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  1. Re: Unrealistic Injuries.
  2. Re: Top 5 Worst Players In EPL Have to agree with Ryan Donk. He really is shocking. MGP had an excellent first season in the premiership scoring and making lots of goals but the last 2 years he has been poor. Also his dive against Arsenal, who was he trying to con?!? He should have been banned for the rest of the season for that as should any player found to be diving.
  3. Re: Top 5 Worst Players In EPL Right looking forward to hearing people's opinions on top 5 worst players and not a huge argument that lasts 7 pages discussing how good or bad John O'Shea is. We all know he is as useless as Bramble and Coloccini Please this is my opinion your are entitled to yours but just don't start an argument over John O'Shea. Is he really worth your time?
  4. Re: Top 5 Worst Players In EPL That's the funniest thing i've heard in a while. Did you actually watch the game?
  5. Re: Top 5 Worst Players In EPL Vidic, Ferdinand, Terry, Alex, Carragher, Skrtel, Jagielka, Lescott, Shawcross, Turner, Laursen. Oh look theres 11 that are better than Bramble off the top of my head. Fletcher doing well?!? Could you name a game where Fletcher has played well
  6. Re: Top 5 Worst Players In EPL That is a good point although I believe Nani can become a regular in the United side over the next season or two. Also he has been injured for a bit. Still a good point.
  7. Re: Top 5 Worst Players In EPL Like I said IMO Fletcher is slow, can't read the game and constantly gives away the ball. How he ever became a professional footballer is beyond me
  8. In your opinion who would you name in you top 5 worst players in the EPL IMO I would say: Titus Bramble - Wigan Fabricio Coloccini - Newcastle Niklas Bendtner - Arsenal Emmanuel Eboue - Arsenal Darren Fletcher - Manchester United Look forward to hearing what other people think
  9. Re: Potential Premiership Risers Other Potential Premiership Risers: James Tomkins - Must Buy! 78>84+ Freddie Sears 78>82 Dan Gosling 80>85+
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