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  1. Holy **** this new way of reporting cheated transfers is so bad that it is m making me want to quit this game. I had quit once because the stupid system pulled back 3 transfers of mine which were not cheats as cheats. And now I see back and forth on many game worlds.

    A sh**load of cheated transfers and when I try to report them or do anything about them It is impossible,The system seems to filter out because the cheaters already know how do dribble the system's logic, It is as if the cheaters are paying attention and waiting for the transfers system to be overloaded and not register any transfers from that week on (just look around on and GC in some point after week 15, there simply are no record of transfers) and without a record of transfers you can't report the cheated transfer!!!

    So you see a wrong transfer like I just saw and you go to The transfer list to report it, You can't, cuz it is not there! so You go to the Manager's list And you can't report it either cuz the system says there is no evidence for the investigation!!! Hello? a Brand new player with a 40 rep takes over one of the best teams in the game world just a few minutes after the first bid for its raiding were accepted? and then the most talented player is traded with the cheater for two guys who are going nowhere? And you post that and you get a stupid "We have analysed the managers of these clubs and there is not enough evidence to take the matter further."

    I'm gonna start posting Screenshots of cheated transfers and maybe SOMEONE WILL DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT even if it is banning me But I can't stand seeing cheats go around and no one do nothing about it.

    Hell I can't even submit a common ticket anymore just to explain this I think I'll start sending Cheat tickets through Bug or translation reward tickets.

  2. Re: Guide to the 2010 Brazilian season

    I am assuming these were 1st half impressions, so I'm correcting them:

    [*]Corinthians parking a bus and counter-attacking

    - Not really a lot else they can do, and I can't say I blame them. After all, they're not an attacking team really.

    Yes corinthians was focused on defending that's what tyou git to do when you play against the best offensive line on the Brazilian league.

    [*]Santos all guns blazin'

    - Yet not really looking overly threatening. Have missed a couple of sitters mind.

    Not really all gun's blazing, with no space for ganso and with Neymar crying all the time all the quality plays were made by Marquinhos and by Arouca wich are average players not geniuses.

    [*]Elias X Ganso

    - Which Ganso is winning with ease. He's spraying some great passes around as well.

    Did you watch the game? Ganso dind't play a thing all quality/danger passes were made by Marquinhos. Elial made Ganso look like a duck on the field.

    [*]Zezinho on the bench for Santos

    - Doubt we will see him. If Santos continue to chase this, I'm not sure he would particularly add anything to the team.

    He came out of the bench on second half didn't do much `tho.

    [*]NEYMAR whining like a little girl

    - Don't think he's been too bad today.

    There fixed it It was not dentinho it was neymar who was whining like a girl.

    [*]Roberto Carlos looking dangerous in counter attack

    He's put a couple of good balls in. Santos only have themselves to blame for the goal mind, bad keeping and poor marking, not getting goal side.

    I sign on that.

    [*]Santos with 65% of the possession through the first 40' despite being on the road

    As would be expected chasing a game at a club that love to sit back and protect.

    On the second half Corinthians had a better posession with 55%.

    [*]1 Goal was disallowed on a good call

    I corrected it for you :P was very poor linesmaning, and cost me a fair bit of money :mad: Was a good finish also. Neymar's booking at the end was harsh as well.

    Corrected that as well TV showed that Marquinhos was 48 cm ahead of the last man, Chicão, therefore, he was offside.

    By the way Chicão Heading out Neymar's strike was a beauty to see.

  3. Re: Turkish Database - Ask me anything

    Honestly Carlos has been terrible this season' date=' I reckon Fenerbahce have secretly welcomed this move.

    I think a drop to 89 is more likely:)[/quote']

    I specially hated it I don´t know why some supporters are happy about it. He is the player who costed Brazil the 2006 world cup. I hate him and I hate Milan´s Ronaldinho. :mad:.

  4. Re: Turkish Database - Ask me anything

    They should drop 100% seeing as they were so harsh on a team like Besiktas who did the double last year' date=' first double in Turkey for 9 years and first Besiktas double in 19!

    Besiktas are 5th but only 5 points behind Fenerbahce, this time last year Besiktas were in the same league position but more points behind and did the double.

    Your lucky Delgado hasn't dropped, he hasn't played this season![/quote']

    And Roberto Carlos? I am selling him out, (even though he moved to Corinthians) He will fall to 89 or 88?

    I am starting to feel fearful for Corinthinas 100th anniversary, they´ve only bought players who are over 30 so far. ;-/.

  5. Re: Turkish Database - Ask me anything

    Is the turkish league being toned down?

    I mean my Besiktas team had almost everyone drop!

    That means Lugano, Alex and those guys in the Turkish league with ratings over 90 should be sold asap?

  6. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season

    I was wondering how 'Rambo' is doing' date=' being arguably the best foreign player from Europe to play in Brazil :D.[/quote']

    Rambo (a.k.a. "Pet" here in brazil) was the 2nd best player of the championship losing the trophy to Diego Souza, Petkovich scored 3 olympic goals this season. And was if not the main responsible for Flamengo's title he was usually the best man on the field when flamengo played.

    Here are the 2009 season awards:

    Best Player: Diego Souza (Palmeiras).

    Best Team (4-2-2-2):

    Goalkeeper: Victor (Grêmio);

    RB: Jonathan (Cruzeiro);

    CBs: André Dias (São Paulo), Miranda(São Paulo);

    LB: Júlio César (Goiás);

    DM's: Hernanes (São Paulo), Guiñazú (Internacional);

    AMs: Petković (Flamengo), Diego Souza (Palmeiras);

    Fwds: Diego Tardelli (Atlético Mineiro), Adriano (Flamengo).

