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  1. Re: New User Interface [beta] And is it just me or does this new version seem SOOOOOOOOOO much more Rigid and Constricting. It's not pleasant to use at all. There is nothing seamless or effortless or intuitive about it. I have a feeling that the Display Advertising is the main reason for these changes. That SM wanted more Ad real estate further up on the left hand of the pages. Well they got it... and in turn decreased the productivity on here for every User. EDIT: And I shudder to think what this is SM experience is going to be like on my iPhone and Android devices.
  2. Re: New User Interface [beta] Did the developers even bother testing these changes out in terms of USER PRODUCTIVITY...? The easy answer is a resounding NO, because if they did they would have quickly realized that they have increased the number of clicks per session exponentially. I'll give one example area... MESSAGES. Historical Messages: First off it is entirely bad enough that they have deleted most of the historical club messages that many of us were keeping (now limiting it to 2 measly weeks), but the time and effort required to wade through the various messages is now completely unrealistic. Let us see our historical messages that we were saving. Deleting Messages: At least before they had a batch function in there where you could select multiple messages and delete them all at once. Now we have to click on the X button for each messages. Not terrible, until you realize that you have to wait for each message to delete until you can delete the next one. Unbelievably time consuming. Viewing the Message Content: What the hell were they thinking with this one...? At least before, they presented all of the message content front and center for the User to read. Now you have to click on each message just to see what the content is. Huh ? That is about as boneheaded as it gets. The Devs just limited the amount of info that they are presenting on the Users and are requiring the Users to make multiple clicks just to get the information. If they wanted to be clever, what they should have done was when you scroll over the abridged message on the left that the full message would appear on the right. (head-shake) Way to massively DECREASE THE PRODUCTIVITY on here. What were they thinking...? What a joke... If they wanted to tackle a real problems on here They would have tried to figure out a solution to changing the massive amounts of pages that we have to wade through when we run any kind of Search on here. They would have added new parameters to Searching through loan/transfer lists. They would have increased the amount of Stats that we can see about a player for a certain season. They would have added Barca's 4-1-2-3 formation to the Match-Day Tactics. They would have done away with the "Wage Concern" and given credit to those managers who actually smartly sign players to young cheap contracts, rather than taking that aspect out of the game completely. They would have tackled the Match Engine issues. In any event, I hope they give us an option to revert back to the Old UI. It shouldn't be that difficult... JC
  3. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Downing Wouldn't you guys rather that money be spent on a top Academy name ? I know I certainly would. For every dollar that they are thinking about spending on second-rate topped-out Ingerlish players who have already hit their full potential, I'd rather them take that same money and bank it on some 17 year old Spanish academy product. CBs Regardless what else we improve... I am excited to see who Comolli is going to bring in @ CB to partner with Ayala next year. I continue to fully believe that we are going to buy someone in this Transfer Window who is going to walk straight into the starting XI @ CB. Bringing Top Players In this Winter & this Summer Ray & Neller are correct in saying that it's going to be tough to get top top players in. I guess the way that I would expect Comolli to do it is by having 2010/11 team performance metrics written into contracts (i.e. finish Top 5/6 they get £XXXX Million amount bonus). Whether it's a top player (i.e. Suarez) or a top prospect rest assured that the players are going to come from clubs who are hurting financially. Yes,in case you were wondering, Ajax is a financial disaster. Ironically so is Dortmund, but fat chance they are breaking up all those kids this year. Could very well be their last chance together outside of the German National Team in Euros 2012. Anyway, we have some deep pockets now. Maybe not guys who are accustomed to pisssing money away like Mansour @ City, but deep pockets nevertheless. I wouldn't be surprised to see almost every single one of our transfers (first team and academy) over the next 12 months to originate from some financially crippled Club. (note: that actually casts a pretty wide net )
  4. Re: NFL Predict Good luck this weekend everyone... Saturday 15th January 2011: Ravens @ Steelers Moneyline: Ravens/Steelers Point Spread: +3/-3 Over/Under: 37 UNDER Packers @ Falcons Moneyline: Packers/Falcons Point Spread: +3/-3 Over/Under: 44 UNDER Sunday 16th January 2011: Seahawks @ Bears Moneyline: Seahawks/Bears Point Spread: +10/-10 Over/Under: 41 OVER Jets @ Patriots Moneyline: Jets/Patriots Point Spread: +9/-9 Over/Under: 45 OVER (50)
  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread That explains it ALL...!!!
