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  1. Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread

    Reportedly had a £5.4 million bid turned down for Alexandru Maxim. Thoughts on him?

    IMO a very skilled player technically. Certainly one of the best at Stuttgart - which however doesn't neccessary mean that much ( :) ). His freekicks and corners would certainly help any team with some strong heading-players.

    Nevertheless it's kind of suspicious that he seems not to be able to become a undisputed regular at Stuttgart - regardles under which coach (Labbadia, Schneider, Stevens, Veh and Stevens again). I personally doubt that his in-game-performances are the reason for this. I rather can imagine, that he isn't the most hardworking player in practice. So the coaches might think that he can't help a team in a relegation battle.

  2. Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread

    why is young Timo Werner playing so much this season to many injures or is he just Rated that highly?

    Basically something of both. Currently he gets the chance to start in his favourite position as a striker as Ibisevic wasn't fully fit due to fever.

    However Werner is also one of the best forward talents in Germany. His stats in youth have been immense and he already showed his class in the last season. Nevertheless he still needs to improve and to become a bit more constant in his performances (which is kind of hard at an inconstant club like Stuttgart).

  3. Re: Official World Cup 2014 Thread


    They have blanked my team Portugal 4-0.

    They have Gotze & Muller.

    They don't have Reus.

    They are Germany.


    We neither have Gotze nor Muller. But we do have Götze and Müller.


    They have blanked my team Portugal 4-0.

    They have Gotze & Muller.

    They don't have Reus.

    They are Germany.


    I might add because their fans are the biggest grammar nazis around.

  4. Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread

    So glad that this Bundesliga season has finally finished.

    Competition for the championship => agonizingly boring

    Competition for the CL spots => not as boring as number 1 but still ... yawn

    Competition for staying in the league => the most interesting thing however as Stuttgart was part of it almost up to the end of the season, I still wasn't amused. At least Hamburg, Nürnberg and Braunschweig were nice enough not to fight for staying in the league by unified losing the last 5 matches. And saying this it seems quite shocking that the competition for staying in the league was the most interesting part in this years Bundesliga season.

    What else to say? Congratulations to Bayern for winning the league.

    Looking forward now for the World Cup. However I doubt Germany will be able to win the whole tournament in Brazil. Not later than facing Italy / Spain Löw will probably think again that it might be worth adapting our style to the opponent and we all know what happened last time...

    IMO Brazil will win it. The home advantage and the quality of the individual players will be enough I guess.

    And after that we will be able to look forward to the next Bundesliga season. And as a Stuttgart supporter it basically can only get better. For sure there will be a new coach as even Huub Stevens isn't up for coaching us longer - or the Stuttgart board isn't up for keep on with a coach who knows what he is doing and who knows where the team needs improvement. Will be much easier to get a coach who is happy to be one of a Bundesliga club and who won't moan because of weak spots in the squad.

    Rumours say that Tuchel might leave Mainz though and I can imagine that he will move to Schalke. Even though they reached the 3rd place the fans aren't too happy with Keller as they don't see any development.

  5. Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread

    No idea when we last conceded 5 goals in a match.

    Probably this was rather a rhetorical statement however I'm pleased to help you along with that. Domestically it must have been in 2009 against Wolfsburg when Grafite scored such a lovely goal:


    Some brilliant players were in the Bayern starting XI back then such as Rensing, Lell or Breno. And the subs were just as great: Ottl or Borowski.

    Most of these players would now probably be happy to be towel rail for those who are subbed in nowadays. Kind of impressive how the Bayern squad has changed in the past few years.

  6. Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread

    Sam is heading to Schalke. Why I don't know but it likely is gonna happen.

    As I expected the reason for the move is just the money. According to the Express Sam can earn up to 3.5M € at Schalke each year.

    So a typical Horst "Hotte" Heldt deal in my eyes, who seems to buy only those players who are well-known for the normal Bundesliga supporter. But if he then decides to buy a player this player gets a nice amount of money for sure. At least Schalke don't have to pay a high transfer fee due to the clause. Still IMO Sam is not worth over 3M each year.

  7. Re: Official Red Devils Thread

    For the youth-interested United fans:

    The U19 will participate today at the Mercedes Benz Junior Cup and will face Dortmund, Fluminense and Schalke.

