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  1. Re: Brazilian NT Well Fabio Aurélio Did Send Dossena, who is a starter on the Italian NT to the bench in Liverpool. And as for Julio Cesar, Buffon stated that Julio Cesar is better than him in a press Conference before the Brazil x Italy match. And truth be told, Buffon is better than Casillas.
  2. Re: The Epitome Of Managerial Skills!!!! Match Report/Transfer News Thread Al Ahly Doha a Victory away from the relegation Zone! After last matches win, carlos G is again seeing some light at the End of the Tunnel: "If we can win again we can save our team, if not well the team was designed to sing by the poor hirelings made by the previous manager. IUt will take two years to get a team back together but I am more than willing to take this long walk." After the press conference Carlos G announced that several of the low quality players were to be put on the transfer list and some veterans would be hired by the team. "These veteran's aren't investments, they are more of "reinforcements" this team needs heavily of experienced players to endure this tough times with more maturity and perhaps draw us out of this hole."
  3. Re: The special set up Transfer News and match Reports Sevilla soon to be Managerless. After the resounding 7-0 defeat to Fiorentina and 6-0 Defeat to Manchester City, the chairmen in Sevilla are crazy for Carlos G's Head. They have made it clear that should another deafeat occour his head will roll faster than Scolari's Did on Chealsea. When asked if he is to blame about the defeats Carlos G just replied: "It wasn't me it was the one-armed man."
  4. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season So now you know he is filling his pockets in Arabaia far from high level soccer. And Like Valdivia he must be crazy on getting back to the competitive soccer world.
  5. Re: Brazilian NT Ramires is the good surprise on the squad so far and Andre Santos is no Fabio Aurélio but he is a lot better than Kleber.
  6. Re: PAULO HENRIQUE, Chagas Don't forget his nickname: Ganso (that's Goose in portuguese)
  7. Re: Help:brazilian player Potential 2 be a best playmaker After the Corinthians & São Paulo match I'd add Oscar to the young ones list, but then it was only his first appearance.
  8. Re: The Corinthians news thread. Corinthians 3 x 1 Bambis In the beginning it was not so easy, Corinthians lost Marcelo Oliveira early and without Alessandro found itself once again only with quality passing through the middle. Although São Paulo attempted to press, their lack of creative capabilities with Hernanes not even having enough quality to the fielded for the game, Jorge Wagner missing more crosses than Wellignton Saci, São Paulo's creativity was on the foot of the unstable Marlos, who lost the ball easily to Cristian every time and to Jucilei after Cristian was subbed with a muscular Strain. The first half was all about São Paulo's possession with no creative attacking, until Cristian repeated the Stealing, he advanced and sent out another shot from the same position he scored a goal in the Paulista. That was enough to light up the team, a few minutes later on a swift counterattack, Cristian made an amazing goal. The Second half was all about Corinthians holding the possession and São paulo cowering like little girls and resorting to violence. Cristian was the man of the game, absolute lord and master on the midfield, He got a contract renewal with Corinthians just to increase his Transfer Fee and salaries. I'd love to say It was a great game between two great teams but it looks like São Paulo is on the road to relegation, and good riddance I say, better than seeing my team win is seeing São Paulo lose. The good thing about the change in command in São Paulo was the presence of young Oscar who indeed managed to amaze even me who hate São Paulo's players, Oscar, yes this youngster is already on the database and yes by the 15 minutes that he played I can tell with all letters: He is amazing, he is different and I could bet that he may even be better than Neymar, i believe the road to São Paulo's Salvation may lie at his feet. The players: CORINTHIANS: Felipe Diogo, William, Chicão & Marcelo Oliveira (Diego); Cristian (Jucillei), Elias, Douglas Jorge Henrique, Ronaldo, Marcelinho (Jean) São Paulo: Dênis André Dias, Jean Rolt (Jorge Wagner), Renato Silva, Jean (Arouca), Eduardo Costa, Bicharlyson, Marlos, Junior Cesar Hugo (Oscar), Borges Men of the match: Corinthians: Cristian -> even playing only 35'he