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  1. Re: FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013 - Predictions Thread Semi Finals Spain - Italy 2-0 (FGS - David Silva) Uruguay - Brazil 1-2 (ESB) 90 minutes play
  2. Re: FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013 - Predictions Thread Group Matches Group A Brazil - Japan 3-1 Mexico - Italy 1-1 Italy - Japan 0-2 (ESB) Italy - Brazil 0-0 Japan - Mexico 1-1 (FGS - S. Okazaki) Team 1 to progress: Brazil Team 2 to progress: Japan Group B Spain - Uruguay 0-0 (ESB) Tahiti - Nigeria 0-2 Nigeria - Uruguay 1-2 (FGS - B. Ideye) Nigeria - Spain 0-2 Uruguay - Tahiti 4-0 Team 1 to progress: Spain Team 2 to progress: Uruguay Tournament winner: Brazil Top Goalscorer: Suarez
  3. Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread As long as it's unknown how much Bayern have offered for Lewandowski I wouldn't dare to call it unwise from Dortmund not to sell him. Especially considering that Lewandowski currently only costs ~1.5M € wages / season. If Dortmund want to replace him equally then these wages would be easily 4-5M € higher each season. Meaning if Bayern would have offered 20M they basically would only have 15M left to buy a replacement - certainly not enough. And so I think that it's more useful for Dortmund to have a player like Lewandowski helping in getting good results in the Bundesliga and the CL again. For sure it's also a bit of muscle flexing which is totally normal IMO. It would be fatal to lose 2 of the best players in one season to the biggest national rival. It's surely interesting how this will develop further. I've read that Gomez wants to move anyway and if he does, then it will be interesting to see whether Bayern will wait 1 year for Lewandowski or if they will buy someone else.
  4. Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread This would actually be the worst case. I can imagine the following scenarios: Leitner will flop at Stuttgart Leitner will play solid but not too impressive Leitner will play outstanding In case 1, we wouldn't be interested in buying him after the loan anyway. In case 2, we may be interested in him but Dortmund also could imagine selling him (as he wouldn't make it in their squad) - just like Petersen at Werder. In case 3, we will lose a good player which we have trained for Dortmund. But after all he helped us for 2 years.
  5. Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread Stuttgart manager Bobic is doing a good job currently in my opinion. After already having signed Rausch, Schwaab, Sararer and Rojas, it's almost certain that Stuttgart will sign Mo Abdellaoue of H96 and Leitner (on a 2-year-loan-deal) of Dortmund. This will help making the squad stronger - something that has been a problem this season.
  6. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2012/2013 I agree with Raz on this topic. In the past it often has been mentioned that Schweinsteiger, Lahm or Neuer deserve a rise. But out of the high rated Bayern players Ribery is the one that IMO would deserve a rise at most (right after Müller of course). I'm not saying that the others shouldn't rise however Ribery IMO has been the most constant player in the past few years at Bayern.
  7. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2012/2013 Sercan Sararer rose by 2 today to 86. Not quite sure why he did though. Actually he has been pretty poor this season and since his last rise in January he only had 9 more appearances as he is out now due to an injury. Felix Klaus also rose by 2 to 84. This was a quite reasonable rise IMO.
  8. Re: Ideas for Season 9. First of all I'm very happy to see that someone has been found to run the predict in the next season. Moreover I'd like to praise lukelufc for running it so well for the remaining season 8 after I resigned as the predict mod. It's nice to see that ideas are collected for improving the whole thing. However as a former runner I have to support the following
  9. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread On soccerway.com I just read an article about their UEFA Champions League team of the season. UEFA Champions League team of the seasonManuel Neuer Lahm - T. Silva - Subotic - Schmelzer Xavi - Schweinsteiger Götze - Müller - Ronaldo Lewandowski Subs: Weidenfeller, Hummels, Vidal, Oscar, Özil, Yilmaz, Messi
  10. Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread Nice goal by Raphael Holzhäuser of Stuttgart in a friendly against SSV Reutlingen. gWo-LxCBioU
  11. Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread) Just rejected Lyon in GC 83. BENZEMA, Karim GERRARD, Steven HULK, Givanildo LISANDRO, López SRNA, Darijo GODÍN, Diego VALBUENA, Mathieu DZSUDZSÁK, Balázs OSCAR, Emboaba PEREIRA, João ZHIRKOV, Yuri SHAQIRI, Xherdan 43.2M in the bank
  12. Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread I just read an (IMO) good article of the Guardian. http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2013/may/23/germany-bust-boom-talent The thing I liked most about this article: It wasn't written like many other articles about the Bundesliga in the recent past, where things are seen through rose-coloured glasses. It's an article based mainly based on facts.
