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  1. Re: I have lost faith in my tactics and need help.... I was thinking about shafting Capdevilla out of there ya. What tactics with that 352? Since its a strong midfield ?
  2. Re: Needs desp. help, rep spreading Just play dumb, act like you do not know that Pique will rise in future. PM the manager saying you would need Pique and another player, plus money. Start high. ie- Pique + Pedro + 5/7 million
  3. Re: Center Back Pique......
  4. Re: Ganso for Granero Get Ganso at all costs
  5. Re: 78-83 Rated Team RB- Seamus Coleman
  6. Re: Best Wing/RM to buy over 91 rating? Navas...as another poster said, better than Ribery, but that isn't exactly saying much since Ribery is kack the last 18 months
  7. Re: Banega, fellaini, carrick, mikel or barry!!! Ratings aside Banega - Good player Carrick/Barry - average players
  8. Re: Pjanic or Pastore? Pastore for me.
  9. Re: Best upcoming CM I personally like the look of Khedira. Only seen him 4-5 times and its been a year since i saw him play u-21's. He has progressed into a decent box to box midfielder it looks like and is still young.
  10. Re: Pablo Hernandez/Pedro/Silva/Juses Navas I rate them like this Navas Silva ----- Pedro ---- Pablo Badstuber better prospect than Smalling. Villa better than Milito
  11. Re: David Silva's Rating He is lucky to be 93, it would be a joke if he rose to 94 and shared a rating with players like Lucio and Higuain should he be rated 94 also. He is very over rated...
  12. Re: Bench Warmers - Who has got the best?! Judge all teams on their merits. I built mine from the bottom up, with Kevin Doyle and Leeroy Lita up front at Reading FC Starting 11 ------------------------- Reina (93) ---------------------------- --Dani Avles (94)---Pique (92)--- Lucio (94) --- Capdevila (92)--- ---------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------De Rossi (94)------Cambiasso (95)---------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- ------Navas (92)---------Fabregas (95)----Arshavin (94)-------- ----------------------
  13. Re: New Sevilla squad need some help over transfer It depends what you actually want, the players i have higlighted in Red are all good buys for the future. Try maintain a high Average rating of your first 11 though. Id be getting rid of Romaric, Maresca, Konko and maybe even the likes of Mikel. Keep Palop for now, solid keeper, keep Canella definately. Keep Cardoza and Kanoute for now. Mix and match when buyinh, nothing wrong with swaping say Romaric plus X million for Barry or Diarra to get your rating up. What players 92 + are available?
  14. Re: Anderson for Bale+11 million? If your in need of a good CM then look elsewhere other than Anderson
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