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  1. Re: Player Concerns This seems a good idea to me, and hopefully it will create more opportunities to get hold of some 92+ players in mature gameworlds (where this has now become very difficult as they are all owned by a small number of clubs). I have a fairly large squad in my main game (~50 players) but see this as another good aspect of squad management for the game. Will loaning players out help if they are worried about playing regularly though? As an additional query, I'm in EC 161 and we are currently between seasons (the league table etc has been updated for the new season, but the first set of matches have not yet been played (starts Saturday)). Will we get this update now, or will we need to wait a whole season for it? (hope it starts now!)
  2. Re: Add on - International Management I have to agree that the international system is really a very annoying addition. It's quite irritating to keep logging in to the game, seeing you have messages, and then realising that all the massages are telling you is that either you have been offered a random international job or that 10 of your players have played internationals. Given that my players being picked for their countries has absolutely no effect on my management of their club careers, I really could do without being told. It's particularly annoying when looking through club messages for a particular item, but being faced with dozens of international messages. Could there not be an option to turn these messages off?
  3. Re: The Official Boxing Thread Much as I would like to see Haye win, my £20 is on Valuev. Anyone who thinks he will be knocking the big fella out needs to think again - a guy who can have 50 fights in the biggest division without even being knocked down isn't getting knocked out by a blown up cruiserweight. One of the reasons is simply the mechanics of puching upwards to that sort of height - it's difficult to get much angle on your punches, so rules out a KO from a right hook. You can only hit him hard with an uppercut (which will be extended beyond it's sweet-spot) or a straight right, which Valuev can usually block with his guard. Haye does, though, have the speed to cause Valuev problems and if he can keep up a good pace for 12 rounds he could "win" the fight in the eyes of the observer, but the problem is that he will need to annihilate Valuev for at least 10 rounds to get a decision against the home fighter in Germany; it just doesn't happen. The other problem is that haye, despite always looking cut and in good shape, has stamina problems. He can only keep up an output of 30-35 punches per round if he is to make the distance, and this probably won't be enough to get the decision on the scorecards.
  4. Re: 6 football stars may have HIV
  5. Re: Who will perform better? Player ratings really do seem pretty random. I had, for a div3 club, an 87 rated CB, playing at CB, in a squad with the next highest rated player was 84 or 85 getting ratings significantly lower than the forward players. I play 4-2-3-1 for all 3 of my teams, and find that the defenders get consistently lower stats than the attacking players, and the goalkeeper gets higher still unless any of the forwards have a much higher rating. Personally, I would pretty much always go for the higher rated player if it's his primary or secondary position. Sometimes if morale is significantly lower you notice a string of particularly bad ratings and I might opt for a happier lower rated player
  6. Re: 6 football stars may have HIV
  7. Re: 6 football stars may have HIV
  8. Re: 6 football stars may have HIV It's very unusual to catch HIV female to male. They don't tell you that at school because it would discourage young men from using condoms, but it means that it's unlikely that these 6 will be infected. Of course, it's possible that one of them had it already and it was he who infected the girl.
  9. Re: cannot sell expensive player - squad size I've wondered if it might be possible for this to happen, and the only quick fix for it I can see which might work is to try to negotiate with another manager to buy one of your players in exchange for two of theirs. SM have now made it possible to swap players even when you have the minimum squad size, although I don't know whether or not the chairman might block such a deal with the finances in the red (presumably shouldn't be a problem, as you would be selling). I don't think loaning a player will work as I don't think loans count toward the 21 players minimum. The only other thing is to hold on until next season, when the new transfer budger rules come in to effect. Your chairman should hopefully give you a small transfer budget which you can use to buy a few low value players, enabling you to then raise some cash buy selling others.
  10. Re: Club 'standing' or 'reputation' measure I think there is some sort of system in place for this already. I tried to buy bogdan stelea (GK 86 age 41) for Bradford in div4 and he refused to sign. A friend also had the same thing with Matteo Brighi when he tried to sign him for Div3 Walsall.
  11. Re: English Championship - 3241 Won the first game 5-1 away! That was with all Bradford's original players though and i'm looking to replace them all within a few weeks. I see you won too, reckon it'll be between MU and Liverpool in this first season, Chelsea haven't been making any signings yet. Can't see any obvious loan targets in your squad. Thanks for the offer though.
  12. Re: English Championship - 3241 Good idea starting a thread. I'm at Bradford in div4 (thanks for the Fletcher loan!). If anyone has a 80+ rated LB or a 83+ fwd they would like to loan me then let me know!
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