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  1. Haven´t read this thread since 20th August, so forgive me if thats asked before. Need a bit of help for one gameworld, which player would you sign : Brozovic, Loureiro Allan, Zielinski, Lorenzo Pellegrini or Kessie ? Can you rank them ? Which of them will rise for sure and which is unsure to rise ? Which player would you sell, if you have to sell one ? Fabian Ruiz, Kluivert or Goes Rodrygo ? Will one of them rise soon ? Can you rank them ? Thanks for your help, Damian
  2. About the Braga Question, Centerback Cunha and DM Alef played for Brasil at Under 20 level, should i really sell them ? Also i have noticed that other managers buy Bragas young portuguese Centerback Wilson ? Does he have potential ?
  3. Another Question, will Raphinha have a regular starting space at Sporting ? Is he really good ?
  4. So i should sell all youngsters except Trincao and also sell Horta , Paulinho and Bruno Viana ? Or did i misunderstand something about the last three ?
  5. Is there a Braga expert on the forum ? I heard of Horta , Paulinho, Bruno Viana and Trincao and i think i want to keep them, there are numerous players from 18 to 24 who don´t play so far this season or just a few minutes. Can someone tell me which young players i should keep ? Or should i sell all of them l ? What Ratings can Horta and Paulinho get if they stay in Braga next season ? Thanks for your Help.
  6. And another question : Do you think Lumor Agbenyenu has a chance to become Sportings starting Leftback this season ?
  7. are there rumours in Portugal about Wendel moving to another club in Winter ?
  8. Hi Thorgan, what is the situation with Andy Najar ? He was linked with a couple of german clubs two years ago, but in SM he dropped to 86 and i didn´t hear anything about him in 2 years, is he still a good player ? I have him in a competitive setup and just received a max cash offer for him, should i sell ? Thanks for your help, Damian
  9. Thanks Thorgan, another question, how good is Siebe Schrijvers ? Is he expected to be a regular this season ? Whats his long term potential ?
  10. Does Paintsil have a chance to be a regular ? How is he doing so far ? There is another club bidding on him in a very difficult gameworld where everybody has a small club, so i don´t have any 90 rated players. 85-87 would play in my team , do you think he can get there in 2 years ?
  11. How good is chico Geraldes ? Do you expect that he will be a first team regular at Frankfurt ? Some german news say Frankfurt can buy him later for 5 mio euros, some other newspaper say sporting refused to give any buy-clause. What does portuguese sources say ?
  12. Thanks TMCosta for starting the transfer news again. Why is Militao so cheap ? Just 4 millions ?
  13. Everybody still in holidays ? I find the transfer-rumours posted here very interesting, especially if it is about the three big clubs. Hope someone continues to post them. Today german media reports Diogo Leite of Porto might move to Mönchengladbach for 15 million Euros. What does the portuguese media say about that ? And do you think Leite is worth so much ? Is he ready for a first team place ?
  14. Kimmich or Gimenez + Eriksen ? And will Gimenez keep his D R besides his D C ability ?
  15. Rahul, thanks for all your work. Could you do the teams promoted to La Liga ? There should be some decent risers. And the Serie B playoff beween Palermo and Frosinone is not played yet, could you do predictions for the winner`s players when it has been played ?
  16. Kimpempe to 90 and Caldara stays at 89 as he is at a weaker club ? Which of them is the better player long term ? Thanks for your help, Damian
  17. Thanks,for the reply. To which clubs are they moving ? And for what prices ? Would you think they have a chance to be first team players at their new club next season ? Would you consider them good buys in Soccermanager at the moment ?
  18. Interesting thread, thank you. How good is Portimonenses Bruno Tabata ? He is linked with a transfer to Stuttgart in the german media, Does he just have a good agent who spreads rumours to give him a better contract in Portugal ? Or is he already good enough for one of the big leagues ? Thanks, Damian
  19. Thanks Thorgan, What about Aidoo and Colley and Luyindama ? One of them good enough for a bigger league ? Should i wait for transfer rumours or should i sell them now ? Thanks, Damian
  20. Should i keep Batubinsika, Ilaimaharita and Opoku-Ampomah after there rises ? Is one of them linked with a bigger club ? They are all 22 years old and i fear they get unhappy until the next belgian rises, my first team is about 85 rated. Thanks for your help, Damian
  21. Thanks a lot Monolithic for making predictions in a difficult personal time, thats very kind of you. Can someone else who is familiar with the predictions for the 5 big leagues name a few players which are cheap and rise significant ? A) if you have just 600k B if you have just 800k C ) if you have just 1600k Please name some players in the three Categories, can be middle aged players as i manage very small teams, can be youngsters, important is that i make a good profit or if he is a bit older have a player about 84 rated for the first team. The price should be for one player each category , not split into 4 buys for 400k for example as the gameworlds have squad caps. Many thanks for any help, have a difficult time myself and can´t check the prices of hundreds of players today. Damian.
  22. Can someone rank the following players ( long term potential) , position doesn´t matter : Denis Suarez Marc Stendera Kevin Wimmer Kranevitter Maximilian Arnold Thorgan Hazard Many thanks for your help, Damian
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