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  1. Re: Official Red Devils Thread I hope Di Maria's signing isn't all four nought
  2. Re: Official Red Devils Thread Maybe not you, but I actually have a decent semi thinking about the plastics in tears right now... Rest assured every non-United supporter feels differently.
  3. Re: Official Red Devils Thread Remember how Louis van Gaal was the saviour and how him and ryan giggs would form an unstoppable managerial partnership and now they're getting chuffing battered by a made up team, im roaring with laughter
  4. Re: Official Red Devils Thread Do Manchester United have 'best' players? E: Jesus Christ, I haven't seen United crash this hard since 93...
  5. Re: Official Red Devils Thread @Frozy, no it's not and you're in extreme denial if you think shading a 1-0 win against a PL club or utterly humping them 4-0 is the 'same' loss for the PL side.
  6. Re: Official Red Devils Thread This is it gents - football has peaked. Pack it away, football will never be this good again. Oh sweet God.
  7. Re: Official Red Devils Thread E It's a funny old game and sometimes it is extremely funny, literally crying here
  8. Re: Official Red Devils Thread Yes, imagine if Ferguson was holding this joke of a team together and the ghost of Alf Ramsey couldn't sort this lot out. Wouldn't that be weird... The schadenfreude is palpable, for the first time in history non-MK Dons fans are happy they're winning.
  9. Re: Official Red Devils Thread All part of the plan - once you've been dumped out by League One teams in the FA & CO Cups you're free of distractions to walk the league. Genius, that Van Gaal. E: What a farce of a club, Afobe's got the Arsenal DNA right there (he'll break in a week)
  10. Re: Official Red Devils Thread Dunno, you lot never pass up the opportunity to have a cry about oil money. Unbelievable signing in more ways than one.
  11. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread Andy Carroll has finally been pushed out of the list of the top five most expensive players in English football. *Wipes away tear* It's the end of an era...
  12. Re: Official Red Devils Thread So what if he reportedly agreed terms with PSG. And to think Griezmann, Morata and Kroos cost a combined £59.8m.
  13. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread Woah there skipper, you're boredom turned into fantasy.
  14. Re: Official Red Devils Thread It's the next installment in the heroic saga that Manchester United are plucky financial underdogs who cannot cope with the oil money of City and Chelsea so have to make do with £30m teenagers and £60m appeasements as their fans get out their green and yellow scarves...
  15. Re: Official Arsenal Thread It would be good to blood Joel but IMO Poldi's more likely to net the goals. E: lmao - Wenger acknowledged that we need (or at least that he was after) a world class striker when he bid for Suarez and Higuain last year and since then he's relied on Giroud and Sanogo... Never gonna happen but if ever there was a time to sign a Falcao or a Higuain... Who am I kidding, we'll get an injury crisis and we'll bring back Lord B52 in January
  16. Re: Official Liverpool Thread He took a hell of a lot of stick in his early days at 'Pool but he's absolutely vital. Below par from him last night' date=' but not many in Red covered themselves in glory. Just remember that last night was one of, if not [i']the[/i] hardest games you'll play all season.
  17. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Tbf to Podolski he's netted 2 in 5 on average in the league and they've mostly come from the wing. Not the worst option to stick up front while Giroud's out given how he goes missing when he needs to defend (or sticks the boot it...). Of course we could sign a forward who won't merely be a stop gap 'til Giroud's back, but then I remember who I support and do a big hearty lol. At least stick Poldi there over Sanogoals.
  18. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Oh boy, Flanagan and Manquillo next match lads.
  19. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Hope you've got Moreno's receipt But on a serious note - scary. Liverpool's strongest possible XI is arguably the third best behind City's & Chelsea's so seeing them torn apart is shocking. Defensive liabilities aside, the top two are a tier above 'Pool, Arsenal and Everton, impossible to imagine a top two outside of 'em. E: lol
  20. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Lotta reports saying Manolas has agreed terms with Roma, but there's plenty of quotes from his agent saying there's been no contact. Typical silly season paper gash. Still need a CB & DM. Striker too of course but IMO Wenger won't pony up. We should sign a defender but I could see that (sadly) being the last business we do barring shipping off Poldi.
  21. Re: Official Spanish La Liga Discussion Thread But enough about La Liga Remember that Mourinho got nothing for a literal eye gouge. Guess the punishment depends which club you're part of.
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