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  1. Re: Susan Boyle, Unfair Treatment Is she on the database yet? . What's her predicted rise to?
  2. Re: get rid of the lesbian dating website ads!! ROTFLOL!!! I never got that add. But seriously, most games with standard and "special" accounts remove the adds on those with the paid for accounts. I believe giving people with gold accounts and add-free site would be really nice. I am getting numerological Spam ever since Souza changed his jersey form 50 to 43 and I clicked on it out of curiosity.
  3. Am I the only guy who now is mislead by having "Sporting" instead of "Sporting Gijon" and "Deportivo" instead of "Deportivo La Coruña"? I mean at least down here in Brazil these clubs are more known by the part that was taken off its name than by the part that was not. La Coruña Would make it more recognizable than Deportivo since there are like 5 or 6 "Deportivos" and so on? The thing they did is the same as leaving "Atletico Madrid" Just as "Atletico", Or "Real Madrid" just as "Real", or FC Porto just "FC". Or to bring it down to England it is like Calling Manchester United just "United"or Hull City just "City". It is stupid.
  4. Re: The Corinthians news thread. Vasco 1 x 1 Corinthians Corinthians did not have Ronaldo for this one. Following the numerlogical miracle of the weekend, surprisingly Souza had a great performance, although he didn't score any goals given the fact that even his teammates won't give him the ball. Vasco team was quite surprising I really liked the speed of a yound player by the name of Rodrigo Pimpão. Corinthians held full control of the game on the first half, but with jorge Henrique getting subbed off injuried and with crappy morais responsable for marking down Ramon, vasco managed to change the tide of the game to a draw goal, not a goal attributted to Rodrigo Pimpão but more of an own goal by William. That goal flared up the game and mano did another great mistakes two minites prior to taking the goal: the sub of Boquita for Dentinho. With only striker ahead (souza) to the marked their back wingers were free to support the attack and the result was 20 minutes of Vasco pressuring Corinthians. Of course to no avail. The players: CORINTHIANS: Felipe; Alessandro, Chicão, William & André Santos; Cristian, Elias & Douglas; Jorge Henrique (Morais), Souza (Otacilio Neto) e Dentinho (Morais). Vascoi: Fernando Prass, Paulo Sérgio, Vílson, Gian e Ramon; Amaral, Nilton (Mateus), Léo Lima e Jeferson (Enrico); Rodrigo Pimpão (Edgar) e Elton Men of the match: Corinthians: Dentinho -> This kid has a LOT of talent. Elias -> Great advancing amazing shooting but he was unlucky that the Vasco Keeper was on a very inspired night if not he would have scored a hat trick. Felipe -> Those saves say it all. Souza -> He fulfilled his tactical role really well I also liked him attitude on the field asking for others to pay attention to their companions positioning, and also whenever HE had the chance to score and he had a teammate in better position for the shot he didn't think twice about passing the ball. Douglas -> He didn't miss any passes, he decided to play it simple as was efficient as ever. Vasco: Rodrigo Pimpão -> Keep your eyes out for this kid, i definitely Iam attempting to buy him whenever he is added to the DB. The best vasco player in the field by far. Fernando Prass -> Did 3 miraculous saves. Worst on the pitch: Corinthians: Andre Santos -> Did not repeat his last few performances, made a lot of wrong passes and left a void on his back from where vasco would attack for most of the game Morais -> not good offensively and terrible defensively, this guy didn't put up any marking. Boquita -> Didn't touch the ball Vasco: Ramon -> For an RB he is quite slow going forward and going back for marking Leo Lima -> hard challenging is one thing, but to tackle into anything but the ball is another completely different thing. Here are the highlights: MtPFcKB95Vw
  5. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season Elias positional change today was but a fix right he wasn't yet re-rated correct?