    This will be their squad:

    Joel Castro Pereira, Dean Henderson; Liam Grimshaw, Paddy McNair; Ben Pearson, Joe Rothwell, Josh Harrop, Andreas Pereira, James Weir, Matthew Willock; Sam Byrne, James Wilson.

    Schedule of the Group Stage matches:

    13:05 - 13:25 Fenerbahce Istanbul - SC Freiburg

    13:28 - 13:48 FC Schalke 04 - Borussia Dortmund

    13:51 - 14:11 VfB Stuttgart - GC Zürich

    14:14 - 14:34 Manchester United - Fluminense FC

    14:37 - 14:57 VfB Stuttgart - Fenerbahce Istanbul

    15:00 - 15:20 FC Schalke 04 - Manchester United

    15:23 - 15:43 GC Zürich - SC Freiburg

    15:46 - 16:06 Borussia Dortmund - Fluminense FC

    16:09 - 16:29 VfB Stuttgart - SC Freiburg

    16:32 - 16:52 FC Schalke 04 - Fluminense FC

    16:55 - 17:15 GC Zürich - Fenerbahce Istanbul

    17:18 - 17:38 Borussia Dortmund - Manchester United

    Here's the livestream link - I don't know if it works abroad though:


  8. Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread

    It's really official now - though it wasn't a secret any more for ages.

    Bayern announces the signing on their homepage.

    Munich, 4 January 2014: FC Bayern have confirmed the signing of 25-year-old Poland international Robert Lewandowski. The striker, who will see out the remainder of his contract with Borussia Dortmund until the end of the season, will join Germany’s most successful club on 1 July 2014.

    Following the obligatory pre-transfer medical in Munich, Lewandowski signed a five-year contract keeping him at FCB until 30 June 2019. The club was represented by chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and board director for sport Matthias Sammer, with the player represented by his agents Cezary Kucharski and Maik Barthel.

    I hope he will have many successful years at Munich (so that Timo Werner won't get the idea of doing a Klinsmann/Elber/Gomez - move).

  9. Re: Luis Suarez Rating

    So Suarez got a 94 today.

    Viewing his stats in the PL only, this rise is IMO well-deserved.

    As he has been compared to other high rated players previously I thought it would be a nice idea to collect some data.


    According to this graph, Suarez' league goals and assists of the last 2 seasons are well above the likes of Aguero, Lewandowski, Higuain, Müller or Rooney.

    Basically he can be compared with Ibrahimovic who is scoring equally in Ligue 1.

    But of course high ratings shouldn't only influenced by league appearances and stats. Proving yourself on the highest (international) level is also important. So let's view the CL stats of these players.


    And as you can see, all of those high rated players participated in CL football in the past 2 seasons - except Suarez. It may be doubted that he also would score as much in the league if he also had to play on the highest level in mid-weeks.

    Out of all players rated 94 or higher Suarez, Falcao and de Rossi are the only ones who haven't played CL in the past 2 seasons.

  10. Re: Timo Werner - German Poacher


    Rookie of the season so far: Timo Werner

    Munich - There has been a crop of youngsters that have announced themselves in the Bundesliga this season: FC Schalke 04's Max Meyer, Borussia Dortmund's Erik Durm and Hamburger SV's Hakan Calhanoglu to name just a few.

    However, for the emotion that he exudes on the pitch and the explosive impact he has had on VfB Stuttgart this season, bundesliga.com's award for Rookie of the Season so far has to go to Timo Werner. [...]

  11. Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread

    Bayern just too strong for Dortmund.

    Even if the result might indicate this I don't think it's true. Though I just watched the first half (and saw the rest of the game in the highlights) I can really say (as a quite unbiased person) that I was actually disappointed with Munichs performance in the first half. Though playing in Dortmund I expected Munich to attack soon considering that Dortmund's weakness seemed to be the defence with 4 regulars missing. However Bayern once again appeared to be idealess and Dortmund played really well sometimes with fast attacks. Either Lewandowski or Reus had to score in the first half and the match might have been completely different.

