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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Tottenham Hotspur have made an offer to Milan for Clarence SEEDORF of £0 plus Luka MODRIC Will Seedorf drop like Pirlo by one point ? Should i accept ? I want to replace the aging Milan stars if they face a drop, but i don't know anything about Modric, Has Modric the chance to become a 92 someday ? Or should i look to trade Seedorf for other 91 players that have a higher chance of getting a rise ? Any suggestions ?
  2. Re: Brazilian Changes Review/Discussion Are all the rest of the brazilian changes done tomorrow or does it take two days until they are completed ? If it takes two days, can someone post a few names from different clubs that will still rise, so i can make a few bids today and half of the bids will be cancelled in tomorrows rating changes, but half of the bids will succeed in 24 hours ? I am a bit late, i know
  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Hi, i just received this offer : Chelsea have made an offer to Milan for Gianluca ZAMBROTTA 94 of £10,000,000 plus José BOSINGWA 93. Is that a fair deal ? What should i do ? How important is that one point difference for the game ? Both don't have competition for their starting place as far as i know, should both be safe in their ratings ? Both regulars in their national team ? It's not just this bid, it's also a question about similar bids, what is considered fair between two great players when the skill difference is 1 point only, sometimes there is an age difference sometimes there is not? What would you ask for in Mascherano + x = Fabregas and Gattuso + x = Ribery ? Thanks for your help, i am just starting doing deals and never know if it's fair or not.
  4. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Thanks for your answer Teejay, but that wasn't the question I am not the one selling him, i am the one always buying him at the start of the game for 17,5 - 18,5 Millions, my question was, if that is a mistake. And if his rating is safe at 91. That is a general Question about SM Ratings for Players moving to a smaller club without european games, i don't know much about rating changes yet and maybe my strategy when starting a new wc is not good at all.
  5. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Inter new WC Christian Chivu CB 93 Since the sell of Maxwell there is no Leftback in the Inter Squad except Santon RB/LB 86. In the first two games of the season Chivu played Leftback, Santon didn't play a minute so far. If that continues, will Chivu have his position changed to CB / LB ? He played Leftback at Roma before. And when are the Italian ratings ? And what about players secondary positions generally, is it really true that they play worse on a secondary position and you should look for players only playing their first position ? Should i wait and hope Chivu changes or should i swap him for a natural Leftback ? There are not many good Leftbacks in the game and i guess it will be difficult to convince someone of swapping a 92+ Leftback with a CB. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ And i would be very happy if someone posts a reply to the long post about Cana and other 91 rated players outside the league in a new WC.
  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I have chelsea and received this bid : Joe Cole / 22 Million + Fletcher That looks like a good deal ? I accepted and the Manu Chairman stopped the deal the next day. I read in the forum that you should do two separate deals in this case, selling Cole for 31 m and buying Fletcher for 9 ( Manu chairman 8,790 ) , But the Manu chairman cancelled the 31 Million for J. Cole, he rates him at 14,860. For how much money can i sell Cole for the deal to go through ? I read that you have only two or three attempts or the deal will be blocked forever, no matter how low you go with the amount. Is this really true ? I need a lot of cash for another swap deal where i have to add a lot of cash, so i really need this deal to be completed to make the other deal, so how much should i lower the fee for Cole to complete the deal ? This is really important, hope someone has experience what chairman allow. Or does it depend on how much cash Manu has in his budget, that it might be he has not much more than 31 million, and the chairman doesn't want to spend everything on one player ?
  7. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Someone below asked : Quoted answer : "If you are selling him, accept." And for less money ? What is his "Value" in the game ? He is 26, can play CB and DM and played very good in France, should be a solid 91. But he made a strange career decision by joining small Sunderland when much bigger Clubs wanted him, do they pay silly wages at Sunderland ? Might he drop in rating as he plays for a small club now ? I don't know how SM rates big players in small teams, just think of Petit who dropped to 90 when moving from Benfica to Köln even when he played very good and is a key player there and he played in a stronger league then before. Cana should be a key player in Sunderland, so is his case similar ? I often buy Cana at the beginning of the game, like Podolski and Fred, when i don't play with a big club, but competition for them is always big and you have to offer much more than their ingame value to get them. So you don't get Cana for less then 17,5-18,5 m normally. Will they all lose one point in the next ratings ? Then their prices are too high and i should look for other players. This is really important to know for me. And if someone knows, can i find somewhere a list with the most interesting not so well known players rated 86-89 outside a WC, who will rise ? Or can someone name a few players here ?
