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  1. Re: Road To South Africa(Part 4):Brazil, can they get the 6th? There is no who do you think the team is this: Keepers: Julio César (Internazionale) Gomes (Tottenham) Victor (Grêmio) LB/RBs: Maicon (Internazionale) Daniel Alves (Barcelona) Kleber (Internacional) André Santos (Corinthians) Centre-backs: Alex (Chelsea) Juan (Roma) Lúcio (Bayern Munchen) Luisão (Benfica) Midfielders: Anderson (Manchester United) Gilberto Silva (Panathinaikos) Josué (Wolfsburg) Ramires (Cruzeiro) Elano (Manchester City) Felipe Melo (Fiorentina) Júlio Baptista (Roma) Kaká (Milan) Strikers: Alexandre Pato (Milan) Luís Fabiano (Sevilla) Nilmar (Internacional) Robinho (Manchester City)
  2. Re: Brazilian NT Liedson? hell no we have better strikers back home, I'd put Kleber from Cruzeiro ahead of him, You guys can grant him citizenship (I mean for Brazilians all it takes is 1 year living in Portugal without committing any crimes and having a steady source of income...) and add him to the Portuguese NT as you guys clearly need him more than we do. But then again Portugal is not even going to make it to the World cup will it?
  3. Re: Attendance Do you get any of the Money from attendances on your second season? Or is it there but you can't touch it forever?
  4. Re: Official Real Madrid Thread Of course he is, European Parlament elections are around the corner, he doesn't want Berlusconi to lose any votes, as any respectful person would do. But he already stated to the Brazilian Press that he will not play with the number 5 Jersey at Real Madrid, the 22 the 8 and the 10 are his favored numbers.
  5. Re: Kaka to Real Madrid Discussion Hypocrite? Because Berlusconi is running for the European Parlament and Kaka's announcement would make him lose votes? Not a hypocrite, a professional with a sense of responsibility.
  6. Re: Kaka to Real Madrid Discussion IMHO a player like Kaka settles in any team. He is not a star-minded player like C. Ronaldo or Drogba or Ballack, who if the spotlights are pointing elsewhere start feeling annoyed and have "B*tching strikes". He is humble and discrete, doesn't go out partying (like Robinho and Adriano) and is very responsible and sensible. The typical perfect kid. He got married as a virgin, and donated 1 Million dollars to his church, I guess that says it all about his persona.
  7. Re: Japan Risers (2009) What about Davi will he be added to the database?
  8. Re: Kaka to Real Madrid Discussion It not Marca its Brazilian Press. Globo' date=' the guys who are usually inside the Brazilian Training Centre and who only give out news when they are 100% sure. [url']http://globoesporte.globo.com/Esportes/Noticias/Futebol/0,,MUL1180480-9842,00-KAKA+FECHA+COM+O+REAL+MADRID.html[/url] That was on the Globo 8 o'clock news, that would be the same thing as CNN announcing a rumor.
  9. Re: Kaka to Real Madrid Discussion It is settled For 65 Million Euros, Kaka is now a Real Madrid player. He will be announcing it officially to the Press This Wednesday.
  10. Re: FIFA Confederations Cup 2009 S.A 1 : 0 Iraq Spain 5 : 1 New Zealand Brazil 2 : 0 Egypt Italy 3 : 1 United States Spain 4 : 1 Iraq S.A 1 : 1 New Zealand Brazil 2 : 0 United States Italy 3 : 1 Egypt Iraq 1 : 2 New Zealand S.A 0 : 3 Spain Italy 1 : 3 Brazil (joker) Egypt 1 : 2 United States
  11. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season That someone was me, I personally think he is as a good buy as Rene Higuita, one of those guys you have on your team more to make fun of others than anything else. I mean the guys scored a Matrix Goal! I have never seen a curve like that! and two games after that he makes a goal while SITTING DOWN! I'm I think he deserves the weird goal crown. SM would need to create a whole new series of weird goal descriptions just because of him.
  12. Re: Spanish Club name Changes I just sent in a Ticket and they replied saying it was a request by the Supporters of the Given teams. well If it is a Team supporter's choice I believe we can't go against it. I personally wouldn't like to see anyone messing with my favorite team's name.
