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  1. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Taken over Bury in Division 3, ready for the challenge!
  2. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Sadly lost the first game of the season to Derby - however I was quite busy and forgot to do the team. Thanks to the manager Southampton I have managed to sign 3 good quality players, especially for Division 4. They are Savic, Borini, and Estigarribia. All three go straight into the starting line up and will be with me until the end of the season. Still got cash available to I will be trying to get even more players into my squad.
  3. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Unfortunately I couldn't end the season with a win. My Grimsby lost 2-0 against an already promoted Oxford team who performed extremely well this season. Both teams had a considerable amount of chances, however we couldn't convert any of them into goals. Looking back, I believe I could of done something different with the tactics, but Oxford are the better team - so a 2-0 loss against a team which will be in the next division now isn't the worst thing in the world. Something quite funny which I just realized is that Wolves, the last team I used to manage before taking a break, finished second bottom of Division 4 - just above me. However, when I left them they were in Division 2, just saying However, thankfully (for me) the season is over. I joined at the latter end of this season, so I had nothing to compete for apart from pride, which I didn't gain either. My main aim now is build a team which can compete in the top half of Division 4. I have, on paper, one of the worst teams in the game world. However, some exciting players should be joining as I have a verbal agreement with a manager in the top flight. One thing I want to try and do is set up a team for next season designed on scoring goals. My last two games signifies that I need to score more, having had quite a few shots, but not scoring none in the last two games - but conceding 5 instead. I also need to improve the back four drastically. My aim would be for the starters of this season to become back up for next season. A re-vamp of the entire first 11 needs to take place. I already have a decent youth squad, but some may have to leave if I want to bring in first team players. Once I have my first team in place, I can then look to bring in the future stars at Grimsby. Onwards and upwards from here. Good luck to all managers competing in the play-offs, I know how it feels as I went through it with Yeovil back in season 10. Thankfully I won. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and happy new year!
  4. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Yeah thats no problem mate, good luck by the way.
  5. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Got a reality check last night on how hard this challenge may be as my Grimsby got beat 3-0 by a Swansea team who are in the bottom 4. Was always going to be hard given the difference in quality between the two teams, and it didn't help that Swansea won their last 3 games on the bounce. Due to the lack of depth in the squad and current injuries, I had to put 20 year old Packwood at CB, which must of made the job a lot harder at the back against a strong Swansea attack. However, in total we only had one less shot than Swansea and we actually had 6 on target - compared to the 3 on target Swansea had. Annoying how every shot on target Swansea had went in, and all my chances didn't mean nothing, but I guess that's just football. So overall, despite us losing 3-0, the scoreline didn't really show the true picture if you believe in the stats. Last game of the season is against already promoted Oxford, who will be going for that first spot. All I can play for is to try and not finish bottom place. On loan defender Ben Davies is injured, so his Grimsby career looks over. Paul Caddis is back for the last game, so I will be doing all I can to upset the odds and try to get a win to push us on for next season.
  6. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Second game in charge at Grimsby and managed to get my second draw, 2-2 against Peterborough. Chris Burke scored on his debut, and Leonardo Pais, the 19 year old (78 rated) got the second. That means in the 10 games Pais has played this season from midfield, he has scored an impressive 9 goals and 6 assists. Quite surprised with them statistics to be honest. So still unbeaten after 2 games at Grimsby. Would be nice to remain unbeaten for the last two games to finish the season without getting a loss while I've been charge. Going to be tough as I've got Swansea and already promoted Oxford, who may need to beat me last game of the season to challenge for the top place. Would be nice to see if I can try and get out of bottom place, but it wouldn't really matter anyway as I'm already looking towards next season.
  7. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread First game in charge and it ended up a 0-0 draw against 5th placed Boston, ending a 3 match losing streak. All though, disappointing I didn't get the 3 points as Boston got two red cards in the first half. But still nice not to lost against a much stronger team.
  8. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Grimsby Town Football Club New signing Raul Baena New manager Tom T stepped into the transfer market for the first time since his move to Grimsby earlier this week. With one of the weakest sides in the league, and not a lot of funds available, attracting players to the club is a hard task, but something the new boss is looking forward in doing. The depth of quality and experience in the squad is rare. Grimsby have a young side, one of the youngest in the entire league. Tom T will have to make sure he gets the team playing well and with more confidence. The first signing he made was bringing in defensive midfielder Raul Baena (pictured above) from Rayo Vallecano, estimated to be around £4.6m. Tom T said how important it was to sign a defensive midfielder with quality, someone who can break up play and also get involved in attacks. Tom said "Raul is a class player. The way I want my team to be structured, its vital that we bring in a defensive midfielder of his quality. At still only 24, I believe that he will be with the club for a very long time, and he certainly has the quality to become a real fans favorite". Raul Baena said earlier "Many people have asked me why I have joined Grimsby in their current situation, but I think its a fantastic opportunity. They have many young lads with great potential, and with the new manager bringing in some good players, its going to be exciting going into the future" Chris Burke will be joining on a free transfer tomorrow Another addition to the squad is the Norway attacker Ola Kamara. The young striker was brought in for around £4.5m. Tom T said "This lad is an exceptional talent, he has proved that he can score goals in the past, and still at 24 he looks a great asset to the team. I think he will thrive next to Saviola up top, and he will learn many things while being here". Kamara said in his press conference "Its time for Grimsby to push up the league. Next season I believe we can turn things around and hopefully I can prove the fans why I deserve to be playing here". With the club struggling, Tom T has also been looking towards the free agents on offer, and has managed to get a few on board. These include young Irish midfielder Callum Reilly, experienced goalkeeper Darren Randolph, Scottish right back Paul Caddis and young centre back Will Packwood. Tom T has also agreed a deal to get Chris Burke on a free, a player Tom rates well. He said "Burkey will be joining us tomorrow, and I'm pleased with this capture. I think he can cause real problems down that right flank, so I cant wait until he joins us so we can utilise his talent". He also went on to add "We are still bringing in players for next season, mainly to add depth to the squad. I will be also assessing the youth squad as well, and I will be giving opportunities to players who deserve them".
