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  1. Re: Kieran Smith and James Prikee's Rating Predictions of the Eredivise Will wesley verhoek 78 ADO Den Haag rise or are the dutch ratings finished?
  2. Re: Jupiler Pro League 2009/2010 Will felipe cb 82 ( standard leige ) rise do u think?
  3. Re: 86 - 89 rated risers. Will denis Glushakov 87 rise in the next ratings and if he will what to?
  4. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? I have got a bid of 12m for denis glushakov in a world championship he hasnt played at all for me so was tempted to sell him on as i got him for 40k ages ago Any advice would be great thanks
  5. Re: Slovenian Risers - Easy Money To Be Made!!!!! Kieren do u think there is any chance of a rise for Gerencer or Rakuscek now??
  6. Re: Shane Duffy Actually played against this guy at least 6 or 7 times he is a very commanding centre half, good on the ball, dangerous in opposing box and seems to be highly thought of within the everton and northern irish set ups so i agree with blueblue he could have a very bright future he can also still declare for the repblic of ireland as far as i know hasnt got a full international cap hence Nigel Worthington calling him up at sucha tender age
  7. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season Do u think luis CHICO will get a rating increase or maybe a postional change
  8. Re: Talented Youngsters From Sweden. Do you know anything about freddy soderberg think he plays for hammarby would like infoon him like will he rise etc.... thanks
  9. Re: Spanish Ratings Yeah i would expect that they will all drop but i think garcia will drop by 2 Any predictions of dragutinovic of sevilla think he will def go down
  10. Re: Mauro Formica Any prediction ben on what he could reach????? 2nd goal was top class
  11. Re: Rating changes What does everyone think about no rise for heskey is this just a case of unfair ratings against villa or did he not deserve to rise?????
  12. Re: English Premier League ratings Yeah cant see joe hart keeping his 89 as he has lost his place to given should drop to 88 What do you think about heskey going to 90 imo its 50/50 if he will or not think he should but not sure what sm will do... Any thoughts????????
  13. Re: Paulo ferreira yeah i was thinking that just looking for a second opinion thanks
  14. Any know whether he will drop help would be great thanks and also should i sell him
  15. Re: 4-4-3 wingers what would U do what do u think is the best system full stop? I am in div4 and top playing 3-2-2-2-1 but not completely happy with it Any suggestions?
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