    Away from the top two' date=' seen a few spurious twitter links saying that Man United have turned their attention from Gundogan to Christoph Kramer. Also a few twitter people saying Kramer should get a look in as the 6 for Germany if he continues his fine form, with Khedira out etc.[/quote']

    Kramer into the national team as replacement for Khedira? Really? I mean - come on - it's one of the best national teams we are talking about. 13 decent matches in the first Bundesliga might have been enough in 2006 to become part of the national team. But nowadays some decent matches shouldn't be enough anymore. Especially on a position where we have actually enough good players. I certainly regret Khedira being injured. But maybe this is once again the little push Löw needs to change something in his tactics. I never was a fan of Khedira's offensive role in the national team. I rather prefer a holding midfielder that secures the defence instead of a "box-to-box" player whose attacking skills aren't too profitable at all.

  12. Re: Official England Thread

    Germany are the ones that I think will flatter to deceive. Big expectation following the all-Bundesliga CL final last season and the national side's nervous performance against Italy in the last Euros makes me think that other' date=' lesser sides might do better.[/quote']

    Offensive wins games - defensive wins titles.

    And when you receive 7 goals in 2 games against a good but not great team like Sweden, I clearly look at the black side of winning anything in Brazil.

    Congratulations to England for qualifying directly. Well-deserved after the last two victories. I always thought England would struggle at least once in those 2 games.

    Considering England's position in the FIFA World Ranking which will be decisive for the seeding, it's quite clear that England won't be a group leader (like Germany, Argentina, Spain, Brazil or Belgium). So probably no "easy" group this time ;)

  13. Re: World Cup 2014 top contenders

    Well, I will also through my thoughts in here and as a German I allow myself to amplify a bit more on their chances and what has been said about them before.

    As many have written before, Brazil are the biggest title favourites for me, too. Playing at home is always an advantage. In 2006 Germany reached the semi-final (and just lost against Italy in the last 2 minutes of the extra time) with a far inferior squad than Brazil has these days. Moreover so far a WC in South America has never been won by a European team.

    Spain then has the second best chances to win it. Though they don't look as threatening as a few years ago, they still have top class players in their squad. It won't be easy to beat a working team so it will depend a lot on their coach how they will do. At least they have everything to defend the title.

    Third place then for me is Germany. As said before the squad looks quite good. Especially the midfield is golden. But it has also some weaknesses. One is the Left Back spot. If Schmelzer won't be out at the WC we do have at least a quite decent solution there - however still not on the same level as on other positions. If Schmelzer would be missing then currently Jansen would be the second choice - or Aogo. Both are not the players I'd wish to see in a team competing for the WC.

    Basically the same applies for the Right Back spot by the way - just with the addition that Lahm (other than Schmelzer) currently belongs to the world class in this position.

    Another weak spot is the CM. This might sound a bit weird based on the existing players there. Schweinsteiger, Gündogan, Khedira, Kroos or the Bender twins. 5 of these 6 players have played in the CL semifinal last season. But it's more a tactical issue there. Löw likes to play Khedira as a box-to-box player meaning that Khedira is also sometimes attacking. This isn't necessary a bad thing (as the first goal against Ireland shows) - however then the coordination between the players have to work. And this hasn't worked too often in the past. We then had gaps between the defensive midfield and the defence that could be used for the opponents to get us in trouble. I much rather would prefer Khedira purely having defensive duties. I just don't think Löw agrees here.

    And last the forward position could also be considered as a weak spot. We currently have the choice between an ageing Miroslav Klose (who shows his skills far less than in the past), Mario Gomez who certainly can be one of the best assist users (if we would play like that), and a false 9 with either Götze or Müller (which hasn't worked that well so far, too).

    All in all it will depend a lot on our coach Löw. And remembering his tactical master plan against Italy in 2012 this makes me feel that we don't have the best chances to win the trophy.

    Germany still not there yet I'm afraid as Löw failes to inspire them in the critical hours and they haven't beaten anyone on their level since the 2010 1/4 final against Argentina;

    As written above I partly agree with you however I have to respond to the bold part. First of all (with due respect) I would hardly agree that Argentina was on our level in 2010. Moreover Germany has won against quite some nations with good names since then (like Brazil, the Netherlands (2x), Portugal, Belgium (2x) and France).

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