  9. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Grimsby Town Football Club Paparazzi await the arrival of new manager Tom T New Manager Announced Former Yeovil Town manager Tom T has been announced as the new manager at Grimbsy Town. Tom T previously managed Yeovil Town back in 2009 where he went on to manage 172 games at the club, becoming the longest serving manager in the clubs history. He even managed to win the Division 4 play off trophy during season 10, only the second piece of silverware the club has won. After managing Yeovil he went on to manager Wolverhampton Wanderers for 8 months. After not performing up to everyone's expectations he admitted that he made a mistake leaving Yeovil for Wolves and deciding to retire from the game ... until now. As the season is drawing to a close, Tom T is in the perfect position to assess the squad he has and make preparations for next season. Grimbsy are the bottom club in the bottom division, something which Tom T has experienced before. When Tom took over at Yeovil, he took over a team with a low morale, a team with no hope at the bottom of the league. However, the next season he managed to clinch the play-off final trophy and get promoted to Division 3. The Grimsby fans will be hoping for the something of the same, but this time the challenge will be 10 times harder. The squad, on paper, is probably the worst in the entire league. There are only two players over the age of 22 and only 9 players in the first team squad - with three of them being on loan! Its going to take a miracle to turn this club around next season, but Tom T thinks he its a challenge which will be an excited one. He said earlier "I know exactly what I'm coming into. Is the challenge going to be hard? Yes, but its one that I can't wait to get my teeth into. A lot of people are looking at the negatives, but I just want to look forward towards the positives. We have a large youth squad, which is hungry to show me what they can do. We have a few million available to us so hopefully we can get a few first team players in. Next season we want to aim high. A top half finish would be acceptable, and that's what we will aim to do" Lets hope the young but experienced manager can do what he did with Yeovil and turn the club around.
  10. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Got a 0-0 draw with Norwich, which is good based on the fact that Kaka got sent off in the second minute of the game
  11. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Over the moon with my first result as Tranmere boss. Managed to get a 2-1 win over Doncaster. Chose my tactics based on Doncaster's last performance, and it obviously paid off. I had 65% possession and a total of 26 shots on target! Kaka and Sane getting the goals. Looking forward to my next game against Norwich.
  12. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread
  13. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread
  14. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Cheers mate Cheers pal Cheers, I will take a look shortly mate, nice one
  15. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Used to be apart of this league from the very start with Tottenham. I was the first manager of them, and they will always be in my heart Anyway . . . Sixth Form is over, now have a job, but more importantly I have more time to come back on here. Also was recommended to come back by another user. So the future it bright Its been ages since I have been on these forums, so know one will remember me I don't think So, made a new account, bought a gold membership and I'm ready to start playing again . . . Took over Tranmere
  16. Re: Bulgarian Championship 1 Took over PFC Montana
  17. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Not really alot I can do with my Coventry at the moment, but I am £1 million in debt. Looking to sell anyone for the right price. I've had a few offers for Moses which I have turned down. I rate him very high so if you want to get him the offer must be quite good. He is a great prospect for the future, so anybody offering me dead wood will be hit with the 'I am insulted by this offer' option
  18. Re: bcfc12345 Cheers mate
  19. Re: bcfc12345 Cheers lads
  20. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Lets do this!
  21. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Alright lads hows it going. I used to manage Tottenham back in the day, I got in some quality players. Going to be starting up again and Im looking for a challenge. Any good teams going?
  22. bcfc12345


    Havnt been on this forum or game for ages! Last time I was here I was managing in EC106 and EC5579, Im sure they are still running? Just seeing whether there are any names I recognise, going to start playing this game again now.
  23. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Drew 2-2 with my first game in charge of Huddersfield against Exeter. Strootman with the double. Everyone in my team had a 7 rating, apart from Harnick who has a 4 rating! His last 4 games have been 9,9,3,4? What is happening. Maybe if Harnick got the 7 rating aswell, it would of meant a win. Need to sort it out.
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