  6. Re: The Corinthians news thread. Corinthians 2 x 1 Barueri A mixed Corinthians seems to work better than the full team on the Brasileiro. A miracle happened here as or maybe it is numerology Mojo, but after it happened I went outside to see if it wasn't raining frogs or anything like that: SOUZA SCORED A GOAL! I know fellow forumers not even I could believe my eyes it took me days to get over it but maybe the change in the jersey did help him score. To say that Barueri is a crappy team would be a pleonasm Barueri is the WBA of this year's Brasileiro if there is a club I'm 100% sure will go down that team is Barueri. Corinthians was completely lost on the field due to the lack of gelling of having reserves mixed with first team players on the pitch, and yet even with all the spaces left on Corinthians' swiss cheese defense Barueri had awful finishing and did not ever came through with a clear chance for scoring save for that one goal at the 93rd minute. The players: CORINTHIANS: Felipe; Alessandro, Jean, Diego & Wellington Saci; Moradei, Jucilei & Elias; Jorge Henrique (Boquita), Souza (Henrique) e Dentinho (Morais). Barueri: Renê; Marcos Pimentel (Éder), Daniel Marques, Leandro Castán & Márcio Careca; Ralf, Leanderson (Flavinho), Ewerton & Thiago Humberto (Val Baiano); Fernandinho & Pedrão. Men of the match: Corinthians: Jucilei -> Although he wasn't very into the team and did not had much tempo on going forward for attacking and going back for defending when he touched the ball you could see that he has A LOT of skill, watch this boy. Jorge Henrique -> Corinthians Multi-man a shorter version of Dirk Kuyt this guy runs and marks like hell even on a relatively unimportant game like this one. Souza -> Haha thought I was going to say he is good eh? well maybe Souza 43 may add up to something good numerologically speaking. But I will refrain from saying he was good on the match, he just deserves to be noted as in HEY even HE can score a goal. Let's hope the 43 is here to stay and so are the goals, I'd rather bite my tongue on being wrong then seeing my team suffer with a Goaless striker up front, Hell I even took him off the transfer list in GC 58. Barueri: Renê -> Did some great saves, that Jucilei kick he got was amazing. Worst on the pitch: Corinthians: Moradei -> WHY ON EARTH WAS HE BOUGHT BACK?!? AAARGHHH!!! *A Series of evil flashbacks of Moradei playing in the 2007 team come to mind* Barueri: Given their limited squad I'd say they all performed well and did what was expected of them. Here are the highlights: I9w968N1ffM
  7. Re: Biggest Upcoming Risers (Eng, Spain and Italy Edition) Pinedo Gaizka Toquero 24 Fwd 75>80 This one was the best buy I did as he rose to 85 :-)
  8. Re: Brazilian NT Ronaldinho: maybe I just hate him But I surely believe if you ask any other Brazilian they'll tell you the same thing. after we lost the World Cup, a statue of him was destroyed. There was a lot of pressure from the people to keep him out of the NT but with his amazing results for his club and the huge amount of money Nike invests on him it is really hard to keep a player like him out of the NT. Hell Globo's sports analysts still think that he is great. Gomes: Yeah for the very same reason SM rates the EPL as better than the Portuguese league, asides from Porto there are no good Teams in Portugal (I mean 6 titles in the last what, 6 years?). I mean there are people in Brazil who complain on why Rogerio Ceni is not on the NT, (now it is obvious since he is injured), So again whilst we have a great choice on keepers your British folk are hoping that Spaniard Almunia will become and Englishman to save your nets. :-) Brazil has the advantage of dropping out ALL of the selected players here and still put up a GREAT national team. No nation in the world has as much "spare parts" as Brazil and of course there is a lot of politics AND SPONSORING involved on being called up for the NT. I don't know if it happens else were but here we stop everything we are doing to hear on who is called up for the NT and seconds after it we are at each other's throats on why he called up 'X' and not 'Z'. And Hulk will never have the Supporter's appeal, or the "political" factor. less that 1% of the Brazilians watch the Champion's league and more than a quarter of those know jack about the Portuguese league. So unless he signs a Huge sponsor deal I don't think we'll be hearing of him.
  9. Re: Brazilian NT Yeah and he sucked major ***. His starts: Vs. Ecuador -> the worst game Brazil had this year. Vs. Italy -> we won and he hardly Touched the ball all of our plays were through the right or center. Vs. Portugal -> Did those 2 goals Brazil took just came from the left? I think they did. First goal he wasn't even in the box on the second he wasn't covering Anderson Polga. of course we won by 6-2 but winning a friendly and winning nothing are pretty much the same thing. in the Olympics (U-23 squad) -> we lost the gold, should be enough, I don't wanna see him or Lucas or Ronaldinho in our squad Ever. I don't know if we got too demanding by having great Left-Backs like Roberto Carlos and Junior who are now retired but Its really seems like Andre Santos is the man to bring that quality LB shortage out.
