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  1. Re: new sm values.... good or bad I think it is great as I have always defended the point that a 94 rated player should always be worth more than a 90 rated one regardless of age. Unrealistic is to think that a player like marcos senna or cannavaro were worth less than *ANY* 87-rated 26 year old player. Everyone complains about Weir and fontana, it being unrealistic? Do you guys think anyone would be able to buy Weir for 225k, Fontana for 10k or the retiring Maldini for 125k? anyone who thinks THAT is the one being unrealistic. Now these players are getting a fair price for the soccer they play.
  2. Re: Lulinha. Brazilian wonderkid Good riddance for Corinthians I say, wass almost as bad as Bobo. ;-)
  3. Re: Dodo - Corinthians After André Santos was sold out to Fernerbaçe (many think it was a bad deal but Corinthians owned 1/3 of the player they sold him for 6,6 million Corinthians got 2,2 mil and still owns 20% of the player, not a bad sale) Corinthians Promoted DODO to 1st team squad he will be sitting on the reserve bench today against Vitória but i am sure with Jean on the left Mano will soon grow tired and let the kid in. So yeah We all tought he'd never play for 1st squad corinthinas but he just might play this season after all since his move is only bound to happen in February.
  4. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season The EPL *IS* stable it is rare fr a Brazilian Manager to start and finish a season in the same team in fact only the manager who is being champion does that here the guy who finishes second on a team wich is fighting for the title gets fired. I mean the guy who is managing Everton for the past 7 years wouldn't last a week in a Brazilian team with his low win percentage and lack of results
  5. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season Diego Souza is a fan's favorite in Palmeiras. Short of Marcos and Cleiton Xavier, Palmeiras needs this violent kind of player being an Italian-descendant's team :-) Palmeiras supporters hated Keirrisson, they hate Fabinho Capixaba, hate Marquinhos (they even sing: "Ah que bom seria se o Marquinhos voltasse pra Bahia" which translates to "How good it would be if Marquinhos went back to Bahia") they enjoy his kind of rough soccer that Diego Souza plays calling everyone names and unsettling the rivals.
  6. Re: Can someone translate this for me pls It's "Está bem, eu aceito a sua oferta de empréstimo."
  7. Re: Who to axe - Dani Alves, Sergio Ramos or Maicon Sergio Ramos is stupid, that second goal he let USA make is on the Stupid goal history. I would never waste money on him a defender who has no intelligence ends up getting more in a squad's way than helping it. Daniel Alves is a great Set piece taker and better offensively than Maicon, who is the Best RB in the world, so I'd keep them both, besides selling Ramos will make you more money than selling Daniel Alves.
  8. Re: Can someone translate this for me pls Hey you forgot about the Brazilian guy here :-) It says: negredo e um jogador forte e rapido qe faz falta ao meu everton podizm sedelo por uma epoca ficando eu com a opcao de compra do passe do jogador no valor de 17 milhoes de euros caso gstase do desempenho do jogadoor na presente epoca "Negredo is a player who is both fast and strong and will be missed in my Everton Squad. Would you mind loaning him to me for a season with a purchase option of $17 M Euros in case I enjoy his performance by then?" Oh and the "by then" obviously refers to the end of the season.
  9. Re: The Corinthians news thread. That's odd in 2007 The team got relegated and in 2008 it was on the serie B. EDIT: Unless in the fifa 2007/08 game the Corinthians team still had Tevez and Mascherano :-) Corinthians is currently the 5th Place on the Brazilian championship after the 8th round 6 points behind the leader, But Corinthians didn't field in its full squad on at least 4 games due to the Copa Do Brazil, which Corinthians just won. Also Corinthians are Current Paulista State Title Holders and they've won that titled UNDEFEATED. In fact ever since Mano Menezes took over the team Corinthians has only lost 6 matches in 118 matches played. And on the 4 championships that the team participated ever since he took over (he Got on Copa do Brazil 2008 in the middle of the tournament though). Corinthians won 3 out of 4 titles ever since.
  10. Re: Esteban cambiasso. Over rated? I applaud this post of yours. My point on stating that Gago and Verón were being brought to the NT is more on the fact that those two players are underrated, Okay Gago is not performing that well in Madrid, But Veron is amazing in Estudiantes and got a drop to 91, which is understandable since he rarely plays all 90 minutes... The only rating I TOTALLY disagree on SM is Ronaldinho, the guy is a 92, 94 is too much for him.
  11. Re: Esteban cambiasso. Over rated? And he's not even a starter on the Argentine NT, they prefer Gago and old Verón to him.
  12. Re: MARLOS, Sao Paulo New Signing Yes and another match he failed to impress I just don't see him rising past his current rating and in fact I see Andre Dias Deserving a drop to 87 at least, that stomp he attempted that gave out the second goal was a thing you do when you play on the minnows. São Paulo is fighting to avoid relegation this year.
