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  1. Re: The Epitome Of Managerial Skills!!!! Match Report/Transfer News Thread New manager At Al-Alhy Doha, Carlos G has just arrived on the Team and in first game got the team out of the dead last place. "It will be tough aiming for something greater than avoiding relegation this season. But given the quality of our opponents I expect to be out of the relegation zone in 4 or 5 rounds, from there we'll see what this group can achieve." Said Carlos G on commenting his team's 2-1 win. "It will be tough but no one said competing on a league named 'The Epitome of Managerial Skills' would be easy."
  2. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season Liulinha - he was Given a chance on the debut game vs. International and instead of showing himself for setting plays and participating of the game he was more focused on running away from the ball. As for the match report, consider it done. Oh and I've already booked it with my buddies we are going to watch Corinthians X Vasco on the Pacaembu for the Copa do Brasil semi-Finals. And hopefully we'll be watching Corinthians X (whoever, but most likely to be Internacional) on the finals as well.
  3. Re: The Corinthians news thread. The Lineup for Today's game Corinthians may come in with its reserve defense as William is still suffering from the trophy falling on his foot and Chicão is a doubt was feeling muscular cramps yesterday. So the possible lineup will be: Felipe Alessandro - Diego - Chicão (Jean) - André Santos Cristian Boquita - Douglas Jorge Henrique - Ronaldo - Dentinho And Fluminense will be playing the same team that beat São Paulo 1-0. Fernando Henrique Mariano- Edcarlos - Luiz Alberto - João Paulo Wellignton Monteiro - Maurício - Marquinho - Thiago Neves Maicon - Fred
  4. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season No problem here in the city of São Paulo people see the Country like This: Translation: Bahia (all the Northeast Region States) - Bahia Só Mato (All North States & Center-West stares) - Wilderness Não Existe (Acre) - Doesn't Exist Duplas Sertanejas (Goias) - Country Duos Queijo (Minas Gerais) - Cheese Sem Importância (Espirito Santo) - Unimportant Argentina Brasileira (Rio de Janeiro) - Brazilian Argentina Santos (Litoral Paulista) - Santos Gostosas (Paraná & Santa Catarina) - Hot Women Bichas (Rio Grande do Sul) - Homossexual men.
  5. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season Vitoria is not from Rio, It's from Bahia. :-)
  6. Re: SMFA Blocking the deal Possibly yes. When I had the same trouble I was told I couldn't perform the deal at that season.
  7. Re: Dodo - Corinthians José Rodolfo Pires Ribeiro, DODÔ (I had no better picture of him sorry) Name: José Rodolfo Pires Ribeiro Birth: 02/06/1992 (17 Years old) Nationality: Brazilian Position: CB/LB Height: 1,80 m Weight: ??? Kg Club: S.C. Corinthians -> Manchester United (Feb/2010 when he turns 18). Database Status: NOT ON DB!! This Monday the deal regarding the younth referred as a "young Rio Ferdinand" by Sir Alex Fergusson's Brazilian scout ('tho I don't know where he got that from), Dodo joined the Corinthians youth academy last year, has helped the team win the "Taça São Paulo of youth soccer" the greatest U-21 tournament in the country, and also he was a starting left back for the Brazilian National Team on the U-17 Latin American Championship. He is on a move for 6 Million Euros (around R$ 17 Million), that's a 5,666.67% valuing on the player who was acquired by Corinthians for R$ 300,000.00 (around 105,000.00 Euros). When asked why he was selling such a young talent so early without him ever making his debut for the Corinthians main team Andres Sanchez just claimed that you can't say no to this kind of offer. Dodo will be in Old Trafford for two weeks every 3 months to get acquainted with the red Devil''s facilities. He finds that the presence of Brazilians on the team and of Cristiano Ronaldo, who speaks Portuguese will make his acquainting a lot easier. He is not intimidated on playing for the Red Devils and claims: "Every youth playing soccer wants to play for the Brazilian NT and wants to sign with a big European Team. I have done both and am prepared to join the best team in the world." Here is the Brazil U-17's Title goals the first one is by Dodo: XDoMyx95D-0
  8. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season Libertadores Sport 1 x 0 Palmeiras Aggregate: Sport 1 x 1 Palmeiras So we had a penalty decision.: Sport 1 x 3 Palmeiras Marcos caught 3 out of 4 on the pk. shootout.