  10. Re: Brazilian NT Helton Vs. Others: 1- Because Helton is known for catching impossible balls and letting simple balls in. That Cristiano Ronaldo long range Goal he took on the Champion's league second game leg more than proved it. 2- They are just backups, the natural reserve for Julio Cesar is Doni who is better than the 3 afore-mentioned keepers (Gomes Helton & Victor), but who is injured. And the 3rd keeper is more of a formality than a than something that may come into play. Hulk vs. others: The only think cool about Hulk is his name. He has no skill he is a muscle striker who relies purely on his physical ability to score. He would play great for a German or an English team but he is just not Brazilian National team striker material, we have hundreds of strikers like him playing in the minnows. Hell Nunes from Santo André is better than him, Even the 31 year-old Pedrão from Barueri would be a better pick than Hulk.
  11. Re: Brazilian NT Oh yeah, and the only changes I would make are: Out: Klebler (LB) (Internacional) Julio Baptista (AM) (Roma) In: Felipe Melo (LB) (Liverpool) Diego (AM) (Werder Bremen -> Juventus)
  12. Re: Brazilian NT Yes it is but forn now if you pay attention he is one of the 3 players with over 30 years and a squad needs at least 3 of such players to give out its experience to the younger generation and to "calm down"the squad in tense situations. For the very same reason São Paulo lost to Corinthians and Lost its debut game on the Brazilian championship and will lose the Libertadores to Cruzeiro next week' date=' because Hernanes has not performed well for the past four months. He is a defending midfileder and the four Dm's called up are in better shape than him. He has NEVER been NT material, he only performed well in ONE and I repeat ONE game for the Brazilian NT, and that game was the 2006 WC game vs England THAT'S IT. he never played for the NT HALF of what he used to play for Barcelona, in Brazil we call such player a "mercenary" and I love to see him as far from the Brazilian NT as possible, he is a guy who if could be called for another national team would do so with pleasure, I am ashamed of sharing the same nationality as him.
  13. Re: The Corinthians news thread. Corinthians 2 x 2 Fluminense Corinthians slaughtered Fluminense on the first 20 minutes of the game. There is nothing more to be said about it, after Corinthians scored the second goal not even god himself on the pitch would make the weak Fluminense team score four goals on Corinthians a thing which has NEVER HAPPENED in the Mano Menezes Era (the highest amount of goals scored against Corinthians in a single match in 102 games is 3 goals, and he highest difference od defeat has been 2 goals). After scoring those two goals and forcing the adversary to need to score four goals, Corinthians returned to the second half still asleep, took two goals, one out of luck the other out of Tiago Neves' talent, but still nothing scary, Fluminense's pressure just wasn't enough to beat Corinthians and would never be. Just as Jorge Henrique Claimed Before the match: The Maracanã is a Neutral field, it's not their stadium. and Such proved to be true as the crwd went silent with the two goals taken by Fluminense. The players: CORINTHIANS: Felipe, Alessandro, Chicão, William & André Santos; Cristian, Elias & Douglas; Jorge Henrique (Morais), Ronaldo (Diego) e Dentinho (Boquita) FLUMINENSE: Fernando Henrique, Eduardo Ratinho (Dieguinho), Luiz Alberto, Edcarlos & Mariano; Wellington Monteiro, Marquinho (Tartá), Conca & Thiago Neves; Maicon (Alan) e Fred Men of the match: Corinthians: Alessandro -> he was running so fast I couldn't believe he is 30 years old, his marking was flawless and so were his passing and his runs. Chicão -> New Corinthians set pieces GOD! Benfica has made an offer for him but I doubt they will take it 1.5 million Euros for him is just too little. Jorge Henrique -> again the best striker on the pitch. Fluminense: Thiago Neves -> actually the only good player Fluminense has. Worst on the pitch: Corinthians: Morais -> Another crappy midfielder and very poor striker. Fluminense: Putting their whole team here would only be fair, they suck. But I think not even Cristiano Ronaldo dives as much as Maicon. Here are the highlights: baQ2zFhHdWs
  14. Here is the new Brazilian NT: Keepers: Julio César (Internazionale) Gomes (Tottenham) Victor (Grêmio) LB/RBs: Maicon (Internazionale) Daniel Alves (Barcelona) Kleber (Internacional) André Santos (Corinthians) Centre-backs: Alex (Chelsea) Juan (Roma) Lúcio (Bayern Munchen) Luisão (Benfica) Midfielders: Anderson (Manchester United) Gilberto Silva (Panathinaikos) Josué (Wolfsburg) Ramires (Cruzeiro) Elano (Manchester City) Felipe Melo (Fiorentina) Júlio Baptista (Roma) Kaká (Milan) Strikers: Alexandre Pato (Milan) Luís Fabiano (Sevilla) Nilmar (Internacional) Robinho (Manchester City)
  15. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season In case of a 0-0 Coritiba would advance since they had 2 away goals. Either way none of both teams is getting past the winner of Flamengo X Internacional.
