his move to London's premier football club...
  2. Re: Diego Milito or Luis Fabiano? Good choices the previous two guys! Luis Fabiano- Exudes class, Works wonders for Brazil, if a little patchy for Sevilla. Team player. Diego Milito - Oozes style, but tends to eat a lot of grass...
  3. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season I'e ben wondering for some time now how Ciro was doing at Recife. What I heard was that he had a bust up with the coach, although I don't know if that was true, he just slipped off the radar. Still in for a rise?
  4. Re: Musical geniuses of the 20th century. Simon and Garfunkel - Sounds of Silence Bob Dylan - Rolling Stone Bob Dylan - Maggie's Farm The Doors - Break on Through The Stranglers - Golden Brown Joe Satriani - Friends Elvis Presley - All Shook Up Iron Maiden - The Trooper Blue Oyster Cult - Don't Fear the Reaper Rage Against the Machine - Killing in the Name Michael Jackson - Billy Jean Johnny Cash - Cry, Cry, Cry John Lennon - Imagine Yusef Islam/Cat Stevens - Moonshadow Led Zeplin - Kashmir Queen - Radio Gaga John Fogerty - Fortunate Son Frank Sinatra - That's Life Judas Priest - Breaking the Law Jimi Hendrix - Little Wing The Beatles - Strawberry Fields forever To name but a few...
  5. Re: Musical geniuses of the 20th century. Vastly underrated: Afrika Bambaata.
  6. Re: Ode to Dudu (Most unorthodox PTS post ever) It's fantastic that Cruzeiro are blooding youngsters in this way. Understandable because of the upcoming game for a berth in the Copa Libertadores final, but fantastic nonetheless! Having seen his third goal in the video that you posted Insider, I would rank him alongside Bernardo, who I've seen a lot more of, based on three youtube videos!
  7. Re: Right now i'm listening to... One Day as a Lion - One Day as a Lion; from the LP One Day as a Lion. Srsly.
  8. Re: Arsenal Gossip I'd certainly take Gilberto back over Calvin Klein or Cashley anyway...
  9. Re: Arsenal Gossip I'm a gunner and I LOVE Gilly, but to be honest I'd only take him on again in the same capacity as Silvestre was taken on; namely as a reserve when the big boys get injured or need rested.
  10. Re: Arsenal Gossip It pains me to say it, but we just don't have the pulling power that we once did, but if as you said kill, the finances turn out to be that way, how about Jeremy Toulalan? I've been impressed by him and he deserves to be more than a big fish in a small pond. These were the options that I considered. 1. Melo - Staying in Firenze for at least one more season. 2. Yaya - Committed to Barca at least until 2012. 3. Inler - Expensive, semi-experienced option, Udi don't want to lose any more stars. 4. Cana - The big brute, very costly (Marseille Captain) 5. Toulalan - Massively talented, costly but versatile. 6. Sessegnon - Overrated, overpriced 7. Flamini - Expensive recall, efficient and a great partner to cesc 8. Diarra (Alou) - Underrated, cheap, the 'Arsenal option' 9. Matuidi - Slightly overrated, slightly overpriced I'd honestly take two of the above (the higher on the list, the better) over Benzema or ribery.
  11. Spam


    Re: Keirrison Phil, an example here is Ramires of Cruzeiro/Benfica. Technically a Cruzeiro player until after the Copa Libertadores, he has already been moved to Benfica in SM, and I'm pretty sure that SM won't act on this unless a flood of tickets come their way. Keirrison won't be reviewed in the Brazilian ratings then. It's all but complete as Vanderlei Lux. has been fired. Big mistake on Palmeiras' part if you ask me.
  12. Re: JOAO PAULO, Purcino: Fluminense's model left-back
  13. Re: Laio - Botafogo gem The upside to that is that Rafa Toloi had a good game! As heisn't on the database yet his performances shouldn't trouble people. Better to get a 70-75 rated player available for under 1 million who'll rise in the future than an expensive 77 rated forward who'll dent your transfer budget!
  14. Re: Andreas Beck or Marco Motta I'd have to back Motta here. Beck had a good U21 Championship, but at TSV 1860 he isn't going to get the European football and the accolades that Marco Motta will get at Europa Liga playing Roma. I'd say that both will hit 90+, only Motta may make a bigger dent into the 90s and should certainly get there quicker!
  15. Re: Arsenal Gossip The way i see it is, Arsene has denied having £100 million to spend. And with the shrewd Mr. Wenger this could well mean that we have £99 million to spend! Probably not true, but Le Boss has always kept his cards close to his chest and after four years of hurt, I trust him enough to deliver in the transfer market this year. In Arsene we trust.
  16. Re: Arsenal Gossip LOL! I'd do anything to get him to loosen his purse strings, and isn't he in Britain now? Uncle Stan is popular everywhere!
  17. Re: Arsenal Gossip But repeatedly Alisher Usmanov and Stan kroenke have said that they'd give money direct to Wenger for transfers and finance a spree. Anyway, Wenger usually comes out a day or so after a false transfer rumour to refute it. If he goes around the question we can expect more signings. Just not Benzema and Ribery.
  18. Re: Arsenal Gossip I think that maybe Arsene is only showng that he's willing to spend. He knows that €50,000,000 won't be enough to land Franck Ribery, but if we make a big money bid then maybe some of us more 'pernickety' (for want of a better word:o) fans will lay off his shrewd spending tendancies.
  19. Re: Arsenal Gossip The Mail has us linked with Benzema. It ain't gonna happen...
  20. Re: Ode to Dudu (Most unorthodox PTS post ever) HE was the Eduardo in the South American U17s!? The one that subbed!? SM should give him a favourable rating now. Added to the DB at 76/77 p'raps?
  21. Re: Which Part To Improve From My Squad Thread Your Man City team certainly has the best youth in the business, but again, slightly lacking in the Attacking/Defending areas. If you're looking for 90 rated players, Pippo INZAGHI, Diego FORLAN, Liedson, Miroslav KLOSE, David TREZEGUET and Ivica OLIC are relatively cheap. Certainly I would recommend that you sign a RB and a couple of CBs, the ones that I'd recommend are Vedran CORLUKA, Philippe MEXES, Gerard PIQUE, FERNANDO MEIRA, and as LB cover one of ANDRE SANTOS, Luis FILIPE and Cyril ROOL.
  22. Re: Which Part To Improve From My Squad Thread Although they're probably unavailable if you're competing in an even remotely competitive setup, Adrian MUTU (94 rtd. FWD), DIEGO LUGANO (92 rtd. CB), Anatoliy TYMOSCHUK (92 rtd. DM/CM) or Dmytro CHYHRYNSKY (90 rtd. CB). Also if versatility is what you need, I would recommend Darijo SRNA (91 rtd. RB/RM) for you. Hope this helps!
  23. Re: New Striker Help! For the 92+, Forlan is a cheap option and with a rating of 94, has a 25-50% chance of rising to 95 if he maintains his goal scoring form. Certain risers 89-90 include Marcus Berg, Edin Dzeko (as was already mentioned ) and his VFL Wolfsburg compatriot Grafite is certain to hit 90 aswell. Hope this helped!
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