  13. Re: The Corinthians news thread. Corinthians 2 x 2 Internacional This result may tell of a balanced game but at any moment it was Balanced, Corinthians was superior all over the first half and after Opening a 2-goal gap in the first half a natural relaxing, given the fact that Internacional needed to score *5* goals to take the title away from us. A thing which was very unlikely to happen Internacional did not look at all like the team from the first game even though it had the "great players" Nilmar, who proved to be a great striker only against poor defenders and Kleber who showed the world why he is Andre santo's reserve on the Brazilian NT. Alessandro completely neutralized him. Taison started crying like a little girl and got as nervous as one after the first goal, he was playing well before that, but after that he coyuldn't get a single pass right. Another sign of Inter's desperation, the reliable Guiñazu, wasn't as effective in disarming as he was on the first game. And the "genius" D'Alessandro was more concerned on trying to pick up a fight than on making the amazing plays for which he earned his name. To put it short it was a one sided game from the beginning, and the Silence from inter's supporters more than tells that. Now it is time to Celebrate as Corinthians has won two out of two championships this year and its on its way for 3 out of 3. The players: CORINTHIANS: Felipe; Alessandro, Chicão, William & Andre Santos (Diego); Cristian (Boquita), Elias & Douglas; Jorge Henrique, Dentinho (Jean) & Ronaldo. Internacional: Lauro; Bolívar (Danilo Silva), Índio, Danny e Kleber; Glaydson (Alecsandro), Magrão, Guiñazu e D'Alessandro; Taison (Andrezinho) e Nilmar. Men of the match: Corinthians: Jorge Henrique -> Score an amazing goal, reduced a lot of Space for Inter, and was elected by the team the MVP of the Copa do Brasil. I don't know why insider thinks he is not due to at least a +1 rise. Andre Santos -> Showed why he is the best LB in activity in Brazil. one assist and one goal, not to mention the speed and the tactical advantage that Corinthians held with his presence on the field. William -> Showed amazing calm when D'Alessandro taunted him to try and get someone sent off. That is why he is the team Captain, even in the eye of the hurricane he kept his cool and walked away. Internacional: Andrezinho -> Here is Tite's bug mistake if he started instead of Glaydson I'm sure it would have been another game. keep an eye out for his he's quality. Alecsandro -> you have to respect a striker who on a shaken team manages to find the will to score two goals. This guy has the fighting spirit the gauchos are known for. Worst on the pitch: Corinthians: Everyone was REALLY well. Even Elias who was red carded, the second yellow card was only because the referee wanted to even out the teams. Internacional: Taison: Like I said, he lost his never after the first goal and couldn't find his best soccer. Glaydson: him and nothing I'd rather have nothing. D'Alessandro: what he did should grant him a 6-month hook, being violent is one thing, not knowing how to lose is a whole different thing. Kleber: like I said Alessandro Neutralized him. Here are the highlights: 518EX1Do8Hg Here is the Party: 0SBfyDDfzCc And this is the Video Mano showed the team before the match: _lICED9RCM0
  14. Re: South Africa - Confederations Cup 2009 Just reinstating that lucio was the man. :-) And sorry for not replying earlier, I was banned :-)
  15. Re: The Corinthians news thread. Corinthians 0 x 1 Atlético Paranaense Mano Menezes wisely sparred the team for this game sending out an all-reserve squad. The game was very balanced and although a loss its a loss on an away game so is considered an "accepetable loss" given the fact that the team was about to face the second game of the finals. What settled the score was the amazing experience of Paulo Bayer who at 39 is still playing really well. Marcelinho is still in need to mature a bit as a striker. and Marcinho's performance was something I hope to be forgotten. The players: CORINTHIANS: Julio Cesar Diogo, Renato, Jean, Diego (Wellignton Saci) Jucilei, Boquita, Marcinho (Otacilio Neto), Morais (Lulinha) Souza, Marcelinho Atlético Paranaense Vinícius Rodolfo, Rafael Santos, Antônio Carlos Zé Antônio (Raul), Chico, valencia Paulo Baier (Rafael Miranda), Márcio Azevedo Wesle, Rafael Moura (Eduardo) Men of the match: Corinthians: Jucilei -> as the press claimed, he seemed to be the only person on the midfield who was marking. Morais -> He showed he is very skilled and gave both Marcelinho and Souza plenty of chances for scoring, too bad both are strikes without much game time therefore without much finishing power. Atlético Paranaense: Paulo Baier -> He is realy dangerous on set pieces and he was all over the field, too bad his age doesn't let him run all 90 minute but it is a delight to see him play regardless of whom you support. Valencia -> Great player. Worst on the pitch: Corinthians: Lulinha -> When is he leaving for Benfica? I though he would be gone by now. He gets more cards thatn Edmundo used to! Marcinho -> Now here is a player if mano have chosen a road cone to stand there would have been a better option. Atlético PR: Rafael Moura -> This guy is 100% the worst striker in activity in Brazil. Not only do I hate him but The soccer gods seem to hate him too. Here are the Highlights: N4Ir9tT2nQ4
  16. Re: South Africa - Confederations Cup 2009 On that point of view I agree with you, Felipe Melo was awful on this game! And he had been crucial for the team on the past 6 games, he couldn't get a single pass right and he was missing even the easy passes! But I don't see much difference between the USA and the South African Strikers, except for maybe Height Brazil has had its "reality check" with Egypt and with SA, they won't come into the field thinking it is a won game, as it has never been in modern Soccer and every time the any team in the world comes into the field thinking that they are halfway lost. BUT Brazil has more quality passing, better strikers, defenders who are better than the USA strikers (And you can say Lucio is a better striker that all three as well ), the Best Goalkeeper in the world, not to mention speed, and Kaka, whose mere presence on the field statistically improves Brazilian scoring by 200% . Like I said it's not going to be easy it's going to be narrow like the '94 World cup game, it may even go down to penalties, but I just can't see USA walking away with a trophy other than the runner up trophy.
  17. Re: South Africa - Confederations Cup 2009 Let's not forget that having a Brazilian Manager makes it a lot easier, I mean we all know Brazil doesn't play well against Defensive minded teams. And I believe Joel Can get you guys to the quarter finals if he gets lucky.
  18. Re: Brazilian NT Oh and back on the Excess of Brazilian talent, Amauri is becoming an Italian and joining the Italian NT, another striker who won't be missed -AT ALL- by the Brazilian NT, and after that lame game they've put up on the confederations cup, they definitely need him more than we do.
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