  13. Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread Actually the playoff matches also were in place from 1982 to 1991. Completely agree with this part though - it was the first thing that came in my mind when reading the post, too. Actually I'm not the biggest fan of these play-off matches. Last 3 of the first league down - first 3 of the second league up - fair enough. But it's just another possibility to gain more money (with TV merchandising, ...).
  14. Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread) Just rejected Boca Juniors in GC31 with the following players (amonst others): XAVI, Hernández MIKEL, John Obi SRNA, Darijo QUAGLIARELLA, Fabio PALACIO, Rodrigo PASTORE, Javier LUCAS, Leiva YANGA-MBIWA, Mapou GARAY, Ezequiel PATRÍCIO, Rui Certainly a team to work with.
  15. Re: SM Predict Season 8 Week 40 - FINAL WEEK Saturday 18/05 Nürnberg - Werder Bremen 2-1 (FGS - Hunt) Getafe – Valencia 0-1 Atlético Rafaela- Estudiantes 0-3 Sunday 19/05 St. Johnstone - Motherwell 2-1 Twente - Groningen 1-1 (ESB) Wigan Athletic - Aston Villa 2-1 Utrecht - Heerenveen 1-2 Real Zaragoza - Athletic Club 1-1
  16. Re: Which is the best League in the World? This thread (or at least the opening question) is both interesting and pointless at once. Interesting as comparing different leagues and talking about their weaknesses and strengths often can open the mind. Pointless as it surely can't be said which one of the mentioned leagues is the best in the world purely because the mentioned leagues are all leagues on the highest level with only slight differences in quality. Moreover it's simply impossible to discuss without defining the term "best league in the world". How can the best be measured? Does the best mean, that in this league are playing the strongest teams? Or the strongest players? And how do we measure the strength of a team and player then? Or does the best mean, that it's the wealthiest league with only few clubs being in debt? But how can this be exactly determined with clubs having rich owners or lots of subsidiaries that bear the main debts? Or is the most entertaining league the best? Where most goals are scored and where it never can't be said which team will win the upcoming match? It also might be that the most tactical skilled league can be called the best. Where teams don't score many goals due to having a collective tactical understanding of the game? And last but not least the best could also be measured by the results in Europe by how the teams present in the Champions League and in the Europa League. However there you have the problem that only parts of a league take part (e.g. in the CL 4 teams for each league at most). And how can the results in the EL be rated if teams of the big leagues rather focus on the league than on the low-earning Europa League? As you see it's not quite easy to discuss which league is the best. In my opinion it's a mixture of everything mentioned above (and probably of many more things that I've forgotten right now). A league that claims to be the best league for sure needs strong teams and players - meaning teams that aren't only recognized as strong domestically but also being seen as strong abroad. Same applies for the players of course. Based on SM the best players of the world are playing in Spain right now (e.g. Messi, Ronaldo, Xavi, Iniesta). Of course I don't want to base my argumentation on SM ratings - we all know that they aren't the answer to everything - in fact based on these ratings we would normally have a Spanish CL final this year instead of a German one. But nevertheless it's in accord with my personal feeling: The best players are playing in Spain (respectively in Madrid and Barcelona) currently. But in Spain you also find clubs with apparently having serious financial issues. Clubs that had spent more than they take in. Clubs that were affected by the financial crisis more than other clubs. Though I don't want to delve into this much more due to not having fundamental knowledge, Valencia directly comes in my mind as they sold quality players like Villa, David Silva and Mata in the past as they needed the money and therefore significantly weakened their squad. In my opinion it's not a quality sign for a league when