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  1. Re: Buffon Or Frey ? I usually go for Frey.
  2. Re: The Corinthians news thread. Corinthians 2 x 0 Internacional The result may tell of a superior Corinthians side but instead it was a very balanced game between two very good teams, but of course the best team got the upper hand. Now, unless numbers, statistics and results mean nothing at all, Corinthians has pretty much assured with 70% probability the Title truth be told for the following reasons: 1- Corinthians in 106 games under Mano Menezes management has NEVER lost by a 3 goal difference (the result Inter needs to be champion), and even with a full reserve squad the worst result was a 3-1 loss to Santos. Result which should it repeat itself gives the title to Corinthians. 2- Another great statistic that weighs a LOT for Corinthians is the fact that Corinthians scored on ALL of its away games in the Brazilian Cup, and a single goal by Corinthians forces Inter to score *4* goals. 3- Some may argue that inter was with a lot of reserves, BUT let us remember that inter with its FULL team against a Corinthians with *9* reserves only managed to get a 1-0 win AND was pressured in for most of the second half. 4- And now a bit down back to reason let's just say it that if there is a team in Brazil that CAN achieve the impossible against the Corinthians, my money would be on Inter. So victory rant apart it was a great game, there was non-stop action attacking vs. attacking on both teams which re-arrange their defenses really fast. Taison Showed why he was the best player on the gaucho, and his duel with Alessandro was Incredible. Guiñazu to me seemed like a better CM than Verón (and both have the same haircut ), his tackling, disarming and ball stealing were also crucial for Inter, not to mention his amazing quality passing. The players: CORINTHIANS: Felipe; Alessandro, Chicão, William & Marcelo Oliveira (Diego); Cristian, Elias & Douglas; Jorge Henrique (Souza), Dentinho (Boquita) & Ronaldo. Internacional: Lauro; Danilo Silva, Índio, Álvaro & Marcelo Cordeiro; Sandro (Giuliano), Magrão, Guiñazu & Andrezinho (Glaydson); Taison e Alecsandro (Leandrão). Men of the match: Corinthians: Felipe -> No Comments, see his saves on the highlights. (3) Jorge Henrique -> Did I mention he besides being fast, Effective, with great passing skills he is also a great marker and reduces a lot the defenders creative space? Marcelo Oliveira -> The player that impressed me the most was Marcelo Oliveira, after a crippling injury, 4 surgeries and a rare infection which nearly got his leg amputated, Marcelo is flying on the field he is originally a Dm, but he played already as a CB and as a LB and performed well on all positions. Not to mention his attaching support we can seriously be looking at a Mid/Def player! :-) Ronaldo -> RONAAAAAAAAAAAALDO!!! You can say he is fat, He is through, he likes transsexuals, whatever but you can NEVER DENY THE FACT THAT he is the greatest striker in activity in the country. Adriano and Fred are **** compared to him, Nilmar and Taison have YEARS and YEARS of soccer to ever become Freds or Adrianos but they will never and I repeat NEVER be as great as Ronaldo. Internacional: Taison -> He really impressed me he is fast, he s daring and he is not easily intimidated. Definitely National team material for the future. Guiñazu -> like I said he is better than Verón. "La Brujita" is a "la viejita" near him. The way the Argentinian NT has been playing I believe he is the missing piece on their midfield. Worst on the pitch: Corinthians: Souza -> He got in for 2 minutes managed not to touch the ball and to get a yellow card on an off-the ball event, tyhe only great thing about it is that now we are 100% sure he won't come in in the Final game. Douglas -> I think that it was Guiñazu's marking that made him lose so many passes but still he was the player that lost most passes. Internacional: Leandrão: I heard about hard hitting strikers but this guys should be arrested two tackles from behind and no good attacks whatsoever. Here are the highlights: gYDpC3IwFI8