    Top Scorers: Adriano (Flamengo), Diego Tardelli (Atlético Mineiro), 19 goals each.

    Supporter's favorite player: Darío Conca (Fluminense).

  7. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season

    RE: Corinthians X Botafogo

    Was soooo glad to see Lúcio Flávio net that 3rd goal for Botafogo and tie up the match after that little rat Dentinho cheated & dove to pick up a pen which took Corinthians ahead

    If there's an All Whiny Little Girl Team for the Brasileiro' date=' Dentinho is definitely in the starting XI.[/quote']

    Oh yeah that hand goal was totally fair too.

  8. Re: Job Offers

    would best manager be one with highest rep or points or what ?

    if it was based on rep would be kind of unfair as all the older SM players get the teams ahead of managers who may actually be better managers :)

    but nice idea though

    I think it should go to the guy applicant with the most points in the game world.

  9. Re: Dodo - Corinthians

    Dodo will not be moving to Manchester United' date=' after no personal terms were agreed.

    Good move for your career son! :D And BTW, with Andre Santos off to Fener, Dodo may (slim chances though) get a game, as he only has serious competition from Everton (Ribeiro).

    I reckon that if he even plays 90 minutes he'll be added. here's hoping, even though the boy really isn't a LB... :rolleyes:[/quote']

    Indeed you're off they (Corinthians and manchester United) already have a signed deal to be concluded on February when he completes 18 years of age. Of course there is still room for backing off for Man U but i don;t think this will be the case.

    Bruno Bertucci has joined the Corinthians squad in the past to setbacks. The entire team seemed asleep on the field.

  10. Re: Juciei - Corinthians' New Talent

    He was added to the DB at 78 rating.

    He has played 13 out of 16 games for Corinthians.

    He is the team's best tackler with 1 goal, 32 tackles and 0 yellow cards. (after 16 games)

    Comparatively, 87 rated Tulio (a solid DM for Gremio) Has the same 13 starts and 32 tackles but 0 goals and 2 yellow cards.

    And he is a sure starter Corinthians midfield now that Cristian left is undoubtly: Elias, Jucilei and Edu.

  11. Re: The Corinthians news thread.

    WOW !

    good game ' date=' 4-3 to Corinthians and Ronaldo nearly scored another hat-trick

    Would i be right to think that despite his weight problems he is still by far the best forward in Brazilian football ?

    I'm just gonna watch the highlights now.... :)[/quote']

    I'd say he's no longer a Forward he is a Centre-Forward now. His age and weight have made him play only as a target man. Like they have put it already few in the world are as great in finishing as he is. In fact I think he is better at finishing than Romario, the only player who could possibly compete with him in the whole soccer history in terms of finishing.

    No' date=' you wouldn't. Many things determine a good forward. Ronaldo can't run. He's the best shooter, but not the best forward.[/quote']

    Right, that's why I think he should have a positional Change to CF instead of Fwd.

    He may not be able to run these days but his football brain is enough to make up for that' date=' his positional awareness and vast experience in knowing when & where to make his runs coupled with great composure in front of goal must put him in the top3 at least, but that's just my opinion[/quote']

    I'd Say the top 3 best strikers in soccer History are:

    3- Romario

    2- Ronaldo

    1- Pelé.

    Maradonna would be a distant 4th.

    In current Brazilian Soccer yes Ronaldo is amogst the top 5, BUT he played way less games than everyone else in terms of goal average per game Ronaldo humiliates the runner ups.

    Have you actually seen any of the other strikers?


    ONLY on the Globo websit' date=' thats where i always watch the match highlights, so you are better placed than I am to comment.

    That's why i finished the sentence with a question mark :)


    In your opinion who are the top 3 forwards playing in Brazil?[/quote']

    1- Ronaldo

    2- Pedrão, who left to Arabia so in comes, Kleber (Gladiador)

    3- Would be Nilmar but he's at Villareal now, so in Comes Diego Tardelli.

    Felipe' date=' Kleber, Adriano, Ronaldo, Marcelinho, Diego Tardelli, Eder Luis and Maxi Lopez are all fairly even in my book right now. I'm happy with 2 of them in my team, whoever they are. Borges and Fred are close[/quote']

    Borges and Fred are poor. Dagoberto is the man on São Paulo's front. and Fred that guy is a sure dropper 89 would be high for him.

    Do u know why Fred returned to play Brazilian football' date=' home sick ?

    I think he is good enough to play in the EPL , it suits his style, I think he would be a great success for a team like Spurs , or Villa, or Everton ?


    Do u know of a better site than Globo for Brazilian football, or is that the best 1 ?[/quote']

    Fred returned to Brazilian soccer because he is a crappy striker who is lucky to score ever debut game. He would be top scorer if he could change teams every match. Of course EPL like all European soccer is bound to have Brazilian lame strikers as great players. If you think Besiktas' Bobo is a good player then Fred is a great player.

    Globo.com is really the best site for Brazilian football, but they only cover the Serie A clubs properly. For Serie B info you need to google around for Brazilian small town newspapers on each team's town, kinda extenuating.


    It was a decent game and two nice headers from Ronaldo' date=' maybe he'll find some "women" to celebrate with :P[/quote']


    Hey Carlos.

    Painful result agst Palm. What happened with Ronaldo? Saw he came off after only 24 mins' date=' was he injured?[/quote']

    He broke 4 bones of his left hand, I guess the weight was too much, on the operation room for the hand surgery he also made a liposuction and removed 5 liters of fat.

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