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  1. Re: World Champ 1 Any WC1'ers still around the forum?? I had been busy with my final year of uni and somehow allowed my star studded Sao Paulo to be relegated to div 2. Oh no! Made a good start to the new season though and hoping to see the big boys again next season!!!! Welcome to any new managers!!
  2. Re: Locked Setups Have to buy it mate... SM's evil plan to sell setups twice wouldn't work if they just unlocked setups to let people in
  3. Re: dai smout says discarded pizza boxes are a good source of free cheese.. the jesus of soccermanager is back... lol, welcome back... and YURI where have YOU been??
  4. Re: Marcio Rafinha if he the best in the universe why doesn't he play at a good team:eek:
  5. Re: Gold Championship Game World Economies This is not going to make cash more valuable in gold setups? I would not touch cash with a barge pole now that I know it can just be wiped out like that, so I doubt anyone else will either! Why don't they just make the chairman's value based on the total money in the game????? It doesn't take an economist to figure out that if money has inflated ten times over the period a setup has existed then the players' real value that a manager will pay is ten times as much! It would be really simple to put INFLATION into the game instead of tampering with pe
  6. Re: Patriotism Challenge lol...rb's play well as lb's too... otherwise it would be marcelo with dani alves on the bench:confused: gonna sell alves to spread the quality around anyway
  7. Re: Patriotism Challenge If you can remember to the early days of SM they didn't rate South American football very highly, so when I joined towards the end of the 1st season Sao Paulo were in Division 3 with average rating of about 85. The team quickly made it to the top division and always finished high in the league. My ultimate achievement was beating chelsea to the 1st division title in season 7 (which they won in seasons 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9!): Just the top rated youth players are displayed as the rest would take pages and pages! It's really hard to get players over 90 so my strate
  8. Re: Patriotism Challenge arsenal... now that would be a challenge, or make liverpool completely spanish. that would be funny
  9. Re: Patriotism Challenge My Sao Paulo in WC1 has 153 brazilians and 0 foreigners:D adolf eat your heart out;)
  10. Re: Locked Setups when the setup is locked it continues playing as normal but no new managers can join, but old managers leave so the setup will be eventually abandoned unless someone wants to buy it and unlock it. very cheap trick by SM imo. no one is going to buy someone else's old abandoned setup when they could just make their own
  11. Re: Locked Setups I just posted and an admin wiped it! so i will take out the angry tone of it... the 2 i'm in are: 'Nellers forum setup' 'Hoot if you love haggis world leagues' Who's great idea was it to lock unowned setups? Now barca, chelsea, man utd's players are being ransacked because half of them are unmanaged. This will make SM about 50 quid and cost thousands of users their favourite setups! I think they should stick to their original model of earning through traffic & people subscribing if they love it so much. But not these little tax-like charges like having to buy an ol
  12. Re: World Champ 1 welcome to the game mate, did you trade alvin for it or did he just quit?? i have been trying to get hold of city's brazilians for ages but alvin was tight with them. if you are looking to raise money i would love to buy thiago silva, hernanes, rafael, or any of your other brazilians... cheers:cool:
  13. Re: Guess how many members by Dec 25th! lol... this time next year there will be a million!!
  14. Re: South American Young Talents hi dexter, good to see you are still around! my sao paulo in wc1 is starting to blossom thanks to your picks from years ago.
  15. World football stunned Gabriel MILITO stuns world football by moving to KooTeePee. The 93-rated superstar was greeted by what may well have been the entire populous of Finland at the Arto Tolsa Areena. Milito told the press "Benfica is going nowhere. This club has huge dreams and I am here to make them come true" KooTeePee, who were recently promoted after a number of years struggling to make the cut in the bottom division, have been linked with another world class defender who could be on his way shortly.
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