  3. Re: The Corinthians news thread. Corinthians 0 x 0 Goiás This was a match that proved corinthians defending capabilities to its greatest extent. Corinthians played an awful match I don't know if it was due to sparring the team for the Brazilian Cup Final or whether it was just plain bad soccer. Corinthians had no wingbacks, as Alessandro was sparred for the final and Andre Santos is on the NT. Corinthians played 3-5-2. The players: CORINTHIANS: Felipe, Renato, Diego & Chicão; Diogo, Cristian, Elias, Douglas & Wellington Saci (Boquita); Dentinho (Marcelo Oliveira) & Ronaldo (Otacilio Neto) Goiás: Harlei, Ernando, Rafael Tolói & Leandro Euzébio Vitor, Amaral (Fábio Bahia), Everton Hora (Felipe Menezes), Rafinha & Júlio César; Iarley, Felipe Men of the match: Corinthians: Felipe -> No Comments, see his saves on the highlights. (2) Cristian -> incredible disarming Goiás: Julio Cesar & Vitor -> they dominated the sides of the pich Corinthians was pressed through the wings and had to try forcing it through the middle, Result: No attacks by Corinthians. Worst on the pitch: Corinthians: Wellington Saci -> Proved that he can't mark at all and more, his passing was awful. Goias: Everton Hora & Felipe Menezes: what Goiás had on the wings it lost on the center, I am yet to see more mediocre midfielders! Here are the highlights: hVDYNai_bgA
  4. Re: should I by E Vandasar For 2 million I would definitely buy him even if he is to retire he will retire in the end of the next season, so you can buy him, benefit from having a 94 keeper for a whole season, then sell him, if you don't want him, I do.
  5. Re: Do you sign player in sm based on thier ingame performance or based on ther poten I sign players based on their results so yes I pick Guys like Mutu, Ronaldo (fat-nômeno) and Pedrão.
  6. Re: Football Manager 2009 I am using wireless as well. So what kind of game should we start?
  7. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season With 3 clean sheets and with galo on top of the rankings, why isn't Aranha on the List? I mean ever since he joined the club no goals were scored in the 3 games he was still at Ponte Preta Galo took 5 goals, and no big change on the defenders took place...
  8. Re: Football Manager 2009 How about someone starts up a game now? :-) I'll be around for the next couple of hours then I'm going to have dinner then I should be back.
  9. Re: Denis - Sao Paulo's Young Goalkeeper Ceni is to more inportant to São Paulo then Marcos is to Palmeiras and Marcos made Diego Cavalieri, who is a better goalie than him, heat the bench due to Supporter pressure, once Ceni is Back I could bet some high cash that it is nearly zero the possibility of Ceni being replaced, But Indeed Denis is a good keeper. He was on my Cartola FC team until I replaced him for Aranha, after he was bough in by Galo. :-)
  10. Re: Football Manager 2009 I just got this game how do I play it online? and how do I strike reason into my scouts? I mean they are saying Pedrão is not a good purchase. :-)
  11. Re: The Corinthians news thread. He is the living proof that a lame Brazilian striker can be god in Europe. He had a worse goal record than Souza, and is called by many as the worse striker Corinthinas ever had. I mean his transfer out to Europe on loan and then acquisition by Besiktas is what makes me sure a player like Lulinha will move in there and actually play something.
  12. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season Nilmar yes, he had many injury problems tho and that will always worry me, he seems to be made of glass he breaks too often.
  13. Re: Denis - Sao Paulo's Young Goalkeeper Ceni stated clearly that he will play for 4 more years, when he renewed his contract with São Paulo in January, and on a recent interview to Lance! he re instated that...
  14. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season In my opinion: 1- Nilmar (Internacional) 2- Kleber (Cruzeiro)
  15. Re: How can I turn shots to goals? If you have a quality midfield (89+), Reduce the tempo If you go slow you will have more possession and more goals, but, of course, less shots. And NEVER use slow tempo against unmanaged clubs.
  16. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season Marcelo Olivera has also recovered from his injury he played well on the match against Coritiba, one guy to keep an eye out for.
  17. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season Well for the Athlete it is a great thing. I believe he should indeed go, specially since the Finals will be through, and in the Copa do Brasil Corinthians can't field in Jucilei since he played for J Malucelli. But in the Brasileiro, with Jucilei, Boquita's absence will be minor.
  18. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season http://msn.lancenet.com.br/corinthians/noticias/09-06-11/561377.stm?futebol-boquita-e-liberado-da-selecao-sub-20 there it is.
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