the clubs aren't financially solid and could collapse "any now and then". The entertainment factor of a league is important for sure, too. It's not too good for a league if there is a team (or even two teams) that contrast(s) from the rest in a way that the team(s) will probably win most of their league games. It's far more entertaining if most matches are level - if you can't say which team will win the game (with both teams ideally scoring many goals). Having a tough fight for the title and having another tough fight in the relegation zone is very important for the entertainment of a league. However in terms of title-fight-entertainment most of the top leagues haven't been too interesting this season (with Juventus, ManUtd, Bayern being already champions and Barcelona might becoming this weekend). Viewing the scored goals in each league this season might also be interesting. Of course this can now also been interpreted in both ways - saying either that the Bundesliga/Primera Division are having the best attackers or the worst defenders/goalkeepers. Nevertheless it shows that you have seen most goals per game in those 2 leagues this season. Finally the most used measure to compare 2 leagues are the results in the international competitions such as CL and EL. But again - as already mentioned before - it's not that easy. How should international achievements be compared? What does count as an achievement? Getting out of the group stage? Reaching the semi-finals? Winning the title? Only in the CL or also in the EL? Or just relying on the UEFA Country ranking that compares the leagues based on all results in Europe over the past 5 years? But are 5 years enough or too much? For example Inter won the CL in 2009 by beating Barcelona in the semis and Bayern in the final. Nowadays they might not even qualify for the EL over the league. It's hard to believe that a strength of a league can be compared by performances of a completely different playing team 4 years ago. Still the country ranking is probably the fairest method to compare the leagues. And currently it shows that Spain is leading with England being second and Germany third - all leagues with similar quality. 4th is the Serie A slight behind and nearly on a par with the French Ligue 1 and the Portuguese league. I tend to agree with that but still I'm saying that all of those leagues are quite strong and most of the top teams of the leagues are able to beat each other on a good day.
  17. Re: SM Predict Season 8 Week 39 Saturday Volga - Alaniya 2-0 (FGS - A. Sapogov) Schalke 04 - Stuttgart 4-0 Lazio - Sampdoria 2-0 Werder Bremen - Frankfurt 1-2 Sunday Lyon - Paris SG 1-2 (ESB) Queens Park Rangers - Newcastle Utd 0-1 Atletico Madrid - Barcelona 1-3 Astra Giurgiu - Rapid Bucureşti 0-2
  18. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2012/2013 No, not necessarily. If no other player will leave (and there are no rumours currently) I expect Stuttgart's line-up in the attacking midfield like that: Traore - Maxim - Harnik with Rausch, Rojas, Didavi and Sararer as serious competitors (other players like Audel, Okazaki, Hajnal or Torun won't have big chances to get in the team or may be sold IMO). Of course one of the serious competitors might be able to break into the team by having a good pre-season but it can definitely be said, that Sararer won't be a sure starter.
  19. Re: SM Predict Season 8 Week 38 Saturday Borussia Dortmund v Bayern Munich 0-2 (FGS - Gomez) Granada v Malaga 1-2 Fiorentina v Roma 0-0 Deportivo La Coruna v Atletico Madrid 0-3 Sunday Liverpool v Everton (ESB) 2-0 Manchester United v Chelsea 2-2 Napoli v Inter Milan 1-0 Pacos Ferreira v Sporting Lisbon 0-2
  20. Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread) Just rejected a nice-looking Fiorentina in GC 65 1 x 93 Kompany 2 x 92 Sanchez, Ivanovic 2 x 91 Rossi, Jovetic 1 x 90 Danny 4 x 89 + 115.3M in the bank
  21. Re: SM Predict Season 8 Week 37 Saturday 27th April Stoke City - Norwich 3-1 (FGS - Huth) Newcastle - Liverpool 2-1 Atletico Madrid - Real Madrid 2-2 Zaragoza - Mallorca 0-0 Sunday 28th April Lyon - St Etienne 1-0 Reading - QPR 0-0 Mainz - Eintracht Frankfurt 1-1 Arsenal - Man United 0-2 (ESB)
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