  6. Re: Right now i'm listening to... This never gets old... DHpluwP328A
  7. Re: ONYEWU, Oguchi Onyewu sent out on loan to FC Twente until the end of the season. Today's Milan Press Release.... Short and Sweet A.C. Milan announces sending OGUCHIALU CHIJOKE ONYEWU to F.C Twente on a loan deal, which includes the option of buying the player at the end of the season. Introductory Video Link to a video put together by Twente's marketing department. HERE. I actually like the champagne toast. Salary No details on how much of his salary Twente are picking up; however considering that he is paid €60K per week, I would gather to bet that they are picking up very little if any at all. Milan are likely paying them to take him... which makes sense. Option to Buy No details on what the option to buy is. But again, considering that Onyewu is still entitled to €9M in salary under his current contract (even counting the free year), Milan will be hard pressed to re-coup (in Transfer Fees) even a tiny fraction of that amount. Reunites with Former Manager The move to Twente reunites him with Michel Preud'homme, who coached Onyewu @ Standard Liège. So who knows... there may be hope for him yet. Twente were short on First Team CBs. Before Onyewu joined, they had essentially 3. But IMO it's a big big stretch to think that Onyewu is going to see significant time with DOUGLAS, WISGERHOF, Sweden's own RASMUS BENGTSSON deservedly ahead of him. Anyway... Here's his opportunity. Lets see what he does with it... .
  8. Re: Howard webb I'm with Andy on this one... (and I'm a Red). As I see it the guy is in an impossible situation anymore (and the players need to realize this). This WC Final reached more people than ever before. And the ratings on this one were going to set-up the media dollars spent on the next one. Most everyone should recognize this, because I can assure you that Blatter and his cronies who are lining their pockets certainly do. You cannot tell me that Blatter or Platini or some other executive didn't impress upon Howard Webb before the WC Final that EVERYONE was hoping for a great game that came down to the wire. Or better put in referee-speak... "Don't have a hand in this game. Let em play. We want this Final to be about the players, NOT a referee's decision." Plus, Webb comes across as a smart guy... He would have understood this anyway. So then what happens... He gives the Dutch players an inch, and they take a friggin' mile. So shame on him, despite being in a lose/lose situation. So then after getting crushed by world-wide futbol media all summer long, the guy decides that from now on he isn't going to be swayed by the "importance" of the game. He's going to call EVERYTHING by the book regardless if it's a WC Final an FA Cup Final or United/Liverpool. Blatter, Platini, et. al. can shove-it if they think differently. So United/Liverpool this past weekend... Did none of those players watch the WC Final ? Did none of them understand how this guy and his calls were going to be affected by it in big games. If they didn't they are morons. Helll I even expected it @ 8:30am sitting in NYC with a pint in my hand. He HAS to call everything now. The last time he "let the players play" and gave them slack in the rope to do so, those same players lynched him up with it. Screw "Captain" Gerrard for going in with 2 feet. (But as SmartDoc said we played well without him). And screw Agger and that wanna-be thug Skrtel for giving Webb the opportunity for making that call.... because guess what... he's going to call it every time from now on. He has to. I don't blame Webb. I blame the Liverpool players for being morons and not understanding the situation. Because guess who DID understand the situation that I laid out above..? Ferguson & Berbatov. Did Berba do his patented flop...? Of course. But the players (i.e. Agger) should have realized something like that was coming and never should have put themselves in a situation for the call to be made. EDIT: I am not going to try to defend his previous calls for United in big games or against Liverpool. I am merely talking about the WC Final forward. The guy was going to be affected after getting royally screwed by the players in that one. IMO, these professional players should realize this. One set did... United. Meanwhile on Liverpool at least 2 or 3 didn't. We'll deal with you later... 10 lashings are probably in order.
