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  1. Nice Rise for Pereira, not good for my team that he lost his central defender ability. surprised that Silvio Gutierrez of Ecuadors Deportivo Cuenca had his rise from 74 to 78 ( expected more i must admit), but still no rise for Goalkeeper Hamilton Piedra of the same team , he has 5054 minutes in the highest division now and still is rated 75. Another 2 forgotten Players : Karl Toko attacker fom Sochaux ,3500 minutes in french second division with 17 goals still rated 78. Marco Ilaimaharitra midfielder from Sochaux 1800 minutes in second division still rated 77 , never had a rating change.
  2. A few forgotten players : Camilo Saiz just moved to Medellin and played 4687 minutes in the first division of columbia so far for Envigado, still 78 rated. Marcel Halstenberg of St Pauli is one of the best Leftbacks of german second division , still 80 rated. last change 2013. Christian Kouakou of Tours played more then 5000 minutes in french second division so far, scored 21 goals , still rated 80 Thomas Weber of Admira Wien played about 5000 minutes in Austrias top division , still rated 78, never had a rating change. Aleksandar Jesic of OFK Beograd played about 2800 minutes in serbias top league, still rated 76.
  3. Nigel B. said ASSE had a catastrophic market, are there more opinions on ASSE ? I just took over a brandnew St Etienne in a competitive gameworld and don´t know much about them. Can someone tell me which are the players to keep and which are possible droppers ? What are you guesses about St Etiennes league position after this season ?
  4. Whats the situation with former Lierse player Ahmed Sayed (Zizo) 19 years midfielder, rated 80. He played 2800 minutes for Lierse including the Relegation-Playoffs but they were relegated. Transfermarkt lists him as unemployed, Soccerway says he is still at Lierse, Soccermanager says he plays in Egypt now. Can someone tell me where he plays next season and what to expect in ratings for the future, He was mentioned as a top talent in this thread and i bought him in many Gameworlds. Thanks for your help, this is a wonderful thread as Belgium produce a lot of talent in the last years.
  5. Another few 74/75 rated players : Craig Slater 21 years rated 75 , Kilmarnock 3945 minutes in scottish premier league so far Ross Barbour 22 years rated 75 , Kilmarnock 4567 minutes in scottish premier league so far Philip Riese 25 years rated 75 , 2300 minutes in german second division in the last 2 seasons, he moved now to Aue in the third division, so i don´t know if he will get a rating change there Hamilton Piedra 22 years old , 75 rated Goalkeeper of Deportivo Cuenca in Ecuador, 4334 minutes in first division so far . This is a find of Mark F. Silvio Gutierrez 22 years old, 74 rated Midfielder of Deportivo Cuenca in Ecuador , 4883 minutes in first division so far I have this players longer then Pascal Gregor in my teams and they are getting unhappy . Please NDF do your Magic.
  6. Thanks Mark. Another Question, should i sell Matheus Carvalho of Fluminense ? Looks like Monaco didn´t make the loan into a permanent transfer and sent him back ?
  7. Geiler Mosquera 26 years rated 80 of Aguilas Doradas in Colombia should be rated much higher, he plays a lot. Cristian Gaitan 25 years rated 80 of Cobreloa in Chile also is a first team regular. Rouwen Hennings 27 years old, rated 80 of Karlsruher SC , last season top scorer of german second division with 17 goals, 10 goals the year before that in second division , last rating change 3 years ago from 83 down to 80 when he played 3rd Division.
  8. Which Cleitinho Mark ? Can only find a 25 year old of Sampaio Correa and i guess you didn´t mean him.
  9. How much did Kazan pay for Lemos and do you think he will be a starter there in his first season ? Many thanks for this wonderful thread , i am always happy to read news from my favourite country. If you have time some day a summary of the new players that played their first season in the first team would be great. And transfernews are always interesting,as in SM terms, players playing in Uruguay don´t get good ratings.
  10. Araujo Raffael (89) of Mönchengladbach or Morgan Sanson (87) of Montpellier ? I don´t know the french player, please tell a bit about his potential long term. Thanks for your help.
  11. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions Is Thomas Ince 85 of Hull (loan to Derby) a good player ? 11 goals in 18 starts for Derby are not bad. Does he have the potential to be 87/88 rated one day ? Thanks in Advance.
  12. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions Puncheon (86) of Crystal Palace will he get +1 or even +2 ? Thanks in Advance.
