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  1. Re: Xbox 360 fans thread well it the 1 i bin on most but i got lotsa awsome games saints row crackdown spider man 3 pirates of the carribean 3 fifa 07 def jam icon
  2. Re: Xbox 360 fans thread viva pinata the best game i bought
  3. Re: Xbox 360 fans thread xbox 360 rules ps3 cant compete with class lol
  4. Re: top 3 comedians yep past 1s count, lee evans i forgot he is the funniest lol
  5. my top 3 fav comedians wud b peter kay ross noble jack dee
  6. Re: Your favourite TV Moments ever... my fav tv moment evr wud hav 2 b the two ronnies four candles it is class
  7. can any 1 sell me a goal keeper 90+
  8. is their any1 in wc2 hu will sell me a goal keeper 90+ (valencia) cheers
  9. i sold my goalkeeper Jose CANIZARES ratin 92 4 400k lol
  10. Jake Storey


    is ther any1 hu cant buy or sell players becus they r being blocked?
  11. "i need that i need somthing to wip my ass with" "ah choke on ur spam" lol what a line
  12. Jake Storey

    adam sandler

    the best film he has bin in is click
  13. pro evo is betta because fifa is just rubbish
  14. best film that was ever created was star wars
  15. Jake Storey


    magdalena wots ur msn addi
  16. Jake Storey


    thats not alot of choice is it
  17. orson r superb so r robbie williams in concert
  18. Jake Storey


    dink dank du!!!!!!!!!!!! wot dus it mean anyway?
  19. Jake Storey


  20. go to http://www.jackassmovie.com/ it is well gud
  21. ye but don vito is funnier e is in jackass the movie 2
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