  9. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Derby on Sunday Am stoked to see the place on fire this coming Sunday. Absolutely-f-ing-stoked...! The place is going to be dripping Red with banners and flags and scarves. I am completely envious of those of you who are going to be here. Completely envious... and excited for you. Can't wait to see the look on Henry's & Werner's & Linda's faces when they get to experience that particular environment for the first time. The place is going to be on absolute FIRE...! Trying to Read the CEO Tea Leaves..... Ian Ayre One of the more interesting statements for me over the past few days was Kenny's statement after he was hired : Q: What was your immediate reaction when you were asked to step in and help the club out? A: ...... My situation never changed. I was there to be of help to the football club and if John and Tom and Ian Ayre and Damien were happy to offer me the position then there was no way I could be disrespectful and not take it. ...... The thing that struck me in this statement was why even mention Ian Ayre...? I realize that in the power vacuum that existed before Henry/NESV came on board that Ian was an important player in more than just the Commercial Director role. I also realize that today he currently continues to have a significantly important job @ Liverpool FC. But why even mention him...? Kenny's statement suggests that Ayre had an opinion in offering him the job. But in the club structures that NESV have set-up in Boston & Liverpool, the Commercial Director wouldn't normally be some one who is consulted in futbol-related personnel decisions. However, the Club's CEO most certainly would have had some input in the decision. It suggests 2 situations regarding Ayre: Ian Ayre is going to remain as Commercial Director, but Henry/Werner/Comolli recognize that Ian has worked with Kenny for a while (although not closely) and they respect his opinion, even when it came this this futbol-related matter (i.e. Kenny's potential appointment). or Ian Ayre is going to be the new CEO While Ayre might be a good fit, personally I would like to see our new CEO appointment be someone with more financing and stadium building experience (i.e. Keith Edelman), but we could do a lot worse than Ian Ayre (who also has strong a strong skill-set). I just thought that statement by Kenny was interesting, because if we had a CEO when Kenny was appointed, the CEO most certainly would have had a hand in the decision making and likely would have been mentioned by Kenny. Anyway... Should hear shortly about the CEO appointment, as well as some First Team and Academy transfer targets. Clarke Good appointment IMO. This is how it works now in this club structure. In the new structure that NESV have set-up @ Liverpool, Comolli has sign-off on everything futbol-related outside of what happens on the pitch. That said, there is no way he is going to bring in any player/coach personnel to work with the manager if the manager doesn't want that person here. Again, just like with first team & academy transfer targets, Comolli's job is to line up quality staff to come to LFC, too. He probably had a short-list of a few top guys that he had been in contact with (i.e. Hughton?, etc...), presented that list to Kenny asking him who he would like to work with on a daily basis, Kenny chose Clarke, and then the two (or three) of them called Henry & Werner to tell them that they came to an agreement and added another piece to the puzzle. IMO, there is no argument. The Club is a better place today than it was yesterday. Clarke > Mike Kelly Clarke > Sammy The other thing to consider is that this Clarke appointment should tell us that Comolli has been in contact with him (and likely others) for some time. This would suggest that Hodgson's sacking was in the mix for quite a while, which again I believe to be true. Kenny & Marina on a 2 Week Holiday = Roy Gone So you are a 59 year old. You've been semi-retired for a little while, but you are about to start a new job that will be very VERY time consuming. Q: What do you do before you start this new job...? A: You go on a 2 week holiday and spend some 1x1 time with your girl. It sure as helll is what I would do. Feet up. Pina colada or two. Massage. A round or two of golf. Considering that Kenny was on holiday for two full weeks, this leads me to believe that the decision to sack Roy was completed BEFORE Christmas, but that is wasn't going to be announced until AFTER Boxing Day. The conversation between Comolli & Henry & Werner & Kenny probably went something like this : John Henry: "Kenny, like we talked about we are going to make a change with the manager. We're still talking with a few potential targets, but if we can't work anything out we were wondering if you would consider taking over the Club if we called on you. Kenny: "Of course...! But I better go spend some time with the Mrs, or I'll be in the dog-house worse than Roy is with the fans right now !" Anyway.... point is that IMO this is another piece of evidence that Comolli's decision to sack Roy had been made a while ago, and Henry & Werner & Ayre & Kenny all had input on it and knew about it a while ago, too. The Captain's Armband Personally I believe that it's time for a change... It's not going to happen, but I wouldn't be shocked if it did. And if it did, I'd love to see that responsibility be given to Reina (even despite him not playing an outfield position). Taking the armband and responsibility from SG could be detrimental. I don't know. But for me, Reina comes across as the real leader of this Team. He's world class every time that he plays. We never have to read about backroom political arm twisting by him. And lastly we never have to read about this or that fight he got into, or how many underage girls he's getting pregnant. Who knows, maybe the reduced responsibility is exactly what SG needs right now to get back on track. And maybe the captaincy in Reina's hand is exactly what the squad needs. Just a thought. .
