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  1. Re: Official Red Devils Thread He's said on twitter that wasn't him
  2. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread If that's true then I certainly hope that the Welbeck deal was contingent on Falcao signing... The fact that the papers have 'been processed' or whatever, hmmm...
  3. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Hopefully Wenger was securing a new #10 at his charity match...
  4. Re: Official Red Devils Thread ahahaha' date=' good shout. Anywho: [img']http://fi.somethingawful.com/safs/smilies/c/a/speculate.001.gif[/img]
  5. Re: Official Red Devils Thread Ha, iirc Arshavin's paperwork didn't go through 'til a while after the actual 'deadline'.
  6. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread Villa giving a whole new meaning to plastic fans lol
  7. Re: Official Red Devils Thread Anyone nervous yet? F5ing like a madman here ...
  8. Re: Official Red Devils Thread I'd love that purely for the schadenfreude. And quickly regret it come matchday.
  9. Re: Official Arsenal Thread At the start of the day 'a replacement for Sanogo' wasn't an exciting prospect but the way things have panned out I'd lick Arsene's leathery ol' gooch just to have it confirmed.
  10. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread lol, if only every PL team thread was as chill as this one today
  11. Re: Official Red Devils Thread It could be done and United delay the announcement? 99.9% sure it's going through but how hilarious would it be if it didn't?
  12. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Whereas atm I'm unconvinced and unimpressed with Welbeck and his signing - he has a hell of a chance to prove a lot of people wrong. For our sake I hope I'm wrong about him. He'll be the focal point for one, and hopefully he's consigned Sanogo to the bench until he takes his rightful place as Bischoff mk.2 and takes his lanky bambi-on-ice binman impression elsewhere.
  13. Re: Official Arsenal Thread I wanted another one before the World Cup. I thought the same in June last year. And also... We've needed a top striker since RvP left. Worrying that Wenger has believed all this time that Giroud has been that 'top' striker.
  14. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Only transfer I wanna see done is Yaya Sanogo to the heart of the Sun.
  15. Re: The Danny Welbeck thread top kek m8 #ethered #whoa #officerdown
  16. Re: Official Arsenal Thread I'd start most OAPs over Sanogo who atm looks like our 1st choice striker. I don't rate Welbeck at all and would only take him as a stopgap until we bring in a more suitable option. Wenger acknowledged the need for a striker when he chased Suarez & Higuain last year - yet he's decided that Sanchez was more important (and may well play a lot of games up front...) leaving us with an injured Giroud and one of the worst striker's the PL has ever seen. The fact that we're signing Welbeck doesn't sit well with me at all. Used to it after all these years though! ()
  17. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Certainly not a whiff of 'panic buy', eh?
  18. Re: Official Red Devils Thread Hell of a coup in Falcao, will be interesting to see what a one year deal cost United in terms of wages, fees and whatever dodgy cut Mendes is getting.
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