  13. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Thank you for the answer. can someone rank in mid-term potential Caceres (Juventus) 89 (will he drop ? not much minutes played) Veltman (Ajax) 87 Paulo Oliveira (Sporting) 87 Jantschke (Mönchengladbach) 88
  14. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions Thanks Cam and Pedro. How good is Devante Cole (Manchester City) 20 77 ? is he worth millions ? What is his potential ?
  15. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I would like to sign Jantschke (88), Mönchengladbach. He would be my best CB. The other Manager asks for Ocampos(Marseille) , Ryan Mason (Tottenham) or Besic (Everton) With Mason or Besic i would have to add one talent as Jantschke is more worth for the chairman. Ocampos or Jantschke Ryan Mason + a 80 rated talent or Jantschke Muhamed Besic + a 80 rated talent or Jantschke Thanks in Advance.
  16. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Thanks Pedro for the answers, that was really quick another Question about Estoril : Leo Bonatini 80 Anderson Esiti 80 both just rose to 80 and they seem to be not really first team regulars, playing about half the matches according to soccerway. Is it time to sell and buy other players who are first team regulars or do you see something special in them ? Estoril seems to be a mid table club now, pretty far from the european places. Which is not very good for player ratings i guess. Thanks in Advance.
  17. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Thanks Pedro for answering one of my Questions in my last post. I have a couple of new Questions : Can someone rank these Porto players, i can sign just three from unmanaged FortesHernani 84 Toze 84 Quintero 86 Ricardo Pereira 85 Otavinho 83 Can someone rank these CB´s about mid term ratings potential : Paulo Oliveira (Sporting) 87 Aderlan Santos (Braga) 87 Danilo Pereira (Maritimo) 85 Joao Schmidt 82 (Setubal loan from Sao Paulo) , is he a good player ? Will he stay in Portugal for another season and get a 84 rating maybe or will he return to Brasil in July ? Should i sell him now ? Any news on Keeper Magalhaes 83 (Braga) ? Will he sit on Monaco´s bench next season and not get a rating improvement ? He is my starting goalkeeper in most of my small teams, thanks to this thread. How good is Fortuna Wallace (83) Braga, loan to Monaco. The other manager asks for a high sum, should i buy him ? Oh, thats a lot of Questions, many thanks for your help.
  18. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions Besic (Everton) + 2 ? And will he keep his CB Position ? Where do you see his future rating peak ? Thanks for your help.
  19. Re: -||Eredivisie Ratings II - 12/13 Winter Predictions Up! - by BRNL||- Is Ajax Defender Veltman (87) still regarded as a big talent ? Future 90 player ? He is available in my gameworld but i can sign older 89 rated players for the same amount. What should i do ? -------------------------------------------------------------- What is Rubio Rubin´s (now 82) potential ? -------------------------------------------------------------- Is Danny Bakker of young Ajax a good talent ? Thanks in advance.
  20. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Belhanda (90) or Destro (89) Is Belhanda´s rating safe ?
  21. Re: The Fluffy Ligue 1 Ratings Thread Will these Players continue to rise ? What is your guess at their ratings in one years time : Amavi 86 Thomas Toure 84 Alassane Plea 85 Moubandje 85 Antoine Conte 84 Deplagne 85 Mouez Hassen 84 Jessy Pi 83 Tisserand 83 Or is it time to sell them now ?
  22. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions I have a couple of Italian based players in my teams and don´t know them good. Keepers Bardi 86 and Padelli 85 , will they get rating increases ? Who of them is better ? I have to sell one. Rodrigo Ely is listed as an Avellino player now, has Milan an option to buy back? He was named big talent years ago, has that changed ? Should i sell ? Ibrahima Mbaye 84 , Inter loan Bologna , is he still a big talent ? Balde Keita Lazio 85 increase ? Camigliano 80 Udinese loan Cittadella increase ? Worth keeping long term ? Badelj 88 Fiorentina is he a good player ? He seems to play only every second game , will he drop to 87 ? Peluso 88 Sasuolo will he drop ? Mauricio 87 Lazio will he rise ? Has he 89 potential long term ? In my Gameworld is an unmanaged Juve with more than 60 players, half of them are youngsters out on loan in real life. Can you tell me which of the 75 to 83 rated players are worth signing ? Thanks for your help, Damian
  23. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Joao Moutinho (Monaco) or Nabil Fekir + Borges Wendell + 5 Million ?
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