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  1. Re: Official SM Fantasy Premier League 14/15 Since I took Aguero out he's went 12, 8, 6, 6, 23 or something like that. :D It's not been my year sadly after being close to the top last year. Will just have to come back fighting and hopefully challenge next year. (can you tell I'm a Liverpool fan? )
  2. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I think the recruitment is the problem more than BR. I feel like he has done a decent job with the players he's got (although not sure on his insistence on play Gerrard), but I really think we need to ask how we've spent so much on so many average players under him - especially when they have a bad start to their career and then get marginalised (see Borini, Markovic, Luis Alberto, Aspas, Balotelli and even Lallana & Allen to an extent). I recognise that none of the players have really proven themselves good enough, but then again not many of them have had a run of starting games in their preferred position for a prolonged period; if we are going to spend the 8s, 10s, 15s of millions on these players, they have to be given more of a chance (or we need to buy better players in the first place - that is my point). I would not like to see Rodgers sacked as he has shown promise in a lot of areas (like generally getting the best out of his players) & playing decent football and is doing a relatively good job (bar the occasional delusional mid-season press conference). However, the scouting/recruitment team (Rodgers included) seriously need to get their act together in order for us to progress.
  3. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I would like us to buy Winston Reid, honestly. Solid, physically good CB, contract expires in summer, used to the premier league already...
  4. Re: Official Liverpool Thread We have performed quite well. Lapse in concentration for the goal and a poor spell just after. Bar that and a blatant offside call, we have been pretty decent. Just the final balls that have been let downs, otherwise we could've been in a few more times. But we are winning every tackle, every header etc.
  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread For all the stick I give him, great bravery shown there form GJ to put us ahead. Great header initially from Lambert too.
  6. Re: Official Cricket Thread So sad So young too. Even when I heard the news initially, I didn't think it would come to this.
  7. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread You are clueless if you think that my post is stupid. Feminism is obviously a concept that is above you. My post is far from stupid. I am trying to provoke discussion and your response is not constructive at all; it is close-minded. Go ahead and tell me why you think my post is stupid.
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