  8. Can someone post the most likely starting lineup of Atletico this season ? Who is the leftback, who is the rightback ? Are Perea, Ujfalusi both regulars ? Do Assuncao and Raul Garcia both play in midfield ? I have these players in a lot of wc's as Atletico often is unmanaged, also have Heitinga, will he drop now that he plays for a smaller team ? Which of these players should i sell ?
  9. Re: Help with new Manchester City Team needed Thanks for the replies, i am surprised about the De Jong statement, i thought he would always play.But i don't know some of the other players. Can someone post the most likely formation in which City plays this season when all players are fit ? 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 ? Which are the regular midfielders ? "keep everyone else" because they all will be safe with their current ratings or because a lot of players have the chance to rise ? Can Given, Barry and Lescott rise ? I read somewhere that Robinho is disappointing in Manchester, do you think that will change with better teammates and he can keep his 94 ? I get a lot of trade offers for Robinho, should i really keep him or swap him for another outstanding player ?
  10. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Thanks Jokerboy i'll buy the one with the coolest haircut. additional Question, i have Milan, noone wants to buy my old players, i have to sell them to clubs outside the League, now they don't offer much for players like Favalli and Oddo and Dida. To buy a good player i might have to sell my youngsters also to Clubs outside. It's Abate Cardaccio Viudez Zigoni Di Gennaro Which one of them is the biggest talent, should i sell them all or keep one ? I know Abate played U21, but i don't know if he is a mediocre team player or an outstanding talent. If i sell all of them to buy the talented ones back later, is that a high risk of not getting them back ? Is one of them well known here in the forum and included in talent lists ?
  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Thanks Fadedwolfz, If you think Lescott has the chance to rise, it is definitely by one point first, but does someone think he has the potential to reach 92 next year if he plays well and City have a good season ? Or is that out of reach ? In my WC there might be some CB's available that are already 91 for 15 Million, as some clubs need money for bigger deals, any guesses which CB's are solid 91's and won't drop in the forseeable future ? Or even 91's that have a chance to become 92's ? Then i would do the deal after i signed the replacement.
  12. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? In one WC Everton is unmanaged, i can sign just one player, which one should i buy ? Cahill 91 safe ? Arteta 91 safe ? Fellaini 90 , only interesting if he gets 91 sure in the next 2 years.prediction ? Don't know anything about Evertons starting lineup, are all three key players ? Is one of them under threat of losing his starting place to a youngster / new signing ? Position doesn't matter, need both AM and RM.So i want the best player. Thanks for your help.
  13. I have Manchester City in a WC that just startet. I would like some opinions on each player of the Season 09/10 Of course it is not possible to predict injuries and other things, but i don't know anything about most players. What do you think, who has the potential to rise and who will drop most likely ? Maybe some are long time prospects and won't rise now but later next year. Which Players should i keep and which should i sell ? Which players are injury prone ? Which players are in their national teams ? Please add a possible future rating and a short comment to each player you know well. GIVEN, Shay 91 33 TAYLOR, Stuart 83 28 NIELSEN, Gunnar 70 22 BRIDGE, Wayne 89 29 SYLVINHO, Mendes 88 35 GARRIDO, Javier 87 24 RICHARDS, Micah 89 21 ZABALETA, Pablo 89 24 VIDAL, Javan 75 20 TOURE, Kolo 93 28 LESCOTT, Joleon 90 27 ONUOHA, Nedum 87 22 GLAUBER, Berti 85 26 PETROV, Martin 90 30 WRIGHT-PHILLIPS, Shaun 90 27 WEISS, Vladimir 75 19 BARRY, Gareth 91 28 DE JONG, Nigel 91 24 IRELAND, Stephen 90 23 JOHNSON, Michael 86 21 MOORE, Karl 72 19 KOMPANY, Vincent 90 23 ROBINHO, Souza 94 25 TEVEZ, Carlos 93 25 BENJANI, Mwaruwari 88 31 BELLAMY, Craig 88 30 ADEBAYOR, Emmanuel 93 25 SANTA CRUZ, Roque 90 28 Many thanks for your help.