  13. Re: Pedrão - Late Brazilian Revelation (31 y.o.) not on DB Pedrão the weird goal Striker god strikes again!!! This time the guy managed to score a goal while sitting down!!! See for yourself Skip to 1:55 to see it: RhClcw7fM4Y He has 3 goals in 4 games.
  14. Re: How did Man U get Beat by Barca It was the victory of beautiful offensive soccer versus that thing with heading the ball and marking and putting the ball out of the box that they play in England
  15. Re: The Corinthians news thread. Santos 3 x 1 Corinthians A full reserve quad from Corinthians, lost mostly to their inexperience and their lack of playing. It is undeniable that Santos was superior to Corinthians reserves in all aspects of this match BUT the 3 goals that Santos scored were two over an inexperienced Goalkeepeer's Fumbling and one on a Defender's poor lack of sight. First Goal: was more of of a poor clering on the keepr not to mention that putting up MORADEI for marking a fast player like Paulo Henrique is plain stupid. Second Goal: same thing an experienced keeper normally rebounds the ball downwards and near him not outwards and far from him. Third Goal: IF that STUPID Bruno Bertucci had stood out of the field. there would be no third goal. The players: CORINTHIANS: Júlio César; Diogo, Jean, Renato & Wellington Saci (Bruno Bertucci); Jucilei (Marcinho), Moradei (Jadson), Boquita e Morais; Lulinha e Souza Santos: Fábio Costa; Luizinho (Pará), Fabão, Fabiano Eller & Léo (Germano); Roberto Brum, Rodrigo Souto, Paulo Henrique Lima, Madson & Molina (Neymar); Kléber Pereira Men of the match: Corinthians: Julio Cesar -> may have a future at goalkeeping, but is still too green. Morais -> the only player actually out to make plays. Santos: Madson -> He is Santos best player on the midfield Paulo Henrique -> THE man of the match Worst on the pitch: Corinthians: Moradei -> WHY ON EARTH WAS HE BOUGHT BACK?!? AAARGHHH!!! *A Series of evil flashbacks of Moradei playing in the 2007 team come to mind* Seriously to put a slow marker like him to handle Paulo Henrique was the reason why Paulo Henrique was making the plays most of the time. Lulinha -> I think the time for him to prove himself on the team is over, He had 3 years of chances and fluked on every single one of them. Santos: Germano: he is more of a pack mule than of a player. I really hate this guy. Neymar: didn't do much, but then again, didn't need to. Here are the goals: l7g0i_3DT4s
  16. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season I don't know how many of you saw this but the Gladiator may be headed to Liverpool: HERE This is no rumor there is an ACTUAL offer in for him. Liverpool offered 7 Million Euros for him Cruzeiro counter offered for 15 million. here is the (really poorly) translated text for those who don't speak portuguese : here note: The "Palm" is Palmeiras and the "Cruise" is actually Cruzeiro.
  17. Re: The Dripping Pan League Match Reports Nice match report. Also, let's not forget that it was Mutu's amazing pass that set Totti up for the goal. The Mutu - Totti - Gilardino attack is going to wreak havoc over 2nd Div. Defenses.
  18. Re: Spanish Club name Changes Then wouldn't It be WISER to have it As LA CORUÑA (8 Letters)? instead of Deportivo (9 Letters)? like I said Deportivo is the same thing as calling Manchester United just UNITED, there are HUNDREDS of Deportivos as there are a Hundreds of XXX "United" or "ZZZ" "City", but only La Coruña is from "La Coruña" What about Athletic Bilbao who became Athletic CLUB? they saved 1 byte letter when they could have just put up BILBAO and save up 12 bites and EVERYONE WOULD KNOW IT IS ATHLETIC BILBAO just by mentioning the city since there is no other Big team from Bilbao.
  19. Re: Spanish Club name Changes Any reason for this stupid change?
  20. Re: get rid of the lesbian dating website ads!!
  21. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season Ramires, he just made a move to Benfica. So right after serving the NT he is going straight to Benfica.
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