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  1. Thanks for all the information in this thread. How good is Sinaly Diomande of Lyon longterm ? Maybe looking 2 rating changes ahead ? Have a max cash offer for him and i play with a small club. Thanks for any help.
  2. Hi, i am very happy to find this thread again, i am even more happy that you update it from time to time, thanks for that, Juanchitoox. You gave good advice years ago which helped me a lot. I noticed Piquerez has a lot of minutes, do you think he is good enough for a move to europe ? Do you rate him ? Soccerway lists him now as a defender, where does he play normally now ? Thanks for your help, cheers, Damian
  3. Thanks Thorgan for your great work, also for me a few brazilian names are new. Looking forward to your post on Argentina.
  4. zsp2 has told me he will be back online in 2 months time. Hope we have another italian user on the forum who can help you , Milanista.
  5. What are the best Porto players so far this season ? Any signings that really impress ?
  6. Thank you Rahul for your work, i wasn´t a regular reader in the last years, but i always looked at the big five leagues predictions in summer and winter and found your predictions very good. Hope someone takes over who has your talent. Good Luck at the Uni. cheers, Damian
  7. @thorgan lesar or someone else, can someone post a report of the poland-belgium u21 match ? I am sad i missed the game.
  8. After the first league match, never before that.
  9. I think last year they done the relegated teams together with the promoted teams, and after that the table from bottom to top. But they missed the teams that where in promotion play-offs. As the summer ratings were early and that wasn´t decided yet. I think in Italy was a delay in play-offs for some legal appeal about something i don´t remember, and one promoted team didn´t get rating changes. But i am old and not good in memory, maybe that was a year earlier.
  10. Milanista , i have Aarons and Longstaff, but Sammy Ameobi is 27 years old and playing for Bolton, i can´t find any Yannick Toure. Not in my newcastle squad and not in the database.
  11. Thanks Milanista, i might keep these players, Available is everybody outside the English Leagues as the EC-gameworld starts this evening or tomorrow if it isn´t full today. So i need many players to swap in the starting bidding war, but i didn´t want to give away the talented youth of newcastle.
  12. Thanks RobboEFC, i see in other gameworlds Almiron and Yedlin are often bought by american managers, but they are not good in the premiership ? I think i won´t get much for Diame before his rise as his value is so low, shouldn´t i keep him until his rise ? His value should go significant up in the next rating change ? Thanks for more information.
  13. I will start in an english championship with Newcastle today, i haven´t seen them play for three years. So a little help is welcome with what players i should keep. These are Rahuls predictions : Newcastle: Almiron +1 to 88 Dubravka +1 to 87 Yedlin +1 to 87 Diame +1 to 87 Ki -1 to 87 Shelvey -1 to 87 Hayden +1 to 86 Dummett +1 to 86 Longstaff +5 to 82 Sterry +2 to 75 I would keep the first four , sell shelvey and Ki and don´t know about Hayden ,Dummett, Sterry, i might get better players in swaps now ? Keeping Longstaff seems to make sense as the rise is big. But i really have no idea if i should keep the rest of the players that stay the same, Which player is good ? Ayoze Perez scores , but i don´t know if i get a better player for 5 millions value in a swap deal ? i was able to recall many young loan players, is there a hidden gem among them ? Many thanks for your help.
  14. so you would take the first offer, thorgan ?
  15. gnabry is level 4 since three days, so i don´t have to accept every offer, i think i have 3 and a half week weeks time until level 5 ????
  16. middlefinger, it takes exactly 7 days until bids are closed.
  17. How likely is it, Carrasco moves soon back to an european team ? there were rumours in the winter, but i haven´t read anything lately. Have been offered Carrasco and Zagadou for my unhappy Gnabry, other offer is 10 millions and Rebic , he doesn´t accept Rebic and Mukiele. what should i do ? Thanks for your help.
  18. Thorgan, whats your opinion about Ingvartsen of Genk ? Two years ago a lot of clubs wanted him, haven´t heard much lately. Sell or Keep ?
  19. As Uruguay just started i vote for Serbia, they should be reviewed soon i guess.
  20. Thinking about midterm potential in the following questions , maybe in 2 years from now : Chelsea`s Kepa or Lazio`s Sergei Milinkovic-Savic ? Fiorentina`s Milenkovic or Chelsea`s Marcos Alonso ? Positions doesn´t matter. Thanks for your help.
  21. Will Loum rise tomorrow ? Or did they miss him in the Braga update ? Is he on loan to Porto or did Porto buy him ? Will he get a big club bonus in rating now he is at Porto ? Is he a player to keep with chances of minutes at Porto ?
  22. Gameworld should start this Friday. One american manager is still needed.
  23. Thanks Tm Costa, The decision for Zaniolo was already made yesterday at midnight as Kev said Zaniolo, too. But it is good to hear you think the same. i have sent you a PM minutes ago with another question Damian
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