  10. Re: Official Liverpool Thread It should be pretty obvious to all that @ the top Clubs it takes 2 days of agent/attorney negotiations to get a manager out. This was the correct move and one that IMO Henry/Comolli/NESV knew they were going to make. It will also prove to be the easiest decision that they will have to make all year. Personally I am intrigued by all the backroom negotiations that we aren't hearing about and aren't going to be privy to. Not so much with Hodgson's contract, but more so with the managers that Comolli is thinking about bringing on board. They could have easily named Dalglish interim manager for a few games and that would have been fine. But they didn't do that. They took it a step further and said he will be here "for the remainder of the season." This is what intrigues me... Just think of all the negotiations that must have taken place with the various long-term targeted managers for Henry/Comolli/NESV to come to the conclusion that Dalglish would do it for the remainder of the season... Furthermore, think of the negotiations that must have gone on with Kenny. The point IS NOT whether or not Dalglish is better than Hodgson. Rather the point IS that with the appointment of Kenny Dalglish, Liverpool FC is now united from the fans to the players. This cannot be measured. A few points on this post (^^^). I take it that a lot of people still don't have any clue about John Henry or Tom Werner or NESV. I know that a lot of our fan-base still doesn't. And I am dead certain that a lot of fans of opposing clubs don't either. Not to pick on Toonfan, I know what he is trying to get at in that post, but the above post couldn't be more wrong in it's assumptions. (1) Henry/NESV don't throw seasons away. There is nothing in their Sports background that suggests this. There is nothing in their other businesses that suggest that they have ever taken that attitude. It's quite simply NOT how they operate. These guys are proven winners. They have more hardware in 8 years of owning the Red Sox (if you count divisional titles and wildcard berths) than Liverpool have in the past 20 (even if you count fluff Super Cups). In fact, they have a LOT more if you add in their Auto Racing team. That should tell you that they have expectations from Kenny that he is going to win. Personally I believe those are realistic expectations. It's the most wide open EPL in two decades, there's no reason that we can't pull back a top-6 place even from this far back. (2) Henry/NESV are never swayed by the fans. These are measured guys. I know this from their ownership of my baseball club, and furthermore I know this from dealing with some of the various NESV partners' firms in my day job. These guys are calculated. They measure things. They aren't swayed by outside opinion. It's not to say that they are slow to react.... far from it. But rather that they do their own work. This was always going to be Comolli's call. In the power structure that NESV have put in place @Liverpool, the DOF holds all the cards. Comolli's The Man. Make no mistake about that. That said, Henry & Werner & Segura are going to have significant input and be involved in big decisions. But @ the end of the day it's Comolli's call. Think about this from a top down view... This was nothing more than a VERY VERY EASY DECISION about a vastly under-performing employee. Simple. It's one of the easiest decisions that a manager in any business is going to have. If you are Henry/NESV and you just set up this new radical structure @ Liverpool, you are going to want to test it out. What better way to test it out and show your support of it, than with a VERY EASY personnel decision. Comolli came on board on Nov 5. It took him 7 weeks to completely assess the Scouting department/network and to fire the Head Scout. 7 weeks of due diligence. It took him 9 weeks to do the same thing with the First Team manager. These are hardly unreasonable time-frames. Probably more importantly than firing Hodgson is the fact that Henry/Werner/NESV proved to Comolli that they trust him and that they are going to work this new system. Anybody could have fired Hodgson. I could have. Konchesky's mom could have. But these guys worked within this new system (the same way they do in boston). Didn't listen to the clamoring fans, and simply did their own due diligence and assessment. (3) The appointment of Kenny is much much more than simply appeasing the fans. I agree that it's a win/win, but for different reasons. Bringing Dalglish back front and center settles everything @ the Club. EVERYTHING. Player Power finished. Local community @ ease. Hopefully we also see that on the pitch. It gives Academy targets and their families an immediate feeling of what this Club actually is and stands for. It starts to wipe away a lot of the damage and rot that has set in during the Moores & Hicks/GG 20 years. I'll also be curious to see what it means in terms of the Stadium & January transfer targets. Anyway.... RE: Hodgson : Not too concerned about him. He got his payday. He took a shot @ a big club and his methods didn't translate (regardless of the quality of players at his disposal). For all intents-and-purposes Hodgson was hired as a safe choice and one that would steady the ship. I can't kill Purslow for hiring him. In the middle of a fierce financial storm brought on by Hicks/GG, Purslow likely went out to hire a safe choice and that's exactly what he did. Hodgson was brought on to steady the ship. Unfortunately that didn't happen for a whole host of reasons. I don't blame Hodgson for taking the job, but quite frankly there was very little upside in him accepting it even if he was a success. He had SUCH a good thing going @ Fulham. We all know that his ideal job is as England manager and it seems that is where his sights are (and have been). IMO he didn't need to take the Liverpool job to be in strong contention for England. At 62 years old, he probably should have stayed where he was, but then again hindsight is 20/20. I know a lot of people will say that Hodgson shouldn't have been hired in the first place based on past results, but in a weird way I am kind of glad that things work out as they have. Other than some obscene player contracts, the last visible personnel vestige of the Hicks/GG era is gone. Time to move forward anew. Hodgson will land on his feet @ a bottom-half mid-table club and will do just fine. England WC2014 is likely out of the running for him, but once Harry gets fired after that WC debacle, he can step right in circa 2015.
