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  1. Re: Official SM Fantasy Premier League 14/15 Since I took Aguero out he's went 12, 8, 6, 6, 23 or something like that. :D It's not been my year sadly after being close to the top last year. Will just have to come back fighting and hopefully challenge next year. (can you tell I'm a Liverpool fan? )
  2. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I think the recruitment is the problem more than BR. I feel like he has done a decent job with the players he's got (although not sure on his insistence on play Gerrard), but I really think we need to ask how we've spent so much on so many average players under him - especially when they have a bad start to their career and then get marginalised (see Borini, Markovic, Luis Alberto, Aspas, Balotelli and even Lallana & Allen to an extent). I recognise that none of the players have really proven themselves good enough, but then again not many of them have had a
  3. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I would like us to buy Winston Reid, honestly. Solid, physically good CB, contract expires in summer, used to the premier league already...
  4. Re: Official Liverpool Thread We have performed quite well. Lapse in concentration for the goal and a poor spell just after. Bar that and a blatant offside call, we have been pretty decent. Just the final balls that have been let downs, otherwise we could've been in a few more times. But we are winning every tackle, every header etc.
  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread For all the stick I give him, great bravery shown there form GJ to put us ahead. Great header initially from Lambert too.
  6. Re: Official Cricket Thread So sad So young too. Even when I heard the news initially, I didn't think it would come to this.
  7. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread You are clueless if you think that my post is stupid. Feminism is obviously a concept that is above you. My post is far from stupid. I am trying to provoke discussion and your response is not constructive at all; it is close-minded. Go ahead and tell me why you think my post is stupid.
  8. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread Woooow read that again please? So taking away a woman's freedom to choose who she sleeps with to use as a dig at someone isn't rape culture? I'll repeat - that implies that women have no choice whom they engage sexually with and men can just do what they want. That is the epitome of rape culture. I'm sorry but lad culture and rape culture are the same thing. Stop taking the literal meaning of one of the words and realise that they are the same please.
  9. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread I honestly don't know enough about the Evans story to comment. I was talking more about the subject in general. I want him to certainly not be offered such a privilaged job as a sportsman. Football clubs should have more class than that. And yes, most football fans do contribute towards rape culture. Have you ever heard chants about John Terry sha@gging someone else's missus or similar? That is a prime example. Women are used sexually/talked about sexually as nothing more than a play thing used to get one over on other men? Do women not get a say in
  10. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread Don't quite have the time to write a proper response but: I can almost guarantee they do. I don't think you understand lad culture/rape culture if you think otherwise. Liking the Lad bible page/posts etc vindicates their jokes and the derogatory way they portray women. As for your last point, are you serious? I wonder, how could more people knowing about and campaigning for the equal treatment of men and women be a good thing for society?
  11. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I too have a good feeling about this game for no reason whatsoever. If I was picking the lineup I'd be tempted to go for: Mignolet Manquillo-Skrtel-Kolo-Moreno Lucas Hendo-Can Coutinho Borini-Balotelli Then again, I'm slightly crazy. I feel that Balotelli does play better with Borini up with him.
  12. Re: Official SM Fantasy Premier League 14/15 And I am almost on yours (di Maria will hopefully help me catch)
  13. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Do you have a legit source?
  14. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Yes haha I echo both of those sentiments.
  15. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Very happy with our Italian strike force. Really hoping they can both do well and score.
  16. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I still remember when I said he would replace Gerrard in the future about 2-2.5 years ago and got laughed at. ;) I'm glad it looks like Hendo is being bedded in to become captain in a few years when Gerrard inevitably stops playing. He has captained England at under 21 level so seems to definitely have the right leadership qualities required.
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