  16. Re: The Corinthians news thread. Botafogo 0 x 0 Corinthians On what I would call the most flustrating display of soccer in this year Corinthians performed as unluckly as in the year it got relegated, I believe that can only be bad juju from hiring Moradei back. On a surprising move Mano came with the whole 1st team squad save for Jorge Henrique, with Morais subbing in for him and William who still has an injured foot I must admit from the middle-back the team is still really good. The team kept most of the ball as it usually does, But Ronaldo and Andre Santos lost goals that they usually do not lose and it was not good marking on the Botafogo side it was all poor accuracy on the Corinthian strikers. Morais was the bad surprise. He was subbing in for Jorge Henrique but Morais is not half the player Jorge Henrique is, He is the kind of player that can only strike or mark, not perform both as Jorge Henrique. The Botafogo keeper did went out well on a few balls, but again I say it was more poor striking on the Corinthians Side than great keeping from the Botafogo keeper, In one ball Ronaldo kicks the ball right into the keeper, on another he tries to put the ball between the legs of a keeper who was already on the ground. On the third, and this was good keeping from him, Renan snatches the ball from Elias. As for the Striker I was asked about, Victor Simões seemed to me more like as quality passing striker than top scorer. He got some great passes that put his teammates in good conditions for scoring, to me he seemed more like an "AM" than a "Fwd", I dont know if that is lack of confidence or good game vision as he could have had a few shots himself but prefered to pass the ball to other teammates, his best pass was the air heel pass he gave on Botafogo's First strike wich was finished with a Bicycle kick from Jean Coral. The players: CORINTHIANS: Felipe, Alessandro, Chicão, Diego & André Santos; Cristian, Elias, Morais (Boquita) & Douglas; Dentinho (Jorge Henrique) & Ronaldo (Souza). BOTAFOGO: Renan, Leandro Guerreiro, Juninho & Wellington (Gabriel); Thiaguinho, Fahel, Túlio Souza (Léo Silva), Rodrigo Dantas & Eduardo; Jean Coral (Tony) & Victor Simões. Men of the match: Corinthians: - Felipe -> He was the reason Corinthians did not lose. - Alessandro -> he is in his top shape, ran a lot. Botafogo: - Renan -> pulled out some miracle saves and had a lot of luck in this game. - Fahel -> gave Ronaldo very little space - Jean Coral -> seemed like a fast striker with good scoring abilities. one to my "watchlist" Worst on the pitch: Corinthians: Andre Santos - Had the chance to decide the game on his second dribble Ronaldo was to the right of him, UNMARKED and with the keeper already down. That was the most lost goal of the match, but he also attempted too many long drives instead of passing. Diego - You can watch all the Botafogo strikes highlights and see that all Botafogo players who either get the ball in good conditions withing the box are marked by him, he got a very low clearing ratio. Dentinho - Seems like he was bitten by whatever had bitten Douglas in the past few games as he seemed to vanish in the game. Morais - had one header on a set piece and that is it for him, he couldn't mark and support the attack, he is a very limited player. Souza - needless to say WHY THE HELL DOES MANO PUTS THIS GUY IN? A one-legged Ronaldo is better than this guy. Old Finazzi is better than him, Beto Abosta is better than him!!! Botafogo: - none I believe I hadn't seem they perform that well yet. Here are the highlights: 47a9AC6hOKw
  17. Re: The Corinthians news thread. I apologize for the delay I had some reports to do at work. Match report coming up.
  18. Re: Ronaldo (the 1 who likes ladyboys) to rise??? The press and the fans wants him to go. He claims not to be fit for the Brazilian NT yet.