  11. Re: Official Liverpool Thread It's too bad you guys didn't make a stand-alone thread about the What-Players-Would-Make-Which-Teams stuff. Seems like there were some decent thoughts in there. Shame it's going to get lost on this thread and dismissed as nothing more than trolling.
  12. Re: Official Liverpool Thread It just people taking the pisss. Gotta get their kicks in now 'cause it's not going to be this way much longer. EDIT: And for what it's worth, I hope someone removes that "Hodgson Out" graffiti from Melwood. That's over-the-line and not what I expect from 99% of our supporters
  13. Re: Official Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers * Good shout... He'd be a fantastic fit. or even Rangnick. The Prem is a better place with managers like Jol in it.
  14. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I think this is a fair point, even if it is for a few weeks. I get the sense that even as long ago as when Comolli came in that NESV were going to replace him during this transfer window, but that they may have to move a little sooner than they anticipated. I have been reading on a few other forums that the supporters are now questioning Henry, Comolli & NESV and their ability to understand Sports. In a word that's "ridiculous". I can understand why people are saying this... (1) Everyone including Paul Konchesky's dear ol' mum knows that Hodgson is a deadman walking (2) We haven't heard anything out of Henry/Comolli/NESV since November 15th (3) We just spent half a decade with completely absent owners ...but IMO people are getting a little crazy. Do I want Hodgson here...? Absolutely not. But I also want the right person to replace him (or at a minimum someone who can take us to the next step back up the ladder). IMO, NESV believe this too... I just think that they were hoping for another week or so before they had to make a move. For what it's worth, here are just a few points regarding my take on all that... IMO this is the process that they are going through with this new Club structure. It seems that only a few have caught on that by not coming out and supporting Hodgson that Henry, Comolli & NESV are actually communicating to the supporters their feelings about the situation. The last time we verbally heard from Henry he said the following on Nov 15th: "There are no guaranteed matches any longer for any club. This club can be better. Blaming the manager or any one particular player is simply wrong. This club needs to play up to their potential every match. If they don't, they won't win." Did Henry fully come out and support the manager...? Not even close. But he certainly stood up for him. In his own way was he conveying to the Liverpool supporters that the problems at the Club are much bigger than the manager or any under-performing players. Look no further than the dismissal of the Head Scout last week, for proof of that. Did Henry absolve Hodgson...? No. Did he say Hodgson is his guy for the remainder of the season...? No. But he may have (1) bought Comolli more time to evaluate Hodgson (a guy who @ the time Comolli had only worked with for 12 days) and (2) bought Comolli more time to lock in a new manager. IMO the collective lack of support from the executives (Henry, Werner, Comolli, Dalglish, etc...) is ABSOLUTELY DEAFENING. From following Henry & NESV in Boston over the years, you can tell that these guys totally get sports club management, they understand what it takes to win championships and be in contention almost every single year, and they have no problem making tough decision or even easy ones like firing Hodgson. But they aren't ones to fly off the handle. They aren't ones to communicate via the press every week. You'd have to be pretty stupid to live on Planet Earth and not to know that Hodgson needs to be relieved from his post ASAP, and it's hard for me to believe that this group of guys are stupid. Why haven't they sacked Hodgson already...? Who knows... But here's a list that makes sense to me : Maybe they thought that they would be able to wait another week and introduce a new manager and a new CEO at the same time Maybe the managers that they have been targeting for a few months weren't in a position to leave their respective clubs before the January transfer window Maybe there is some sort of item in Hodgson's contract stating that if he was relieved of his duties prior to Jan 15th (2 Saturdays from now, which is halfway through the transfer window) that he would get some sick amount of money (which considering the items in Carragher's contract that kicked in during the ownership change, it wouldn't surprise me if there is something like this) Maybe they have currently agreed terms with another manager, but he has to wait around until a set date in January to receive some sort of payout from his existing club (it happens in other professions so I am assuming it happens in this one, too), so they have to stay mum Still... All those potential reasons don't explain why they haven't named an interim manager for a few weeks... But who knows... maybe Kenny has indicated that he doesn't want it anymore and maybe like Hodgson and the Head Scout last week that Sammy Lee's time is up @ the club, too. Regardless, Hodgson is a deadman walking... We all know it. Even get the very strong sense that Hodgson knows it. And you can bet our owners & Comolli have known for a while, too. .
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