was the name of the game his his fighting spirit and hate towards São Paulo inspired the whole team Chicão -> Few people may notice it but he is not a great set pieces taker, he is a SMART set piece taker, he never takes the first shot he always stands from a different angle on the 1st set piece to notice the keeper's positioning on the shots and after two or 3 set pieces he takes the shot. So we are talking about a player who besides from being good, is Intelligent and very very observing, I'd rather have him over Miranda any day. Jucilei -> Told ya the kid is the bomb, he subbed in for Cristian and after his entrance São Paulo had less space than it was already having with Cristian, I think he will easily be replacing Elias without much loss of quality. Marcelo Oliveira -> Although he didn't play much it was his absence that made Corinthians lose too much space on the begining of the match, so yes, if a player has enough quality to be missed when subbed out then I guess he deserves note here. São Paulo: Oscar -> The only good thing in this team is him. (by the way he is a homo) Worst on the pitch: Corinthians: Diogo & Diego -> Okay they are not back wingers, (well at least Diego isn't) but still they playing was near to ****-like performance two of those road cones would have reduced more space on the back wings than these guys did. Marcelinho -> Good movement, but very poor finishing, he was more of a winger than a striker, I thing he ought to show himself up more for the ball by coming a bit closer to Ronaldo and also he should show himself up in the box more poften, But then maybe he was assingned to reduce their wig space on the back and I think he was more often covering Diogo's crappy defending that worried about attacking but still he failed to impress me like he did in the Copinha. São Paulo: Andre Dias: he is a homo. I already mentioned how Chicão is great because he is smart and has class, this guy is the extreme opposite, he is dumb and has no class he goes for hard tackling and 50-50 challenges which you would only expect to see in a Rugby match. Bicharlysson: he is a homo, enough said. Marlos: To name this guy São paulo's playmaker must be clearly a joke or one of those tricks like "Oh let's say that guy who can't pass the ball is the playmaker so they all mark him". That must really really be the only reason why he is the playmaker, oh yeah and he is a homo. Jorge Wagner: he is a homo. and he can't cross. Hugo: played nothing, Punched Jorge Henrique, here is the anti-sportsmanship trophy winner, and of course he is a homo. Borges: He was on the field? I didn't notice, he is a homo by the way. Here are the goals: Wu9WzB5CHr8
  9. Re: FIFA Confederations Cup 2009 Spain 4 - 1 USA Brazil 3 - 0 South Africa
  10. Re: The Corinthians news thread. Yeah next picture will be of Santa Claus and the easter Bunny :-P.
  11. Re: MARLOS, Sao Paulo New Signing Marlos is just not that great São Paulo's Midfield currently is so bad that a guy who was a bench-warmer at Curitiba has become an interesting option, that is the truth. Oh and the Game is 2-0 to Corinthians by now.
  12. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season Well we'll have to see how they fare against Corinthians this Sunday if São Paulo loses at home again I can see a storm coming. Besides like it was said everyone knows how São Paulo plays it has gotten old and Boring, Hernanes can't play well and Jorge Wagner's Crosses are too heavily marked, and Marlos is just not as good as those two. And the Top 5 are going to be: Internacional, Cruzeiro, Gremio, Corinthians & Palmeiras, Don't ask me their order though. São Paulo may get a Libertadores spot if it finishes in 6th And if Cruzeiro or Grêmio are the Libertadores Champions.(My money is on Cruzeiro) (and the qualified teams would all the way go down to 5th instead of 4th because either Inter or Corinthians are qualifying via Copa do Brasil). And what should we bet? a custom game world? or A Standard one?
  13. Re: Brazilian Transfer Rumors Thread I'm not Ripping off I am -sorting it- and It is not finished yet
  14. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season That's not me that's São Paulo's Supporters words who called the squad "Timinho sem-Vergonha" (shameless little team). In fact I can bet on the fact that São Paulo will not qualify for Libertadores this year.
  15. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season I started a tread for speculation just to keep this more focused on match discussion etc.