  9. Re: SMFA Blocking the deal If SMFA blocked it, now there is no way for the deal to go through this season.
  10. Wellington Tindurim Name: Wellignton Tindurim Age: 18 Years old Nationality: Brazilian Position: Offensive Midfilder Height: 1,73 m Weight: 67 Kg Club: Santos FC Database Status: NOT ON DB!! To get a job recommendation is one thing, but to be a soccer player and get a job recommendation from no one other than Pelé, has a whole other weight on a soccer player's career, the last player Pelé reccomended was: Robinho. Of course Tindurin is careful enough to avoid any comparisons with Robinho by stating he wants to be himself not the "new Robinho". Tindurin's main talents rely on his Physical Strength and Speed. He was transfered in from Litoral FC (a club maintained by Pelé) to Santos (a team Pelé is a member of the Board, and a god in it). By Pelé's request now let us hope the eyes of the king are still keen on spotting talents. He was introduced this morning and Globo (the most important news group in Brazil) made a special report on it.: You can watch the report here (in Portuguese)
  11. Re: Ronaldinho rating!!! Just enough to match Ronaldinho's value (7.650 Million)
  12. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season Gustavo Nery is on the Database rated at 86. which is incredibly high for a player like him. This guy is going nowhere but down. Nunes is on the Database as well rated 75. One of my favorite players when he played in Bragantino. But now Bill is the one shinning for the "Clockwork Sausage" on the serie B. Nunes was prospected by Corinthians at the end of the Paulista since Bragantino owed some money to Corinthians who usually loans to Bragantino some of its unused players (in one of such trades goalkeeper Felipe was purchased from Bragantino). But the Corinthians board decided they had too many unused strikers and decided to take money instead of him for Marcelo Godri, a DB/DM who had already played 2 seasons on Bragantino but was a Corinthians player. I believe he is infinitely better than Souza, the fact that he scored a goal Sunday and Souza didn't just reinforces that thought...
  13. Re: One Country One Team.. Countries available update: Australia - Sydney FC Bulgaria - Levski Denmark - Arhaus GF Ireland - Shamrock Rovers Israel - Beitar Jerusalem Ivory Coast - ASEC Mimosas S. Korea - FC Seoul Nigeria - Enyimba Paraguay - Olimpia Poland - Legia Warszawa Sweden - I.F.K. Götenborg Ukraine - Kryvbas USA - Houston Dynamo
  14. Re: Ronaldo (the 1 who likes ladyboys) to rise???
  15. Re: International league 09/10 So now I am argentina? And there is no Brazil?
  16. Re: Ronaldo (the 1 who likes ladyboys) to rise???
  17. Re: One Country One Team.. Countries available: Australia - Sydney FC Bulgaria - Levski Denmark - Arhaus GF Ireland - Shamrock Rovers Israel - Beitar Jerusalem Ivory Coast - ASEC Mimosas - tough team to build but has a HUGE stadium. S. Korea - FC Seoul Nigeria - Enyimba Paraguay - Olimpia Poland - Legia Warszawa Serbia - FK Partizan Sweden - I.F.K. Götenborg Ukraine - Kryvbas USA - Houston Dynamo
  18. Re: Ronaldo (the 1 who likes ladyboys) to rise???
  19. Re: Cambiasso Or Diego? Cambiasso is Higher rated and will keep that rating. Diego is moving to Juventus and should rise to 95 if he keeps playing the soccer he knows in Italy. I would buy Diego but that is just a personal choice as AM's are harder to come buy than DM's. Do the following: bid for one and if some smart-S bids for him, you bid for the other.
  20. Re: International league 09/10 Let's wait for the creator's input on it. But, sadly there is no Brazilian team and too many English/Italian/Spanish teams and I think once the setup is created you can't change the teams in it.
  21. Re: International league 09/10 Wouldn't it be simpler to make a league taking a team from each country and then clicking on the "can only buy players from the same nationality as the team"?
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