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  1. Hey i was wondering which of these players has the most potential? - Gourcuff is the highest rated - Giovinco plays for the best side - Dzagoev is the youngest Any help appreciated
  2. Re: Possible improvements [cast your views] You have some very nice idea's. The scout idea is a bit too far though. I feel SM will be implementing Set pieces soon geez you should be able to see/decide who's taking your penaltys. Player relationships, disagree. Trophy cabinet, i think it should only be used in the game worlds your currently in. EG if you won 4 titles with a team you parted with it shouldn't be shown. If that makes sense. Anyway Hope a few of those are implemented.
  3. Re: Diego FORLAN to rise & how much? No way he will get 95. I think he's going to get 94 though.
  4. Re: VDV Deal? Depends if you need the cash I personally would do the Muntari deal though:D
  5. Re: Who has the best croatian club out there? No i can't beat that i wonder who can ut my riverplate in WC 239 can beat that
  6. Re: Biggest Upcoming Risers (Summer Ratings Edition) Thanks helped me a lot Repped
  7. Re: EMILIO NSUE, López MUST BUY!!!! Good find Lol paleka you think your the SS the soccer scouter
  8. Re: GRIGOREV, Maksim 300k must buy!!!! He ain't Dzagoev.
  9. Re: EMILIO NSUE, López MUST BUY!!!! hohoho he is already well known paleka -.-
  10. Re: EVERTON SILVA, Jose Suprised nobodys commented Nice find!! Definately worth a gamble
  11. Re: Jeremy Boga - Chelsea Wonderboy Did you 5 star your own topic . Do you know how much he was bought for from Marseille?
  12. Re: Best Young Player Hamsik by a mile he rips Messi LOL;)
  13. Re: Branislav ivanovic He probably won't rise but i can see him dropping either, he played unreal.
  14. Will robinho get a posistonal change? He's been playing forward a lot
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