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  1. Re: Locked Setups Have to buy it mate... SM's evil plan to sell setups twice wouldn't work if they just unlocked setups to let people in
  2. Re: Locked Setups when the setup is locked it continues playing as normal but no new managers can join, but old managers leave so the setup will be eventually abandoned unless someone wants to buy it and unlock it. very cheap trick by SM imo. no one is going to buy someone else's old abandoned setup when they could just make their own
  3. Re: Locked Setups I just posted and an admin wiped it! so i will take out the angry tone of it... the 2 i'm in are: 'Nellers forum setup' 'Hoot if you love haggis world leagues' Who's great idea was it to lock unowned setups? Now barca, chelsea, man utd's players are being ransacked because half of them are unmanaged. This will make SM about 50 quid and cost thousands of users their favourite setups! I think they should stick to their original model of earning through traffic & people subscribing if they love it so much. But not these little tax-like charges like having to buy an ol
  4. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Started managing America De Cali about 6 months ago... Spent hours and hours wrangling and looking for backdoors to good players (recently unmanaged clubs, players about to rise, players who werent getting 1st team action etc)... went from a starting11 average rating of 82/3 to 86/7. Then I left last week to take up the job at Toulouse which was an offer I couldn't refuse... I look back at the team now and it is absolutely decimated!!! I shouldn't have bought 22 youth players because in a few days time they'll have an average rating of about 75!!! HOW DEPRESSING:
  5. think it might get rejected yuri i've done that before... agreed to buy player from unmanaged club, then rating goes up, then SMFA don't let it go through i could be wrong though... good luck
  6. Anyone looking for a CF? there's a clearance at millwall! Looking to lose: TRL JOB, Joseph-Desire CF 28 87 6.75 100% £4.4M - TRL ELLINGTON, Nathan CF 25 85 7.25 100% £4.1M - TRL MBODJI, David Amadou CF 22 84 0.00 100% £3.9M - LNL LENNY, CF 18 84 0.00 100% £4.4M - TRL COZZOLINO, Giuseppe CF 21 81 0.00 100% £2.5M - LNL PORTER, Chris CF 22 75 0.00 100% £517k 4 Turns make an offer!
  7. £7m? lots of free agents of similar age and rating for £3m
  8. you've got me next yuri will be another draw if you keep playing Slow and Defensive
  9. scholesy should've come to millwall we bid more and we're in the 2nd division! oh well, good luck with him perry
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