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  1. Respuesta: 2010/2011 Winter Transfers and Rating Manuel Fernandes has also move to Besitkas from Valencia, a Turkish team full of Portuguese players, and Guti hohoho there's gonna be a lot of party there
  2. Respuesta: [DATABASE] Brazil; Under 21 | Player Profiles :eek::eek:much more than amazing :eek:
  3. Respuesta: Croatian Encyclopedia ey mate, Arijan ADEMI will he rise or stay? should i sell him?
  4. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings I saw sometimes of the match! i like to watch Cagliari, most this last 2 years, that they're in good form, the year i spent living in Cagliari the team sucks, and was nearly to relegation, i only go 1 time to Sant'Elia (to watch football, to take some joints much more...) cheers
  5. Re: Giuseppe Rossi? he is starting to score, the first part of season of villareal was horrible, but they have a great team, a good manager and rossi is very very good, in the next rating he will stay, but in the next previously to the WC maybe he rise becouse he used to play with Italy cheers
  6. Re: Milhomem GUILHERME Jérémy MATHIEU will not drop, he is starter in valencia, he has played almost everygame
  7. Re: Spanish Rating Changes (09/10) 2 goals today, hot prospect!
  8. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinca, Hamsik 7 goals!!!! he will rise to 91, isn't it?
  9. Re: ronn's AC Milan rating prediction! Only one thing Pazzano, (I usually agree with all your comments) to be the best player of ever has to be constant in all your professional career, Ronaldinho was loafing about the stadiums he was playing for the last 3 seasons so... He is technically impressionat but his head...the las 2 years in Barcelona only trains the 30% of the days, the rest was in the gym...c'on! that's not a football player. He preffers spend his time at parties than training, also Milan's Tiffossi sent him home one nigth not much time ago There is a best player for a decade:
  10. Re: Turkish Ratings will James TROISI form Kayserispor rise again?
  11. Re: Spanish Rating Changes (09/10) i think both, keyta and yaya toure, deserve a 93, and Busquets 90 for sure, playing inmense like yesterday always at "first time", and more and more in future, the best progession i've seen in my life, it's a very important part for Spain as well I don't see dropping Albelda, he is playing as weel as he used before Koeman's arrival (the worst manager i've seen in my life) and he is starter ahead of everyone else in Valencia's midfield. cheers
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