  16. Re: Brazilian Transfer Rumors Thread Kleber (Gladiador) to Napoli Today on the midday news It was announced that Cruzeiro was approached by Napoli on behalf of Kleber's purchase, the Cruzeiro chairman stated that Kleber will remain on the Toca da Raposa (Fox's Nest) until the end of the Libertadores. And the player says he doesn't want to go abroad after his experience in Ukraine. Source: http://terceirotempo.ig.com.br/noticia/Gladiador_so_saira_por_15_milhoes_de_euros-3163 Bill to Corinthians Yesterday a street Journal from Bragança Paulista announced that several teams were interested on Bill, with a more formal approach by Botafogo, And Coritiba, however, Bragantino's close contact with Corinthians, may allow Corinthians to purchase the player for the same amount agreed to with Botafogo. Bill is to be announced at Parque São Jorge (St. George's Park) after the End of the "Copa do Brasil". Source: http://www.bjd.com.br/detalhe_noticias.php?codigo=27329
  17. Re: Brazilian Transfer Rumors Thread I am Sorting these Transfer in Domestic, Foreign players Brought in and Brazilian players sent out. I'm also They are sorted in Player (Team) -- Team interested (possibiility of trade) Domestic: Alex Mineiro (Grêmio) -- Atlético PR -> deal canceled, Atlético-PR Can't afford him. Bill (Bragantino) -- Botafogo, Corinthians, Coritiba, Santos Eduardo Ratinho (Fluminense) -- Corinthians -> I find it very unlikely that a crappy LB like him will be brought back, but then again André santos may be on a leave... Gil (Atlético - GO) -- Flamengo -> ? Gum (Ponte Preta) -- Coritiba -> Coritiba needs a defender even a guy like gum is better than their swiss cheese defenders. Jean Carioca (Botafogo) -- Figueirense Leandro Bonfim (Fluminense) -- Bahia Marcelo Oliveira (Corinthians) -- Santos -> Now that he is back on the field I doubt he'll be negociated.) Marquinhos (Palmeiras) -- Botafogo -> very likely transfer Marquinhos is out of Favor in Palestra Itália Morais (Corinthians) -- Flamengo, Vasco -> I think it is settled after the Copa do Brasil morais is going to vasco Otacilio Neto (Corinthians) -- Botafogo, Atletico PR -> very likely transfer, Corinthians needs to offload strikers. Rodrigo Crasso (J. malucelli) -- Corinthians, Coritiba -> J Malucelli has a contract with Corinthians so corinthians is first pick on every purchase. Sergio Mota (São Paulo) - Bahia -> ? Gremio -- Perea -- Flamengo Flamengo -- Ze Roberto -- Cruzeiro Flamengo -- Fierro -- Palmeiras Juventude -- Renan -- Goias Goias -- Vitor -- Fluminense Goias -- Romerito -- Sport Santos -- Molina -- Gremio Parana -- Agenor -- Brasiliense Sete de Setembro -- Henrique -- Santos Barueri -- Marcos Pimentel -- Santos Santos -- Fabiano Eller -- Sao Paulo Santos -- Roni -- Sport Guarani -- Valter -- Sport Incoming: Valladilid (ESP) -- Oldoni -- Atletico PR Racing (URU) -- Balsas - Atletico PR Racing Cordoba (ARG) - Fernandez -- Avai Boca Juniors (ARG) -- Damian Diaz -- Botafogo Valencia (SPA) -- Edu -- Corinthians Betis (SPA) -- Lima -- Corinthians Bayern (GER) -- Ze Roberto -- Corinthians, Santos Aris (GRE) -- Thiago Gentil -- Coritiba Hoffenheim (GER) -- Fabricio -- Flamengo Fenerbahce (TUR) -- Roberto Carlos -- Flamengo Tottenham (ENG) -- Gilberto -- Fluminense Chelsea (ENG) -- Mineiro -- Fluminense Barcelona (SPA) -- Sylvinho -- Fluminense Borussia Dortmund (GER) -- Tinga -- Fluminense Al Shabab (UAE) -- Renato -- Gremio Colo Colo (CHI) -- Figueroa -- Palmeiras Fenerbahce (TUR) -- Maldonado -- Palmeiras Hoffenheim (GER) -- Wellington -- Sport Outgoing: Atletico PR -- Gustavo -- Vitoria Guimaraes (POR) Corinthians -- Chicao -- Benfica (POR) -NOT GOING TO HAPPEN- Corinthians -- Elias -- Atletico (SPA), Real Madrid (SPA), Fiorentina (ITA), Roma (ITA) Corinthians -- Lulinha -- Benfica (POR) - (Trial Loan confirmed) Cruzeiro -- Kleber -- Liverpool (ENG), Napoli (ITA) Flamengo -- Josiel -- Al Wahda (UAE), Sport Flamengo -- Jonatas -- Espanyol (SPA) Flamengo -- Ibson -- Porto -- ?? Internacional -- Rosinei -- Fluminense, Murcia (SPA) Fluminense -- Ricardo Berna -- Larisa (GRE) Fluminense -- Thiago Neves -- Al Hilal (SAU) Gremio -- Rever -- Bari (ITA) Gremio -- Souza -- PSG (FRA) Gremio -- Victor -- Parma (ITA) Internacional -- Bolivar -- Monaco (FRA) Palmeiras -- Keirrison -- Barcelona (SPA), Lyon (FRA) Sao Paulo -- Rodrigo -- Dinamo Kyev (UKR) Sport -- Weldon -- Benfica (POR) Vitoria -- Ramon -- América (MEX) Unknown: Atletico PR -- Chico -- ??? Botafogo -- Diego -- ?? Botafogo -- Lucas Silva -- ?? Coritiba -- Leandro Silva -- ?? Figueirense -- Julio Cesar -- ?? Figueirense -- Rafael Lima -- ?? Flamengo -- Bruno -- ?? Flamengo -- Juan -- ?? Fluminense -- Everton Santos -- ?? Internacional -- Walter -- ?? Internacional -- Leandrao -- ?? Nautico -- Gilmar -- ?? Palmeiras -- Max -- ?? Sao Paulo -- Andre Dias -- ?? Sao Paulo -- Hernanes -- ?? Sao Paulo -- Miranda -- ?? Santos -- Kleber Pereira -- ?? Santos -- Astorga -- ?? Sport -- Ciro -- ?? Sport -- Saulo -- ?? Sport -- Eliseu -- ??
  18. Given the Growing interest on it I decided to Create this thread in order for Insider's Thread not to be Clogged with transfer rumor discussions and more with match discussions
  19. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season I'd sell São Paulo players are on a road down, I doubt they'll even qualify for Libertadores this year. :-)
  20. Re: The Corinthians news thread. Diego is a decent Sub he's nowhere near Chicão or William in quality, but he is not as bad as say, Jeci or Gum either. I tend to get tense given the fact that the team takes a load more goals when he is on the field than when Willian and Chicão are. But that's just because the two CB's have played over 80 games together and know each other's timing perfectly. He also played a few games as and improvised LB, defensively he was alright covering the CB's and such, but offensively he is a denial. AND let's not forget he is the defender that falls on his B*tt on Nilmar's goal.
  21. Re: The Corinthians news thread. I believe all starters should get 88's But that's me not SM staff people. By what I see by what they are playing, That's Felipe (GK, 87 -> 88/89) Alessandro (RB 85 -> 88) William (CB 87 -> 89) Chicão (CB 87 -> 89/90) Andre Santos (CB 86 -> 89/90) Douglas (AM 82 -> 85/86) Cristian (DM/CM 87 -> 88) Elias (DM/CM 78 -> 87/88) Jorge Henrique (Position should change to Wing/AM 86 -> 88) Dentinho (Fwd 83 -> 87) Ronaldo (Fwd 88 -> 89) But again that's me and I have no idea how the rises etc are performed I just am comparing the player with players who are playing at a similar level.
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