  14. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... In a very new WC , i am Manchester City : First Offer : Toure,Kolo (93) / van Buyten (90) + 25m Second offer : Lescott (90) / Oleguer (87) + 15m Is Toure a safe 93 ? and Lescott , will he rise now that he plays for bigger Club, I saw one post about Lescott saying he would reach 92 as he is Englands third choice defender ? van Buyten might drop if Demichelis and Badstuber are the starters at Bayern. Don't know if Oleguer is playing. That would give me 40 Million and two backup defenders, do i get two good defenders for that money in a new gameworld ? For which good defenders should i bid ? Or should i keep Toure and Lescott ( if he rises) and sign two young backups ? Never seen Lescott play, please tell me your opinions on him. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another offer : In an old WC i just joined : I am Chelsea , i was offered Totti 94 + 5 Million for my Kalou 92. Short term it looks like a good deal, but isn't Totti half the season injured ? Will his rating go down ? I don't have much experience with SM ratings, will they go down when Players get older even if they have a starting place ? Another offer : Senna 94 was offered for my Cole 92, but i have to add 5 Million. It's nice to get 94 players, but if in one year real time all these 4 players are rated 92, i have swapped 2 92's in a good age for 2 very old 92's without winning any money in it. And i don't know this WC yet, i don't know how hard it is to find good players there as it is running a while now. What should i do ? Thanks for your help.
  15. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Chelsea, new Worldchampionship, before first game. Sturridge , just got an offer for him. Got an offer for Kalou yesterday too, should i sell /trade both ? Will Sturridge increase ? Short time or only longtime ? I can't watch english football, so i don't know how good he is. But he should be fourth choice striker behind Kalou. Drogba and Anelka should be playing most games in a 4-4-2 so should i keep them, and sell/trade the other two and replace them with Strikers that are starters in their clubs ? But Kalou and Sturridge are listed as FWD/Wing so is it possible that they will get games on the wings with Drogba the striker and Anelka on the Bench ? Then Anelka would not rise, and he should be sold/traded ? What are your rating guesses for the 4 Strikers at the end of the season ? Drogba : Anelka : Kalou : Sturridge : ------------------------------------------------------------------------- More Questions Ballack or Deco , who will get more games ? Should i keep them ? ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Carvalho or Alex, who will be the regular starter ? If i sell one, which one ? ------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's very difficult for me to make these decisions as i have no idea what Ancelotti will do and what he did in preseason games. I just start to use this forum (this is my third post) and haven't found a useful thread yet, i guess player rating prediction threads for each team appear only close to the english ratings ? Or is there somewhere a "Chelsea Season 2009/2010 Team Guide" for Beginners where you can find informations ? The transfer market is extremely busy in the new game world and i get lots of bids and trade offers, but i don't know yet which players i should trade. But i want to trade some players soon. So help is very appreciated.
  16. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Valencia, New Worldchampionship before the first game : Carlos Marchena 91 IV 30 years David Albelda 91 DM 32 years Luis Miguel 91 RB 29years What will their ratings be after this season ? Any guesses ? I play 4-4-2 Diamond, all are in the starting lineup where everyone is rated 91 except RM (90). If they are likely to drop in the next year i would like to trade them now, but i want 91 players or 90 sure risers in the same positions, i don't want 87/88 rated talents in the lineup, which makes replacing them difficult as i don't have much cash left and their sm value is low. So it would be nice to know if i can keep them. Thanks for your help.
  17. Are there some guesses how this players will be rated in the next ratings ? And opinions about the development after that ? Marchena just turned 30, a good age for a defender, so is he a safe 91 for the next 2-3 years or do you expect changes ? Will he stay in the national team ? Are there players in the Valencia team that could challenge him for a regular starting place ? Any youngsters that could develop so well that he doesn't play anymore ? Albelda just turned 32 and lost two points in the may ratings, why did that happen, he played a lot last season ? Do you think his rating is accurate now? What are your future predictions, will he stay a 91 for a long time, will he go up again or will he drop further ? Is his international career over or will he play for Spain again ? He has competition in midfield, do you think he will play a lot for the club or is someone else better now ? I haven't watched a Valencia game for a long time, hope here are some experts who can judge the players. Maybe here are some people who have knowledge of the preseason games and what the lineups looked like to tell us if they are still key players.
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