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  1. Re: Kleber's 100. What the? I am guessing you are not Brazilian when players complete 100 games in their clubs, and when they are in good terms with the supporters, and when the club's finances allow them to make a fuss out of it, they are usually awarded with that X- numbered shirt, they use the afore-numbered shirt only for that one match, and the club needs a "$pecial" Authorization from CBF Ronaldo in September will be wearing the number 99 in tribute to Corinthians' 99th anniversary. I think that Romario started that in Flamengo. He also tried to play with a "1000" Shirt but that one wasn't allowed so they put the 1000 above his traditional 11. But I think Ronaldinho Gaúcho did play a game for Barça wearing the 100-shirt, so I am guessing it is not a Brazilian-only event.
  2. Re: Macheda and Possebon Going to Rangers On Loan Maybe The link is not opening. you added two "http://" to it
  3. Re: One Country One Team.. Good luck to everyone except the Argentinians. I hope you enjoy my setup took me quite some time finding the balanced teams. Cheers!
  4. Re: Neymar: A future buy for sure Chairmen only seem to block manager-manager bids to prevent cheating the rest is the rest.
  5. Re: Neymar: A future buy for sure
  6. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season That's the power of the Fiel Torcida Corinthiana. No wonder Corinthians is now the Brazilian team with the biggest $pon$or ca$h for a name on the jersey.
  7. Re: Neymar: A future buy for sure
  8. Re: Neymar: A future buy for sure From latest to first he played on: Santos 4 - 0 Rio Branco (The whole game, he was the man of the match Scored a goal and had one assist for Kléber Pereira) Santos 3 - 0 Mogi Mirim (Scored his 1st goal, played approximately 81 minutes) Santos 1 - 1 Paulista (he played approximately 46 minutes) Santos 2 - 1 Oeste (he played approximately 31 minutes) So it is still a long road until he is added I won't find it strange if he is added with an 80+ rating though I mean the Santos squad is already RELYING on him, that means in the few time he has played he has already become a key player for the Santos Squad. Next he Santos will be playing Corinthians and everybody is looking forward to the Dentinho & Ronaldo (Dentão) Vs. Neymar & Kleber Pereira Duel. All I can say is that the promising Keirrison failed to appear in the game against Corinthians. Let us hope the Timão's Shirt and the presence of Ronaldo on the pitch, intimidates Neymar the same way it did with Keirrison. It is not every youngster that can perform well when facing the Corinthians' "Fiel Torcida", if fact the only ones that weren't intimidated by it were named: Pelé, Robinho and Diego.
  9. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season Hey Insider, I noticed you haven't talked about the Santos phenomena, Neymar, he's only played three games but I can't wait until he is added to the database to purchase him. I am guessing I am making a bunch of "gringos" all riled up on mentioning this guy. He is only 17 and WAY better than Kleber Pereira not only that but before his first team debut he was already worth US$ 25 Millions. do you really think he is only going to be added at a 70 rating? Also How does one gets players teams Etc added to the database? I'd love to see a few more teams from my state added so that I could create a "Paulistão" custom setup :-) And did anyone noticed that "Guarani" is a Paraguayan team here?!? *LOL*
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