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  1. Re: Belgium Pro League Review I still have risers from the last belgian updates in my team : Mokulu Tembe Bruls Annab Conte,Ibrahima Zukanovic van Eeno If one of them doesn´t rise again or even faces a drop i would like to know and swap him for a riser before the belgian rating changes. Thanks for your help.
  2. Re: Turkish Database - Ask me anything Burak Kaplan of Besiktas didn´t rise , should i keep him ? He still plays for turkish U21 i guess ?
  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I have Shaqiri and have been offered Verthongen in a swap with no money involved. Who has more potential and who is more likely to move to a bigger club soon ? I guess both hit the maximum rating for their league already ?
  4. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread I have seen Andre Santos of Sporting is predicted to stay at 87. How is his long term potential ? Should i keep him or sell him now ? Will he ever reach 90 ? Thanks for your help.
  5. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions I haven´t played the game for some months and i haven´t had the time to read anything in the forum, so forgive me if this players have been discussed a few pages back. I have a large number of Brazilians in my team and don´t know anything about this season. This is my collection of Centerbacks : Dede 87 Gum 87 Toloi 86 Reame Xandao 86 Leandro Castan 85 Messias Manoel 85 Welinton,Souza 85 Thiago Heleno 85 Dalton 82 Juan, Guilherme 82 Titi, Tarouco 80 Can someone guess their next ratings ? And who has the best long term future ? Also there are many Brazilians in my squad that were once named "future stars" in this forum, but that was about 1-2 years ago. Zezinho Diego Renan Mario Fernandes Bernardo, Souza Mazola, Arruda Bismarck Neto Berola Andre , Souza Bam Bam How are they doing now ? Will some of them rise ? Should i keep them in my squad ? Many thanks for your help.
  6. Re: Russian and Ukraine Player Analysis 2010 I have a couple of players that play in Ukraine and Russia and don´t know which i could sell and which i should keep. Ukraine Bertoglio Khacheridi Leandro Almeida Pryima Konoplyanka Zozulya Vitsenets Ideye Brown Patrick ,Alan Garmash Russia Sekou Oliseh Maikon Marques (Lok) Gultyaev (Tom) Malyarov Marcos Rojo Which ones are predicted to rise again ? Does one of them have the potential to reach 90 someday ? I need money and can´t keep all of them. Many thanks for your help, Damian
  7. Re: Turkish Database - Ask me anything Muhammet Demir changed from 76 to 78, should i sell him now or should i keep him ? And Teteh Bangura from Bursaspor , should i sell him ? Thanks for your help.
  8. Re: -||Eredivisie Ratings-By Kun,BRNL and Jor||- I have Arnaud Sutchuin from Roda in some of my teams, i think you haven´t looked at Roda yet. Will he rise ? And is he a long term prospect or should i sell him ? Thanks for your help.
  9. Re: -||Eredivisie Ratings-By Kun,BRNL and Jor||- I just looked at the predictions and didn´t read the thread. I bought Araz Ozbiliz and Ebecilio a while ago, should i sell them now ? Or will they become good players ? Thanks for your help.
  10. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread I just started with a Sporting team in a World Championship and really don´t know the players. The last time i watched a Sporting game Krassimir Balakov was their best player. There is interest from other clubs in Andre Santos, Carlos Saleiro and Mati Fernandez. So i guess this are good players/risers i should keep ? Or sell for only very good offers ? I also have Izmailov ,Pereirinha, Postiga and Liedson. I want to keep Liedson but have bids from external clubs for the first three and don`t know if i should keep them.Are they playing regular ? The rest of the squad is not original sporting players anymore, Veloso and Moutinho are at other clubs and unavailable and most of the lower rated players were sold to external clubs, so i would like to know if there is some really talented players in the sporting squad as i have enough money to buy them back. I don´t read this thread normally so if there is a long post about sporting 10 pages back forgive me. Many thanks for your help.
  11. Re: La Liga - Ratings and Analysis (2010/2011) Thanks, and Casado 84 and Aythami Artiles 84 ( both Loan at Xerez) ?
  12. Re: La Liga - Ratings and Analysis (2010/2011) Does soeone know the next rating of Balenziaga (Loan at Numancia) and Crespo, Jose Angel ?
  13. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings Does someone know the possible next rating of Esposito, Andrea playing in Livorno on loan from Genoa. And in the long term, is he a talent or a mediocre player ?
  14. Re: Turkish Database - Ask me anything I have a player called Ridvan Simsek in my squad RB , 19 , 78 rated from Besiktas. Can you tell something about him ? He didn´t rise this time, should i keep him ?
  15. Re: La Liga - Ratings and Analysis (2010/2011) What are the predictions for Azpilicueta, Monreal and Canella ? Is there a LV/RV or a RV/LV in Spain rising ( above 85 ) or a DEF ? Thanks for your help.
  16. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents & Droppers 2010 Quote from the first page : "Träsch will probably change to DM/RB as he has played mostly as a DM in the last matches and if he played as a defender he was RB." This statement is from march, where did he play after march ? Another question, Leverkusen´s Bender is listed as a possible riser, any changes there Phil? And will Kadlec of Bayer stay at 88 ? Or will he drop with Castro playing left back in many games ?
  17. Re: Spanish Ratings Fuster is predicted +2 in another spanish thread.
  18. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents & Droppers 2010 Both are excellent keepers, i think Adler will reach 92 before Neuer, so i would buy Adler. But i can`t tell you which of them will be the better keeper in 2-3 years time. Both will be among the best keepers in SM ratings.
  19. Re: 25 Golden Risers Keep Ionita, he will get much higher.
  20. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents & Droppers 2010 Will Gonzalo Castro get a position change ? What do you expect ?
  21. Re: La Liga risers and Seidou Keita ? Also staying at 92 ?
  22. Re: La Liga risers Will there be a change in Van der Vaart´s rating ?
  23. Re: La Liga risers I would like to know if some CB`s that rose last time will rise again. Marcano Dealbert Juan Forlin can we expect them all to rise by one or should i sell some of them and buy CB`s from your first post ? Thanks for a very helpful Thread.
  24. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings What will happen to Julio Baptista´s rating ? he played 23 matches in Serie A , but 19 times subbed in and 4 times subbed out. he played 3 full games in Europa league and 3 as a sub.
  25. Re: Premiership Ratings By MaoaM There are several lists that say Leiva Lucas and Diaby will go from 88 to 89, and both would have a chance of a 90. I would like to hear some opinions who has the bigger chance of a rise to 90 this time and in who is generally the better player. Which one would you buy if you can afford only one of them ?
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