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  1. Anyone still use the forums? Judging by the updates here (also the last time I came here), I guess not. Either way, email out to the league, let's get prepared for the new season.
  2. To Rhys/Evans Almighty....happy to do a trade but I need a RB and Starks ain't gonna do it. Hit me up.
  3. Afternoon chaps, apologies for not being alert to messages being sent on the league website, first chance I've had to sit down and look at this. Couple of questions from me: 1. Are we certain that all of the current 13 people in the league are partaking again this year? We might have a drop-out amongst them, in which case we don't need to find another person... 2. Adam, you mentioned that I was required to activate the league but I can't tell if that's still the case? With regards to the draft, as late as possible before the start of the season for me - I don't want to be making hunches 3-4 weeks before the season starts as a lot can change in that time.
  4. Re: The NEW Official NFL Thread.
  5. Re: The NEW Official NFL Thread.
  6. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Aye, you'd do well there pal, probably win oscars, baftas, Nobel prizes, the whole shebang for that category. Katona's got nothing on your car crash of a life. If SM had stopped GC's at number 100, I bet I'd still be playing today. Greed got the better of them, not that they're arsed.
  7. Re: Official Manchester City Thread I'll take your word for it Stewie, will be interesting to see if there's any of these guys in the first XI on a regular basis in 2 years time - I have my doubts.
  8. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread
  9. Re: Forumer of The Year 2014 (REAL ONE) I bet it didn't take you long to find that now did it? Probably knew the bloke's name..
  10. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Gold Championship 440???? Christ almighty. Can anyone tell me how my old Rimini in GC77 are looking?
  11. Re: Official Manchester City Thread For all the millions pumped into City's youth academy, I don't see much product. Do you even need Bony? How come Guidetti's never got a chance? Seems to score goals wherever he goes...
  12. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread Shaquiri's been on too much of the daiquiri if he's contemplating Stoke as his next career step.
  13. Re: Forumer of The Year 2014 (REAL ONE) And that's precisely why I'll never visit Thailand.
  14. Re: The NEW Official NFL Thread.
  15. Re: The NEW Official NFL Thread. Yep Lions got well and truly shafted last night, picking up that flag was an absolute farce - and that's coming from a Bears fan. However, your last statement is wrong because they're going to Lambeau! And I think they have a much better chance against the Packers, all depends on whether Romo can keep up with Rodgers on the scoresheet. Ironically, I think the Panthers are better suited to the Hawks than the Packers - if those two games were flipped, it would undoubtedly be 1st vs 2nd seed in the NFC Championship game. I still think it will be that, but I wouldn't rule out an upset in either game next week. Gotta laugh at the Bengals bombing out 1st week AGAIN! Although, I kind of wish the Bears could at least get that far each year...
  16. Re: The NEW Official NFL Thread. GM, not a clue, don't know that level of personnel well enough. HC, probably a defensive option, or an offensive option with Rex Ryan as DC (although I find it highly unlikely Rex doesn't land another HC gig). I'd be concerned if we went for Gase, think the Denver offensive success is a bit misleading with Peyton leading it. Todd Bowles could be a shout.
  17. Re: Forumer of The Year 2014 (REAL ONE) I think I have a good chance. Gonna set up a just giving page for my campaign trail. Watch this space.
  18. Re: Official Manchester City Thread We're more of a first-half team... Would have won if Westwood had played!
  19. Re: Official Manchester City Thread Well that was just mean...
  20. Re: Forumer of The Year 2014 (REAL ONE) If you're looking to pad out the numbers, I'll nominate myself. I've posted on average about once per month in 2014, but they have been fabulous if I do say so myself. Let me know when I've won.
  21. Re: The NEW Official NFL Thread.
  22. Re: SM NFL Fantasy League Well done to Arfon for winning the league this year, must admit that I did ignore it as soon as I did my regular Cincinatti Bengals act, one and done in the play-offs once again! Been fun boys, same again next season?
  23. Re: The NEW Official NFL Thread. Yeh, although that's what you get when you field a 4th-choice QB against a very good defense. Panthers shouldn't be underrated, I could see them shutting down the Seahawks offense, there won't be many points in that game (presuming the Cowboys do beat the Lions tonight). P.S. Blast from the past, haven't seen you post in years, not that I post all that often myself these days.
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