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  1. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Downing Wouldn't you guys rather that money be spent on a top Academy name ? I know I certainly would. For every dollar that they are thinking about spending on second-rate topped-out Ingerlish players who have already hit their full potential, I'd rather them take that same money and bank it on some 17 year old Spanish academy product. CBs Regardless what else we improve... I am excited to see who Comolli is going to bring in @ CB to partner with Ayala next year. I continue to fully believe that we are going to buy someone in this Transfer Window who is
  2. Re: Official Liverpool Thread That explains it ALL...!!!
  3. Re: Right now i'm listening to... This never gets old... DHpluwP328A
  4. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Derby on Sunday Am stoked to see the place on fire this coming Sunday. Absolutely-f-ing-stoked...! The place is going to be dripping Red with banners and flags and scarves. I am completely envious of those of you who are going to be here. Completely envious... and excited for you. Can't wait to see the look on Henry's & Werner's & Linda's faces when they get to experience that particular environment for the first time. The place is going to be on absolute FIRE...! Trying to Read the CEO Tea Leaves..... Ian Ayre One of the more interes
  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread It should be pretty obvious to all that @ the top Clubs it takes 2 days of agent/attorney negotiations to get a manager out. This was the correct move and one that IMO Henry/Comolli/NESV knew they were going to make. It will also prove to be the easiest decision that they will have to make all year. Personally I am intrigued by all the backroom negotiations that we aren't hearing about and aren't going to be privy to. Not so much with Hodgson's contract, but more so with the managers that Comolli is thinking about bringing on board. They could have easily na
  6. Re: Official Liverpool Thread It's too bad you guys didn't make a stand-alone thread about the What-Players-Would-Make-Which-Teams stuff. Seems like there were some decent thoughts in there. Shame it's going to get lost on this thread and dismissed as nothing more than trolling.
  7. Re: Official Liverpool Thread It just people taking the pisss. Gotta get their kicks in now 'cause it's not going to be this way much longer. EDIT: And for what it's worth, I hope someone removes that "Hodgson Out" graffiti from Melwood. That's over-the-line and not what I expect from 99% of our supporters
  8. Re: Official Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers * Good shout... He'd be a fantastic fit. or even Rangnick. The Prem is a better place with managers like Jol in it.
  9. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I think this is a fair point, even if it is for a few weeks. I get the sense that even as long ago as when Comolli came in that NESV were going to replace him during this transfer window, but that they may have to move a little sooner than they anticipated. I have been reading on a few other forums that the supporters are now questioning Henry, Comolli & NESV and their ability to understand Sports. In a word that's "ridiculous". I can understand why people are saying this... (1) Everyone including Paul Konchesky's dear ol' mum knows that Hodgson is a
  10. Re: Official Liverpool Thread How to Get Sacked from a Big Club in 2 Easy Steps 1. Finish Out of the Money Positions @ Home 2. Finish In the Relegation Zone for Away matches He'll be gone by the end of the week. .
  11. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Considering that not much is going to go on this thread for a little while outside of inventing new swear words to biitch about Hodgson opposing fans taking a swipe people killing Konchesky people starting to complain about Henry/NESV and throwing out stuff like they don't understand English football (i.e. "They don't have a clue", etc...) ... I'll gladly take the other side of that argument about Adebayor. Let's see how daft I really am... Let's hear your argument for us signing him. Hopefully it's a bit more than "he knows how to stick the
  12. Re: Official Liverpool Thread links : http://www.hd-52.blogspot.com/ http://atdhe.net/31941/watch-blackburn-vs-liverpool
  13. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I feel badly for the Reds who traveled to the game. I'm sure they'll do us proud, but I gotta feel for them. Will be interested in reading some stories from the lads who made the trek.
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