  19. Re: The Corinthians news thread. Just a rumor on both teams, The Portuguesa Chairman stated to the press that Edno would only leave the Canindé for a lot of gold or Ronaldo. The athlete when asked said it was his dream to play alongside Ronaldo 'tho, I am guessing Corinthians has more chances of signing him than São Paulo does, due to the recent influx of cash given by the Dodo sale to Manchester United, I mean R$17,000,000.00 is almost as much as Corinthians got for its sponsor contract with Batavo, and it's more than LG pays to São Paulo, the second greatest sponsor deal in the country...
  20. Re: Diego LUGANO we should know soon as his contract expires at the end of the month. http://www.calciomercato.com/index.php?c=46&a=120165 but this is a rumor from like april 16th. If he moves out of Fenerbahce to Italy it can only be good to him.
  21. Re: Diego LUGANO Yes he is moving to Italy in the end of the current season.
  22. Re: The Corinthians news thread. Elias -> So good that the odds of him leaving to Europe on the next transfer window are 80% Roma and Fiorentina are interested on him. And since Corinthians owns 0% of him, so the odds of him leaving if a decent amount of money is offered are huge. But the athlete already stated he will only leave if its is to Italy, Spain or England. He is by far the best Cm/Dm the team has. Boquita -> A great replacement, very young, but has a better passing than Douglas. I think the only reason why Mano prefers Douglas over him is the good experience he has had with Douglas on the Série B where Douglas was the "man of the match" in many games. First line Corinthians Midfield is: Elias - Cristian - Douglas, but Boquita usually is subbed in on the second half, he is also always first pick should one of the above become injured.
  23. Re: The Corinthians news thread. Corinthians 1 x 0 Fluminense Corinthians performed its homework, nothing more nothing less. After 10 minutes of game Corinthians was all over the field and fluminense couldn;t coordenate its midfield as it usually happens with all who face the Might Paulista team. Corinthinas had 70% of the possession in this game and had in the first 6 minute had *6* corners against Fluminense. After the goal the team was more focused on not taking a goan than on scoring any further, Given the Copa do Brasil regulation on which conceding an away Goal can be very detrimental to the team. Fluminense posed to threat whatsoever untill the 77th minute when Thiago Neves was subbed by Conca, the Argentinian who recovered from an injury gave the Fluminense team another pace and in the few moments he was on the pitch Fluminense had 3 goal attempts that's more than the team had had all 77 minutes before he entered. The players: CORINTHIANS: Felipe, Alessandro, Diego, Chicão & André Santos; Cristian, Elias, Douglas (Boquita, 79') Dentinho (Morais, 74'), Jorge Henrique (Otacílio Neto, 87') & Ronaldo. FLUMINENSE: Fernando Henrique, Mariano, Luiz Alberto, Edcarlos & João Paulo; Wellington Monteiro, Maurício, Marquinho & Thiago Neves (Conca 77'); Maicon (Alan, 77') & Fred. Men of the match: Corinthians: Alessandro -> he was running so fast I couldn't believe he is 30 years old, his marking was flawless and so were his passing and his runs. Fluminense: Fernando Henrique, The Fluminense supporters say Fernando Henrique is a Keeper who gets all the Good balls but lets the easy balls in. This time he caught all good balls but this one from Dentinho, and had a lot of luck on a Dentinho's strike which hit the post. Worst on the pitch: Corinthians: Diego - seemed half asleep on 3 his flaws Fluminense made 3 goal attempts, luckily, Felipe was inspired as well. Fluminense: Maicon, Wellignton monteiro & marquinhos: these guys didn't even saw the ball. Here are the highlights: NQGoHcoXloo
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